How to Stay Committed?


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I have heard this many times. I am committed to my work, but when it comes to a relationship, it’s hard to keep up. My work and family is alright, but when it comes to my health, its hard to keep up. I am committed to my life, but its hard to leave the addictions.

From the spiritual point of view, when the person can be committed to one thing, he can be committed to everything, and if the person can’t keep his commitment to any one aspect of his life, there are fair chances that sooner or later, he will give up in every other aspect of life. 

It’s not about your commitment to one or the other thing, rather it’s about you, who commits himself to one thing after another.

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It’s you who commit yourself to something. Whether it’s your personal life, professional life, your health or any other dealings of your life. If you are committed to yourself, you can keep up your commitment to every other thing, and for some reason, if you are not committed to yourself, sooner or later your commitments will fall short in every aspect of life.

The commitment starts with oneself. The person doesn’t commit to his personal or professional life, rather the person commits to himself. Once he makes the commitment to himself and vows not to break the commitment, no matter what, he can hold himself high, in every aspect of his life.

Life tests you at a different stage. You may be committed to life but without the test from life, your commitment doesn’t stand its ground. You have to pass the test before you prove your commitment.

But once you clear the test of life, no situations or events of life can make you move away from your commitment.

The commitment to life comes with your commitment to the self. You commit yourself first and once you stay true to yourself, you can stay true to every person in your life.

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All our personal and professional commitments come at a later stage. The life always begins and ends with the self. When you prepare yourself to stay true to life, you can hold yourself firm, in the midst of the toughest situations of life.

You win inside and you lose inside. There are no outside forces that make you win or lose in life. The winners or loser are not born on the field but inside of them. Before the person hits the ground, he knows deep within him, whether he will reach till the end, or accept the defeat.

The same applies to your commitment to life. You commit yourself to a different aspect of life. Along with the commitment, you already know in advance, whether you will keep up the commitment, or give up in the middle.

Remember, at no point in time, the outside circumstances of life, are to blame for.

It’s always you, who makes a choice with your life at the moment. You can choose to give up in the moment, or you can opt to fight till the end. Giving away to the temptation is always an easy option, but to keep your head high for the lifetime requires a great deal of commitment.

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When you commit yourself to life, even life favors you in a strange way. Whenever you call for something big, life tests you in different ways, but when you convince life of your commitments, life rewards you in its own way.

The fruits of hardships and labor are sweet, but before you experience that sweetness of life, you have to prepare yourself to go through all the hardships.

What I have learned over the time is, you just cannot avoid the situations of life and gain experience. You have to go through the hell before you acquire the wisdom of life. If the way is hard, you have to prepare yourself to go the hard way, before you expect something from life.

You just cannot avoid the way and expect the desired success in your life.

Commitment to a different aspect of life comes with understanding. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life or be it any other situation of life, you have to go through the situation with your understanding.

Before you act or respond to life, try to understand your situations of life in the first place. It’s always the understanding that gives you the clarity in life. It’s the understanding that keeps you stay committed to different aspects of life.

Fully committed.

Your commitment to life is a thing of a mind. It’s in the mind that commits to life. If you closely observe your mind, you will notice that the mind is highly volatile.

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Sometimes, it becomes impossible to even observe the things of the mind.

To take control of life and stay committed to life, the first thing you have to connect with is your mind. Its only by connecting with the mind and understanding the nature of your mind, you can develop necessary control over your life.

The life that you see in the outside world, is happening inside. It’s always the inside pressure that makes you do, different things in the outside world.

The time, you develop understanding of the nature of your mind, the direction of your life shifts from inside out. The center point of your life shifts inward from outside.

It’s always the outward attention, that makes you give up, into the tempting pleasures of life. When you turn your attention inward, you connect with the truth of life that is happening inside, and thus able to differentiate between the temporary pleasure and permanent satisfaction of life.


You have to have a clarity in life. Every action you take comes with its consequence. Your commitment to life has its consequence, and getting carried away by the momentary pleasures of life too has its consequence.

If the future life is clear in your mind, the momentary pleasures, hardly hold any control over your life, and you can sail with your commitment towards life.

If you commit yourself to work on the self on everyday basis, you can hold your commitment to life. When you observe, analyze and evaluate your life on a daily basis, you see all the good as well bad things that goes into your mind.

When you live a conscious life, you only pick the things, that serve you to take your life to another level, and leave all other things that can take your life to the downfall.

To stay committed to your daily life and the people around you takes your life to another level. When you commit yourself to life, you also motivate the people around you to grow their commitments towards life.

Remember, life is not ready made at any point. Its never like, somebody is gifted more or less. Everyone has to create life of his own, out of sheer dedication and commitment, be it the personal life or professional life. When you resolve yourself to rise higher and get better with each passing day, no sooner you create the life of your dreams.

Its the commitment that makes the things possible for you. You don’t have to literally strive for everything, rather all you have to do is, commit yourself to one thing and stick to it, and life will play its role to fill in the gap for you.

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