Stay Aware of Your Attention.


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Within the body, you have spiritual energy that moves in the direction of your attention. Your mind decides, where to direct the spiritual energy.

If your attention is towards God or self-realization, and if your attention is to accomplish the dreams of your life, the same energy serves you to fulfill your dreams and desire’s of life.

Attention and spiritual energy is unbiased, and always appears in a natural form. You have the spiritual energy inside, in its purest form, and with the attention, you can manifest anything with your life, and if you wish to attain the truth, within yourself, that too, is possible.

You have to decide, in which direction you want your spiritual energy to flow and stay aware with it. Stay aware of your attention, and see, either its directing you in the direction of your choice, or your energy is following the useless desires of mind.

Spiritual energy is absolutely free. The free-will applies to the spiritual energy and even God, doesn’t come in between your choice and decisions you make up with your life. You can do and make anything you want, out of your life with this energy, but one thing that needs to be remember, is that, life has a process.

Your attention decides the direction of the spiritual energy, but anything you wish to accomplish with your life, be it, of the inner world, or outside manifestation, you have to go through the process of life, before you reach to your goal.

With life, you are not the only person exists on this earth and each one is directly or indirectly connected to each other. Along with it, we all have the free-will, spiritual energy and mind to direct the energy, out of our choice.

You can do everything, with your energy and mind out of free-will, but at the same time, each person who exists on this earth, too act, in the same way. You cannot expect life of others to happen out of your choice, because the life in the form of spiritual energy and free-will that exists in you, also does exists in him, and each one has a right, to execute his free-will out of his nature.

Even if you can direct your spiritual energy in the direction of your choice, still it takes time to manifest your dreams and desire’s. Self-realization is an individuals path, where you have to walk till the end, all alone. Even on the spiritual path, you have many souls that has been tied to you, out of your karma and even the people are not tied, you come across different situations and events, that you have to go through, before you finally attain the state of self-realization.

This means, even on the path, where you have to travel alone, you have to face all the different situation, events, experiences and impressions that you have accumulated over the time, before you reach to your highest state. Before the life comes into action, it takes place within you.

The self-realization is state, where you rise above all your mundane situations, and experiences of life, that you have acquired over the time.

You cannot skip any step, with the life process. You have to go through the process, before you realize the ultimate. The natural process of life, is known to you, when you reach to the ultimate, but till the time, you experience that state, you have to create a right attention and intention, and you have to stay aware all the time, about your attention.

“Self-realization is a state, where all your spiritual energy is reduced to yourself, and begin to rise high from within, to give you an experience of ultimate.”

It may be possible, that not everyone is inclined towards the self-realization, or to know god, but each one holds something, in his mind, to achieve or to fulfill or to attain with his life.

The attention is a key to life, and your very attention will give you everything, that you desire with life.

It’s important to know the natural process of life, so that we don’t give up with life so easily and we can stay with our dreams or desires little longer.

When we don’t know the process of life, we want to achieve everything in this moment. We want the process to be faster, but if you see the process of child’s birth or how the seed turns into a huge tree, you will know the natural process of life.

“It’s an illusion of the mind, or incorrect understanding towards life, that keeps you away from the path, or stops you from moving forward or sometimes becomes the cause of pain and suffering.”

Right understanding always encourage you to move forward with life, and remember the encouragement from within, will always be positive and never be out of fear. With life, any action out of fear should be discourage and every action out of love and understanding  should be embrace.

With life, we all have a little understanding of, what to do and what not to do, but when we consciously do, whats not needed and avoid the right action on the path, it leads to our own downfall.

“Each individual knows, his own history of life, and if he choose to correct himself, from this present moment, he can always have an option to climb the ladder of life, with his own self.”

The life is a path, and more you correct yourself on the path, the more you come closer to your true authentic self. The outside life is just a reminder to you, of whats happening inside of you, and what chaos you carry each day, inside of you. Correction with oneself, on the path, helps you to de-clutter the chaos that you hold inside of you, and the spiritual energy can freely flow inside of you.

All the doubt and skepticism with life, blocks the free flow of spiritual energy. The role of the spiritual energy is to remove all the blockages within you, and help you to achieve, whatever you wish to have, either in the outside world or inner world.

The more chaos you hold within you, more time the spiritual energy takes to remove the chaos from within and bring you closer to your dreams.

Each individual is self-fulfilling in himself. The power to observe allows the spiritual energy to rise high. When you simply observe, you don’t direct your energy in a specific direction, but you simply allow the energy to get to his original place, that is to the higher self. The original place of spiritual energy is the same, of the place of the higher self.

“Self-realization happens when the spiritual energy gets back to its original place of origin.”

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