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Awareness comes from the mind, while pure consciousness is the experience beyond mind. The awareness of the mind comes from pure consciousness. To the pure consciousness, many termed as soul, nothingness, spirit, ruah, or with different names by various religion and spiritual organization.

You need sensory organs to be aware of the things around you, but when it comes to pure consciousness, you have to experience it within. Unless it’s in your experience, you cannot even stay aware of it. Awareness to the sensory organs too comes from pure consciousness.

When all the activity of the mind ceases to exist, the part of the mind, rise higher into the transcendence stage. The part of the mind, i.e. ego or “I” is the one that can be transcended from one level to another level. The “I” or ego of the mind that goes through the process of evolution. When your identity transcends from one phase to another, you evolve with life, and the highest evolution is to be one with the pure consciousness.

It needs a long practice to be one with the pure consciousness. When the mind experiences the pure silence without any thoughts, you can dive deep into the mind into the silent space, to experience the pure consciousness.

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The experience of pure consciousness is full of bliss and wisdom. These two are the things for which humans strive for, in their entire life. Once you figure out the source of it within you, then you no longer look for anything outside of you, but to fulfill yourself, you dive into your deeper reality to experience pure consciousness.

Even if you have never experienced pure consciousness within yourself, still you can move into that direction with a little effort, so that one day can experience for yourself.

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When you feel from within that there is something, that exists within you, which is higher than what you are, than you make efforts towards it, to figure out the truth within yourself. The present moment awareness leads you to the pure consciousness. With the pure consciousness, you don’t hold anything of your past or the future, but your awareness stays only in the present moment.

When you are with the pure consciousness, that experience is electrifying and you are less concerned with your awareness, as you are one with the pure consciousness, the stage beyond mind. With pure consciousness, the mind is in absolute control and no moment exists in the mind except the experience of the pure consciousness.

But when you come down to your ego or “I” of your mind from the state of pure consciousness, you feel the need to remember the experience of pure consciousness. With the awareness about the pure consciousness, you can keep the spiritual energy high and when the mind has only one thing to focus upon than it brings all the experience of it onto the surface.

The nature of the mind is such that, wherever you put your attention on, your mind will bring the experience of those events onto the surface. So when you are with the pure consciousness, you experience the bliss and wisdom and once you come down from your experience, with the remembrance of pure consciousness, mind brings the experience of pure consciousness on the surface. So again you can hold onto the experience with your remembrance the entire day.

The attention is an awareness of a particular subject or object, while the intention is your purpose behind the attention.

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The mind holds the quality to have a divided attention both on the inside activity and the things happening in the outside world. When the mind is clean without any thoughts, the attention of the mind can be diverted on the pure consciousness.

The person who has never experienced the soul-consciousness, but wish to start the process of experiencing it for himself, can start the process from this moment.

First of all, you have to understand that awareness is nothing but the attention and intention of the mind.Once your attention and intention is clear, all you have to do is to remember your intention. You will miss the attention from your intention quite often, and this happens even after the experience of soul-consciousness.

As you come to the mind, the mind is so volatile, that without your notice it can take you anywhere, if you are not aware of its function. You may be doing your work, and constantly remind yourself to be aware of the work. The mind is so fragile, that it doesn’t allow you to stay with the work.

All you have to do is to bring your mind again and again to your intention. Be with your intention all the time. Slowly your attention divided into hundred and one things will be shifted from all those things and will come back to your intention.

This requires efforts. To be aware of your intention all the time. You may be following your daily schedule, and to be aware is the internal thing, so you will not be bothered with the work in hand, and as your attention grows with your intention, you will find the better efficiency with the daily work as well.

To be on the journey of pure consciousness, you must have separate hours for practice as well. Every day you have to spend some time with yourself and develop your attention and awareness towards your intention.

If your intention is to have an experience of pure consciousness, spend some time with yourself each day and practice to have an awareness of the pure consciousness. The location of the pure consciousness is just at the center of the forehead.

When you move out with your daily activities of the day, your attention or awareness is divided on your work, as well as on the remembrance to be aware of what you are doing in this moment. But when you have separate hours of practice, with no work in hand, you can direct all your awareness in the direction of your intention.

When you spend some time each day, just to be aware of your awareness, slowly your awareness grows with the time. Even when you work, you remain more aware of the work in hand and remain with the attention on the awareness, so that it grows simultaneously with your work.

The awareness or attention can be shifted outside or inside or you can also have awareness about both the world simultaneously. If your awareness is outside, you grow and expand with the outside world, and if your awareness moves inward, your awareness grows inside.

The more your awareness moves inward, the more clarity you receive of the outside world, and when you rise higher with the experience beyond mind, you move into the space to experience the pure consciousness.

After the experience of pure consciousness, when you come down to mind, your awareness always remains of the pure consciousness, while following the daily schedule of your life.

Awareness of the pure consciousness all the time, allows you to experience the bliss and wisdom. The mind feels stress, pain, and emotional strain when it’s tied up with the activities of life, but when your attention is on the pure consciousness, all the ties of the mind gets unlocked and the mind moves in the direction to be one with the pure consciousness.

The process of learning, growth, and improvement is possible with the mind if the mind follows a clear path. If you create too much complexity for your mind, then it gets difficult for the mind to understand things and in return, it creates chaos, stress, and complexity within your life.

Create a straight path with life, and be aware of everything you do on your path.

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The straight path serves you to have a clarity for your mind and the mind is more aware of the activity on the path and gives you the better clarity for the growth and improvement of your life.

When you are clear with your mind, it’s easier to be aware of both the inside as well as the outside happening of events of life.The outside events with which, you all are familiar with and with the inner awareness, you experience the energy, emotions, thoughts, impressions and different experiences of life.

The way outside things takes place, in a similar way in the inner world, out of thoughts, emotions, and energy, the experiences and impressions take shape and you give it a form in the outside world.

With the awareness of the inner world, you come closer to yourself and you realize the way, your inner world works within you. Only with the awareness and understanding you can rise above the events of your life, and move into the deeper experiences of life.

As your understanding grows with life, the level of intention moves deeper. The deeper experiences reveal the deeper mysteries of life. The process starts with your intention to take that first move.

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  1. Life is mysterious and dangerous. Do not live your life with certainty. Death is certainty. Life is uncertainty. Let your life be unknown, so we can learn and grow up. ; )

    Thank you for sharing your insight!

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