How can I be aware all the time?

How can I be aware all the time?

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Awareness is the surface layer of the mind, while pure consciousness is the deepest layer of the mind. When you realize the consciousness in you, you also realize the spirit in the body and the way to the source.

Stay aware of your awareness and your awareness will take you to the experience of consciousness.  

You need sensory organs to be aware of the things around you, but when it comes to pure consciousness, you have to experience it within. Unless it’s in your experience, you will have no clue of it. Awareness of the sensory organs too comes from pure consciousness.

When all the activity of the mind ceases to exist, the part of the mind, rise higher into the transcendence stage. The part of the mind, i.e. ego or “I” is the one that can be transcended from one level to another level.

The “I” or ego of the mind is the one that goes through the process of evolution. When your identity transcends from one phase to another, you evolve with life, and when you become capable enough to let go your identity, you experience consciousness.

Before you let go your identity, it’s important that you understand it thoroughly.

It needs a long practice to be one with the pure consciousness. When the mind experiences the silent space of the mind, it creates the capacity within to experience pure consciousness.

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

The experience of pure consciousness is full of bliss and wisdom. These two are the things for which humans strive for. One is intelligence and the other is happiness.

Once you figure out the source of life in you, then you no longer look for anything outside, rather for all the subtle fulfillment of life, you look inside.

The path to consciousness is a path towards the truth. When you make a conscious effort in that direction, you come closer to experiencing the truth of life.

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When you realize that you have something that exists in you, which is bigger than who you are than you consciously make effort to figure out the truth in you.

The present moment awareness leads you to the pure consciousness. With the pure consciousness, you don’t hold anything of your past or the future, but your consciousness allows you to experience the life of the moment.

When you are with the pure consciousness, that experience is electrifying and you feel yourself completely detached from the body and mind as well as from this life. With the pure consciousness, the mind remains absolutely in control and you experience each and every moment of your life.

When your mind controls your life, it appears that you are at the moment, but most of the time you are not. To experience the life of the moment, you have to come out of the things of the mind.

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Once you experience the consciousness, you stay aware of it, all the time. Your mind remains with the consciousness. You not only experience the outside life, but you also notice what goes into your inner world.

The awareness about the pure consciousness, allows you to keep the spiritual energy high and when the mind has only one thing to focus upon than it takes you deeper into the experience of consciousness.

The nature of the mind is such that, wherever you put your attention on, your mind will bring the experience of those events onto the surface. So when you are with the pure consciousness, you experience the bliss and wisdom and once you come down from your experience, again you come back to your normal life.

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The mind holds the quality to have a divided attention both on the inside activity as well as on the things happening in the outside world. When the mind is cleared with the thoughts of the mind, the attention of the mind can be shifted to the consciousness.

The person who has never experienced soul-consciousness, but wishes to start the process can initiate by taking his attention inward.

You have to understand that awareness is nothing but the attention and intention of the mind. Once your attention and intention are clear, all you have to do is remember them. Both your attention and intention get missed, as you get into your daily process of life.

But when you consciously recall them and bring it into your awareness, slowly your energy tends to shift in that direction.

The mind is highly volatile and if you are unaware of it, it can take you for a long ride. You have to stay aware of your mind all the time. You can do your work and at the same time, stay aware of the things of the mind. The mind likes to shift in different directions, but when you stay aware of the activities of the mind, you can bring it back to the moment.

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The attention of the mind is divided into hundred and one things, but if you are clear about your intentions, you can bring your mind back to your intentions.

This requires efforts. To be aware of your intention all the time. You may be following your daily schedule, and with it staying aware of the internal thing. This will not only serve you to stay aware of your internal thing, but you will find the better efficiency with the daily work as well.

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If your intention is to have an experience of pure consciousness, spend some time with yourself each day and take your attention inward.

When you move out with your daily activities of the day, your attention is divided on multiple things, at the same time, when you consciously sit to practice meditation, you bring all your attention to the moment and consciously direct it inward.

When you spend some time each day, just to be aware of your awareness, slowly your awareness grows with the time. Even when you work, you remain aware of the work in hand and this allows you to grow your attention at the moment.

The awareness or attention can be shifted outside or inside or you can also have awareness about both the world simultaneously. If your awareness is outside, you grow and expand with the outside world, and if your awareness moves inward, your awareness grows with the inner world.

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The more your awareness moves inward, the more clarity you receive of the outside world, and when you rise higher with the experience beyond mind, you move into the empty space to experience pure consciousness.

The mind feels stress, pain, and emotional strain when it’s tied up with the activities of life, but when your attention shifts to the inner world, all the ties of the mind gets unlocked and it moves in the direction of consciousness to become one with the consciousness.

The process of learning, growth, and improvement is possible with the mind. If you create too much complexity for your mind, then it gets difficult for the mind to understand things and in return, it creates chaos, stress, and complexity within your life.

Create a straight path with life, and be aware of everything you do on your path.

The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom

The straight path serves you to have a clarity for your mind and the mind remains more aware of the activity on the path. When your awareness grows on the path, you receive clarity for the growth and improvement in your life.

With the awareness of the inner world, you come closer to the self and realize the working of the inner world. Only with the awareness and understanding you can move into the deeper experiences of life.

As your understanding grows with life, the level of intention too moves deeper. The deeper experiences reveal the deeper mysteries of life.

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  1. Life is mysterious and dangerous. Do not live your life with certainty. Death is certainty. Life is uncertainty. Let your life be unknown, so we can learn and grow up. ; )

    Thank you for sharing your insight!

  2. How can you stay aware of the internal and the external at the same time? Say I am reading something and suddenly a thought appears in my mind, I find that I am reading but I have missed some lines because I was listening to the mind. That means I was aware of the thought but not what I was reading. This is a big problem for me and only because of this continuous appearance of different thoughts I forget things very easily. I tried meditation for almost 3-4 years but breathing meditation seems a torture. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Akash,
      This is the process of mindfulness. You are aware of the external world, and at the same time, you observe the things going on in your internal world.
      Practice it in the morning and evening time. Rest of the time, give all attention to your work.

      Rather focusing on your breath, meditate on the whole. Don’t meditate on your breath, meditate on life happening around you.

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