Spiritual beings having a human experience

Spiritual beings having a human experience

The journey of a human is indicated as a process of evolution. Now, the process of evolution is described in different ways. Each individual describes the process of evolution in its own terms while in general the process of evolution is more about understanding the natural process of life.

Life evolves within, at the level of understanding. We understand the external reality better when we evolve from within. Now, there are different processes or techniques, which serve the human to evolve consciously and develop a better understanding in regards to the external reality as well as his own internal reality.

Life unfolds within. Anything you understand the external reality happens within. You grow with your understanding within. Life doesn’t evolve outside but within.

Everything happens within. Now, when you move deeper into the realization of yourself, beyond the identity of your mind, you find yourself unfolding within. From within, you are just like an onion. You can relate yourself, with the outer layer, and begin to move within. When you move inside, you come across another layer, to which you can relate yourself too, and you move deeper you find another layer.

Now, unless you move deeper in you, you cannot find another layer, which is closer to the truth. At the core, you find the innermost layers or space, beyond which there is nothing exists. You have to even drop yourself before you have an access to that layer. All your identity of the mind gets slashed before you realize your source.

Now the experience of the source is an empty space in you, which is the source behind everything that takes place in you. This space vibrates at the highest frequency. When you come down from this space, you realize the subtle string, just like a web, that passes through the physical body, to carry its functions of life. When we see ourselves, as the physical identity of the mind, it’s hard to imagine ourselves, anything other than what our mind shows us.

The source is you, and the subtle string is part of that source. You enter into the physical body as a subtle string to experience the external reality. This is the true reality that exists beneath the surface of the mind.

Now, this subtle string is not alone, but it comes with the awareness field so that life can be experienced in different ways through the body. The awareness field is the space where all the functions of the mind take place. You experience the external reality on the awareness field. The mind is a small compact space of the awareness field. We all are connected at the level of awareness field.

Your physical identity too gets developed on the awareness field. The process of sensation is possible because of the subtle strings and awareness field in the body. The subtle strings act as a positive and negative current while the awareness field; act as subtle clothing that covers the physical body from within.

Yes, the subtle body that detaches from the physical body at the time of death happens because of the subtle strings and the awareness field. The subtle strings and the awareness field is your subtle body.

The awareness field acts as a whole playground that covers the physical body from inside and your personal identity gets to develop and perish in the moment on this playground.

When you look deep inside, you don’t find any personal identity in the mind, but it only develops in the moment, in relation to the subject or object of the internal and external reality, and get perish.

We understand thoughts and thinking to be a part of the mind, but that’s not really is the case. Thoughts and thinking take place, at the level of throat region. You never think, but all the time you describe your inner state of mind to yourself. I.e. you constantly chat with yourself, about the inner state of mind to yourself, to which you call thinking or thought process.

In reality, the mind doesn’t know, how to think. It’s always you, who describe to yourself your inner state of mind. This process is subtle that takes place in you. The words only can form in the throat region and there is no place in the brain, where the thoughts can take place. In the brain, only images from the experiences and impressions rotate in a circle.

The individual identity gets developed on the awareness field. The awareness field is the plain subtle clothing that covers the physical body from inside. The awareness field and the subtle strings, make use of the nerves system of the physical body to carry out its functions.

The awareness field and the subtle strings can be consciously detaching itself from the nerves system that happens at the time of death or at the time of conscious death. You feel pain and pleasure because of the subtle strings, awareness field and the nerves system of the physical body.

You never carry the same personal identity all the time in your mind, but as the experiences and impressions of the present moment change, the personal identity of the mind too change with it.

The journey of a human is not only to expand its illusory personality of his mind, in the external world, but to realize himself beyond the identity of the mind and see the truth behind the formation of life within.

Know Thyself. (Self-inquiry.)

When you live with the identity of the mind, it goes on expanding in you and you too nourish the identity and make a choice and decision, based on the identity that you hold in your mind. All your efforts move in the direction to boost the identity of the mind.

When your understanding grows with life, you utilize it, to grow the identity of your mind, but never to understand the truth behind the identity itself. The process of evolution is, how well you understand the process of life, but it doesn’t consider, for what purpose do you use that understanding?

You can grow the identity of your mind, with the understanding or you can use the same understanding to figure out, how the same identity gets developed out of mind. After all, everything takes place on the same awareness field.

The journey of a human is not the process of evolution, but to know thy-self.

The Holy Science (Self-Realization Fellowship)

Life is lived with the idea and intention. If your idea is not clear with life, whatever you do with life, will go against the direction of life. You will never claim the right understanding towards life, until you get into the process, of understanding yourself better.

The whole journey of a human is to realize himself and live his life from the source. The purpose of life is to know the truth of one’s own existence and live that truth. If you live your truth or even remain on the path, of knowing yourself, your purpose of life gets served. As while moving on the path of life, the journey does get complete one-day.

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