Spiritual Energy is the Source of Life

Spiritual Energy is the Source of Life

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Pure energy is the source of mind, heart, and body. Every day the mind receives the energy from the source for its functions. When the pure energy goes through the mind, heart, and body, it takes either a positive or negative form.

The life or the future is not pre-decided, but it all depends upon, what you make out of, what you receive. Although the large part of your unconscious mind, made up of the past belief system, drives your life, the time you take control with the conscious choices and decisions of life, you tend to drive your life, all together in a different direction.

The breath is part of the pure energy, that takes care of the body, mind, and heart and whenever requires, it clears the impure part of mind heart and body.

This can be practiced and experience at this moment. If you don’t feel good in any part of the body, try to observe that part, and don’t deviate the attention from that point. In a few minutes, you will notice the breath to that spot, with the cleansing process.

The inner system of the body has been developed in such a way, that any impurities you develop inside, can be purified from within. All you need is the attention of the mind, on that part of your body, and the process begins with the breathe.

“The breathe and attention is the door way to enlightenment, if you know how to stay with it.”

The Enlightenment

Life is all about an experiment with yourself, either inside or outside life. Yes, you do get stuck, but you get stuck when you try something new. People do get stuck with old things new. But you don’t really learn from the repetitive process of life unless you bring your awareness to it.

Awareness simply breaks the old patterns of life. Life is fresh every moment, and awareness is the key to bringing the freshness to each moment of your life.

The quality of your efforts and actions, depends upon the quality of energy, that you hold inside. The quality of your perception too depends on upon the inner energy.

“The access to pure energy is unlimited. It all depends on upon the person, how to make the best use of his inner resource.”

Each moment, you have an access to the pure energy field. You can make use of same energy in a constructive way or you allow the mind and heart to work on their own, to take you in a destructive direction.

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The mind needs the direction. The life initiates with the thoughts and imagination of the mind. Heart & body follows the mind. It’s not only the body but heart too follows the mind. The intuitive mind is directly connected to the heart and it’s not that you feel first, but its the image of the mind, that allows you to create feelings and emotions into the heart region.

If you don’t take hold of your thoughts and imagination, i.e. mind, your future will again present itself in the form of past. If your life is driven by the mind, without any conscious choice and decisions, your life cannot be different from the past.

To create something new with your life, you have to make fresh choices and decisions in the moment. The pure energy field is always there for you to access. You have to plunge into the unknown and create the way for yourself in life.

Remember, when you take a new decision, the result doesn’t show in a moment, but you have to complete the process of life. The life that you experience today, doesn’t come out of blue, but you have created it, in the past. To change the future, you have to act differently (wisely) in the present.

“The mind is an open, but alive instrument, that either needs a direction, or it’s alive and powerful enough to control your life.”

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In reality, your own inner thoughts, emotions, and energy compels you to take actions and efforts in the moment.

“The imagination is the place, from where life begins. From the thinking process to the feelings & emotions and energy, and later the efforts out of it, are all followed after the imagination. The Ego is placed, at the top of Imagination.”

The imagination is the key to outside life. The positive or negative imagination affects your life, either positively or negatively. You have the power to change any negative image to the positive ones.

If you are in stress or depress, that means the images of the mind doesn’t reflect good pictures, and if you act out of it, you attract a similar result. Your feelings and emotions too can indicate the images of your mind, at the moment. If you don’t feel good or stressed out, take time out, allow yourself to calm down. Let the images of the mind change.

Your perception too depends on the images, you carry into your mind. Your perception is the images, of your mind.

It’s the way you perceive things. But you only perceive, what the mind wants you to see, and if the mind already carries the positive image, you see the things with the right perspective. The good images of the mind, allows you to perceive good, out of everything.

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What you see, is your perception. Whenever you move into the situation, you already carry the images into your mind. You already carry the picture from the past, about the situation or person.

The nature of the mind is to constantly create images and to think thought. All the time, you hold certain images into your mind, even while facing the fresh situation. It’s not the fresh situation or unknown path scares you, but the fear that you already holds in comes out. The outside world simply becomes the medium for you to experience, what you carry inside of you.

With the mind and senses, all the energy is shifted outside, and thus whatever understanding or experience towards life remains of outside. Only when you shift your attention to yourself, the energy is directed inward, and you start to develop a better understanding of life. You are the source of outside life.

The more you know your inner world, the more you come closer to the understanding of outside life. The time you unlock the spiritual energy and know the source of mind, body, and heart, all the mystery of outside life too, gets revealed to you.

All the experiences and impressions of life are to serve you to grow and evolve with the inner world. When your mind, heart, and body expands, with the different experiences of life, you make better use of spiritual energy, and make most out of it, with the outside life.

When the person, moves inward and start to live inside out, following his inner thoughts, emotions, and energy, he connects more with the base of life, and makes the choice and decisions, closer to the natural process of life. By following the inward journey, you stay close to the source of life.

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