Soaring Among the Stars: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Astral Travel But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

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If you’ve watched the 2016 blockbuster film “Doctor Strange”, you may have noticed the interesting sequence where Dr. Stephen Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) traveled out of his body and into a mystical realm. This process is called astral travel, and it’s a popular concept in many schools of thought and cultures all over the world.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel, also called astral projection, is an out-of-body experience where an individual intentionally leaves their physical body and allows their consciousness (usually appearing as a spirit form of themselves) to travel. Most ideas regarding astral travel usually revolve around the thought of being able to visit any place within the universe, but there are also those who believe that you can travel through time as well. The modern term of “astral projection” was coined and made popular by 19th-century Theosophists.

This travel occurs on the “astral plane”, which is one of the planes of being. Humans live on the physical plane which is completely separate from the astral plane. The idea of the astral plane has significant roots in mythology and new age spirituality.

Is it Possible for Anyone to Astral Travel?

When people hear about astral travel for the first time, they generally tend to brush it off as something that’s too supernatural and “out there” for them to experience in their daily lives. However, those who experience astral projection on a regular basis actually believe that it’s an experience that’s far more common to people than many know.

Many believers say that astral projection is simply another form of lucid dreaming, which is also known as “conscious sleeping”. Have you ever had that sensation where you were just about to fall asleep, then you were suddenly awakened right before it happened? Do you remember that strange sensation of “falling”, even though your body hasn’t moved at all? They say that this sensation is brought about because your astral form is suddenly “falling back” into your body, and that you were actually in the first stage of astral projecting.

Astral travel has also been linked to meditation, where one is said to be able to travel out of their physical body once they have reached a deep meditative state.

How do I prepare Myself for Astral Travel?

If you want to experience astral travel for yourself, you must prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally beforehand. Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can just jump into without particular preparation. You must also prepare your surroundings to make sure that the whole process is safe and goes off without any problems.

         Choose and Prepare Your Surroundings

The first thing that you should do is make sure that you are in an optimal space for astral travel. Make sure that you are somewhere cool, dark, and quiet. Most people choose a particular time of day for astral travel to minimize outside distractions and interferences such as late night or very early in the morning.

         Get Comfortable

You need to get comfortable and relaxed in order to enter the trance state that’s required for astral travel. Some people find that lying down is their most comfortable position, while others prefer sitting. There is no “one” position that’s perfect for astral travel; it will depend on your preferences.

Take note that you will need to remain motionless for a long time, so you might want to wear something light and cool. Choose something that won’t get in the way.

         Remove Any Obligations

Make sure to remove anything that can cause a disturbance. Put your phone on silent (without vibrations) or turn it off completely. Turn off any electronic gadgets that might emit sounds, no matter how small or muted. One of the best things about trying to astral travel during late night or early morning is that there will be a smaller probability of being disturbed by anyone, whether it’s your pet, your partner, or your friends.

         Relax and Let Go

Now, the final step: just let go. Let your mind wander. Take deep and slow breaths. As the minutes pass by, your body will naturally relax and your mind will be more receptive to astral travel. 

Be Informed about Astral Travel

            While there are many benefits of astral travel, you should still be cautious when you try to perform this process. Since it involves your consciousness separating from your body, it is best if you know as much about your spirit and soul as possible before you attempt it to ensure that you are safe. Visit freeastrology123 to find out more about the human spirit and you can reach a deeper understanding of yourself through astral travel.

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