Significance of Pilgrimage : A Spiritual Journey

Significance of Pilgrimage : A Spiritual Journey

Pilgrimage is to travel, in search of something, and this something can be anything for each individual. The life comes with its quest. The quest for something more than what already exists. The quest for life never ends, until you yourself become the pilgrimage.

There are three ways, you can move on a spiritual journey. One is the external journey, simply for the sake of attainment, of something, of the external world. Second, is the internal journey, whereby, you try to find more meaning to life, and to know the higher truth of life.

The third and the last one, includes both the internal and external journey, where you travel, not for the sake of, internal or external quest, but to reach to the stage, where you yourself, becomes the pilgrimage.

All the pilgrimage that exists on earth, have a connection with one or the other sage, who has attained a stage, where he himself becomes the pilgrimage. The sage, who has experienced his peak. The sage, who has gone through his personal journey, to realize the ultimate.

Pilgrimage is all about the individual. You can go, in a group or alone, but it’s an individual’s journey. The significance of pilgrimage is to reach to the highest experience, within.

The Pilgrimage

When it comes to life, we all are on an individual’s journey, and we all have our own legend to fulfill, and our own destination to be reached. Destination, however, may not literally suggest, the place in the external world, but to reach to your highest experience within.

It takes many pilgrimages before you become pilgrimage yourself. It may seem like, looking to the other sages, the work of one lifetime, but it takes many births to become pilgrimage yourself. The more you are clear about your journey with life, the more you come closer to becoming the pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a place, where all the life’s quest comes to an end, be it of the external or internal world. The individual with the external quest, receives, what he comes to, and the individual with the internal quest, rise high, with his internal quest.

Life is a repetitive cycle, which goes on and on, and unless you choose a conscious path, to come out of it, you never really understand, what’s going on with life, or with yourself.

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Life is in, no hurry, and is always there, to take you for a ride. The ride is going on since, thousands of years, and the ones those who are enjoying the ride, life too is more keen, to keep them on a ride.

Still, there are souls, who search for the deeper meaning of life, and life too has a sacred space for them, whereby they can satisfy their quest for life.

The spiritual journey is not only a sacred path, but it’s an absolutely unknown destination to reach. You have no clue what lies ahead for you.

If you are only looking for something external, your mind will be filled with that desire, and you may also receive it in your life, but that will not allow you to experience the eternal truth. It’s only when you take your attention inward, the eternal truth of life, is revealed to you.

On the spiritual path, you are always moving upward. All the pilgrimage always lies, on the top of the mountain. The reason is the one who has become the pilgrimage himself, always look for the spot, where it gets impossible, for anyone to reach. Pilgrimage is not the destination, where everyone can reach. It’s the place, where you need a strong desire, either internally or externally to reach to that spot.

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Laws of attraction works at this stage. The sage attracts the spot, for himself. It may not be the conscious effort, but just out of the process of life, they find the space for themselves, that remains beyond the reach, of the average mind.

Pilgrimage is a symbolic expression externally, of your internal journey. All the pilgrimage has an upward and downward slide. It’s the symbol, how you rise and fall, in your internal world, before you experience the ultimate.

All the pilgrimage gives you an external experience of, what’s going on, in your internal world, if you look closely into it. Life speaks to you, in the form of image and symbols, because that’s how your mind understands. All the pilgrimage is a symbolic expression of internal truth.

The life is hugely chaotic inside. If you try to solve the puzzles of life, with your mind, you can never reach to the end of it, because you too are part of that chaos. The truth to the problem is only realized when you separate yourself from the problem and directly look into the problem as it is.

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Unless you become bigger than your problem, you can never be able to solve, the chaos of both of your internal and external world.

Pilgrimage is to climb higher on both our internal and external journey called life. All the pilgrimage is to climb higher and higher into the mountains. You can only rise above the chaos of your life, if you learn, how to climb higher from inside.

The path of pilgrimage signifies the internal journey of life. If you try to understand life, with the mind, your attention only remains outside, because that’s the only way, the mind knows to perceive.

Unless you can guide the mind inward, and take the attention beyond the comprehension of mind, and directly experience life, you never reach to the ultimate truth of life.

The truth of life is beyond the grasp of the mind, and that’s where the role of pilgrimage comes in. The journey to the unknown. Unless you drop, all the ideas of your mind, you can never have real experience even on the path of pilgrimage.

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The path of pilgrimage too can become the repetitive experience for many, if you don’t remain, aware of the path.

You may travel to miles, with your own ideas of life, reaching nowhere. The truth of life can only be known if you are ready to drop your self and experience the present life in its natural form.

The journey to the pilgrimage is the journey of beyond. Beyond here signifies, any thought, idea, or identity you hold in your mind. Beyond all the familiarity, and beyond everything that is known. You grow and evolve when you are ready to drop everything that is known to you.

Fresh experience can only come if you are ready to drop your past and move into the unknown. With the known, you simply repeat the process. With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life.

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Future doesn’t change, out of your past, but it changes, when you imbibe the fresh, in the moment. The journey of pilgrimage is to drop everything of your past and imbibe the fresh, in the moment, to experience the higher truth.

Look for the ways, to get on the path of pilgrimage, and you will certainly discover the new version of yourself, which is closer to the truth and more authentic in his expression.

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