Self Realization is losing​ your Personal Identity

Self Realization

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Self realization is the inner experience and realization beyond the functions of body, heart, mind, and energy, while the personal identity of an individual is developed with different experiences and impressions of life. The personal identity or ego is part of the mind.

The body, mind, and heart play an equal role to develop the personal identity into the mind, of an individual. The experience and the impressions of the physical reality are termed as a physical experience, while the subtle experiences are the ones, that can be experienced inside the body, in the form of breathing, sensation, feelings, thoughts, and energy.

The subtle world is equally alive, the way you experience the physical reality and the physical reality can only present itself, out of the subtle reality that you carry inside.

Unless you prepare yourself to detach from the personal identity, your perspective towards life will remain limited to your past beliefs and experiences of life. To realize the true authentic self and remain with it all the time, you have to detach yourself from the personal self.

The personal identity comes out of the different experiences and impressions of life, and when you move deep inside, to search for yourself, you won’t find anything other than the emptiness.

“The mind creates such a hallucination for an individual, that it becomes impossible to recognize his personal identity in himself, and then further to drop it completely to realize one’s true authentic self.”

The Search for Our True Self

The personal identity of an individual is like a castle created with the sand at the seashore. If you break the castle, the sand gets back to the earth, and no impression remains of the castle. The same thing happens, when you drop your personal identity or ego, you don’t lose anything, but attain pure consciousness.

When you detach yourself from the wealth created over the time, you don’t lose your wealth, but you detach yourself, to understand the process, behind the creation of wealth.

The same rule can be applied to your personal identity. When you detach yourself from yourself, the personal identity doesn’t go anywhere, but you have a clear perspective about the formation of your personal identity, and then no part of mind or life can deceive you and all the thoughts, emotions, energy and action works in alignment with the natural process of life, without any effort.

Sometimes it’s easier to detach oneself from the physical world, but it becomes a real challenge to drop the subtle reality. The subtle reality gives rise to an individuality.

The subtle world is the space inside, where the sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images, and energy takes place. The culmination of the subtle world develops an individual personality.

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With the self-realization, you attain a power to drop your individual personality and experience life with pure consciousness, as a detached observer, both for the physical as well as the subtle world.

This doesn’t mean you cannot keep your personal relationships or have to forge your professional commitment, but the understanding in relation to the fundamentals, keeps you detach from yourself, and unless you are attached to yourself, you cannot be attached to anything of the outside world.

The personal identity that you carry all the time, is hard to drop from the mind. When you perceive the world, through personal identity, you only have a biased view towards life, and there will always be a sense of ego or personal identification, with the things, situation, people or different experiences of life.

All the past experiences and impressions of life act as a filter for the personal identity to perceive the world. Every individual perceives his life, with his own filter of his or her own experience of life.

It’s hard to understand the different situation, people or experiences of life, when you perceive life from a single perspective, as any part of life, takes many probabilities and different perspectives to bring the things together.

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It’s not possible to drop the subtle world in the moment, but this subtle world creates the personal identity that can be easily dropped. You don’t have to leave the material world or forge your thoughts and emotions, but all you need to drop is your personal identity, and you will be standing plain straight, being one with pure consciousness.

With ego, you only take care of your personal identity and look for the experience, that has served you in the past. From the past perspective, you may not necessarily create anything fresh for the future.

When you tend to lose yourself and drop your identification with the personal identity, all the thoughts and emotions, and the past experiences and impressions don’t have anything to hold itself and the subtle reality drops by itself.

The personal identity or an ego holds the past and future and the time you drop yourself, all the past and future simply drops to allow the pure awareness to present itself.

The ego or personal identity hold itself in the past or creates the future out of it. When you already know your future, that means it’s been created by the mind, from the past. Future is never written in advance and always comes out of your present action.

“The power of imagination leads you towards the action and never show you the result of the action, in advance. If your imaginative mind shows you what already exists in the future, then it’s simply an illusory future, created from the past.”

Awakened Imagination

When you detach yourself from your personal identity, you can look into your own mind, and see the activities of the mind. Only by detaching with oneself, the person can experience and realize his true authentic self, which has nothing to do with his past or the future and is eternal in itself and self-sufficient in the moment.

Anything other than the present moment experience is the deception of the mind, and only with the conscious control, you can keep it in the present moment.

There are many people who run the huge empire, and one fine day, you listen they have left their body, leaving the huge empire behind.

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If the material life holds so much importance, it has to be the benchmark for life and death, but life and death have nothing to do, with what you do outside, but what matters is the things that take place, inside of you.

The real life is happening inside. Either you can choose to live inside out or if that seems difficult, try to observe or notice the changes, that you experience while living your present life.

The Secret of Self-Realization

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