Seek, What You Love, & Fills You Up, with Excitement



There is no higher wisdom or fulfillment with life, other than to do things that you love and fills you up with excitement. No matter what you achieve or the way you understand life, the conclusion with life is, the action out of love, that creates tons of excitement, is the only real bliss of life.

When you are simply excited about something, you don’t act, but the things happen. Feelings & emotions, simply allow the life to happen to you. The life seems like a flowing river when the things simply happen through you. Your body, heart, mind and soul, combines together, to express life outside.

When you seek what you love and make it a part of your life, you don’t need anything, other than the expression, to satisfy you with life. The life is eternal, and the experience of eternity happens when you merge yourself in the moment, and allow yourself to completely absorb by life.

People hold different desires. The life on the existence comes out of desires. With the body, mind, and heart, you cannot escape from the action. The action is part of life. If you don’t act with the body, you act emotionally, if you don’t act emotionally, you may be thinking thoughts, or manifesting the future, into your mind. This too is an action, at the level of mind.

The action is not simply with the physical body, but the heart and mind too act. The physical actions come later, when the heart and mind, has developed enough action, through thinking and feeling, inside your subtle body.

There is no satisfaction bigger than to express your true authentic self, on this earth. Nothing matters, and with the time, everything fades away. What matters is, how you have lived this moment, with the greater joy and love.

Don’t think to change the world, but simply work to fill yourself up, to the point, where you can’t stop yourself, but to share your abundance with the world.

We all are filled with abundance. It’s just that, we have filled ourselves with a lot much small desire’s, that the abundance of life, finds hard to express itself through us. Life cannot give you, more than you ask from life.

When you expect a little from life, the life has to give you what ask for. Many people might think that they ask something, and life offers them something else.

It never happens that way. When you ask something, you don’t have the will-power to stay with what you have asked for life, and you constantly change your desire’s. Life always provides you, what you have asked for, from life, provided you stay with it.

The time it takes the life, to bring your desire to you, depends on upon your inner energy. If your desire is strong and the inner energy resonates with your desire, you certainly receive, what you ask from life.

The present moment of joy carries forward to another. The present moment, accumulates all your past, and if you resolve to live this moment, with all the love and joy in your heart, I will not say you will create the better future, but your concern with the future will certainly become lesser and lesser.

“The life is not the goal or purpose, but it’s a process in continuation. The more you grow and evolve from inside, the better you express yourself outside.”

Your expression certainly derives the outcome, but when you fall in love with your expression, you are least bothered, about the outcome of the expression.

Life is all about to fall in love with the cause. Seek what you love, that brings excitement to you in the moment, and please don’t pick something, keeping the result in mind, otherwise again you will get into the trap of life.

Putting your mind on the outcome is the trap, and focusing your mind, on the action is the path of bliss and wisdom.

Only the present moment can bring you, all the understanding and wisdom and bliss of life. If you seek anywhere else, in the future, you simply fly away from the present moment. To seek for the future is to simply seek for the result, of the action. You can never get one with life if you simply seek the outcome.

The great illusion of life is the future. There is no future, other than your present life. If you can secure your present, the future is secured. All the fear and insecurity with life is for the future and in reality, no future exists, other than what you experience at the moment.

Your actions more often depend on the outside world. People don’t act for themselves, but everyone has a reason, to work for their families, friends, society, country or the world, at large.

If your idea with work or choice of work, is to sustain others, then it can never bring true joy and fulfillment with your life. But when you seek something, that resonates with your feelings and emotions, then with the same work, you not only contribute to your world, but you too can share what you have, with the entire world.

The life expands with the heart and not with the mind. The mind confines you with the past, while the love, joy, and excitement open you in the present moment, for the future.

True seeker seeks his heart and his own joy for life. You can give love and joy to others, through your expression, if you are simply honest with your expression.

You cannot serve others and bring the best out of them if yourself have compromised with your love of life. Only the one, who sees the best in oneself, and live up to it, can serve others to bring the best out of others.

You cannot do anything for others. You cannot give anything to others, except for the temporary moment.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

“The real obligation with life, is not to serve the world, but to serve yourself to the point, where you overflow with abundance and with that abundance, the service happens to the world.”

When you simply live out of love and excitement, with every moment of life, it reflects in your environment and surroundings.

You cannot directly jump to love or fill excited. You need to find something, that brings the dance within you, that allows you to naturally flow with life. Something that naturally resonates with your heart.

We all have an expression for life. Sometimes, life is around the corner, but when we are not open for life, we simply miss to see, all the joy and excitement of life.

You don’t have to seek anything outside your own life, but simply observe your daily life, and start doing things, that makes you feel good, or trigger your emotions.

One thing leads to another, and you never know, when you can come across the expression, that not only fill your heart & life with joy & excitement but may also rejuvenate’s the life on earth.

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  1. We cannot serve others by losing ourselves. We can by being ourselves. Love is to give and share but make sure that we have something to share. That thing has been already with us but it needs us to search and appreciated inside ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing.

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