Seeing the Moon at Night can make you Enlightened


Seeing the moon at night, for the longest period of time, can make you enlightened. Now, here the key is not the moon, but the key is seeing, for the longest period of time. Enlightenment or awakening is a process, where the mind becomes steady in the moment, and the process of spirit takes a reverse cycle.

The spirit and mind together follow a cycle. This cycle, when we are born is directed outward, and thus the cycle moves in a circle that is in the outward direction. But when you initiate the awakening process in you, the same cycle takes a reverse process and turns inward.

The process of meditation is initiating the inward process. Not much act is required, but all it’s required from your end is an art of seeing. Once you learn the art of seeing life, things start to happen within.

We only know, part of the mind, that thinks and imagine things, but we don’t know the mind, that can also see life, in its natural form. The mind also holds the ability of seeing things, as they are.

The seeing with the mind happens at a deeper level. All the thinking and imagination is just the surface reality of the mind. You see the truth of life, with the deeper layer of the mind. The outside reality of life only takes place on the surface layer of the mind. When you have an access to the deeper layer of the mind, you see the truth of life.

To experience the enlightenment or awakening is to experience the truth. Then wherever you see, truth of life reflects in you. Whether its sky, moon, sun, earth or your daily situations of life, all you see is the truth. God or source of life too reflects in the deeper layer of the mind.

You have to develop the ability to see life. Either you practice meditation outside on moon, or you practice inward meditation, your attention has to be, being a seer of life. It’s the seer that has direct access to the intuitive part of the mind and it’s the seer that can foresee the future.

The seer has an access to the magical part of life. Yes, the magic do exists in life, but it cannot be experienced, with the surface reality of the mind. You have to dive deeper in you and access that seer in you that can connect with the magic of life.

All the mysteries of life get resolved with the seer of the mind, as no query remains unsolved in you. You rise above the mundane process of life and connect with the eternal ways of life.

Everyone search for wisdom and bliss, with their life, but it’s not possible to find the same with the surface layer of the mind. You have to touch the deeper layer of the mind.

When you only live with the surface layer of the mind, you simply repeat the same process of life, without realizing the truth of it. The life has been designed in such a way, that it’s so simple to keep you into the trap of life. Whatever you experience through your senses, get stored in your mind, and with the same stored information, you go on living life. The outside experiences and impressions creates inner world and the inner world, out of different choices and decisions forms an outside reality and the circle of life goes on and on. This circle gets break, when you become the seer of life.

With the seer, you don’t repeat the same process of life; rather you connect with the moment. With the presence in the moment, you only serve the moment, rather getting caught up in the past or the future.

The life is happening at a much deeper level in you. All the impressions and experiences of life can never give you a glimpse of life, because it all happens on the surface of the mind. The truth of life can only be realized when you drop the surface of the mind and realize the base of the mind. This base of mind is consciousness. The experience of consciousness is, just becoming free from the stored memories of the mind.

Life is all for love, joy, happiness and celebration. If you look at life from any other perspective, then the problem is in your perspective and not life. The change is needed in the perspective.

The purpose of awakening is to experience life to its fullest. Not to run away from any aspect of life, rather embrace all the aspects of life, and make most out of it. When you see the truth of life, you don’t get caught up into an illusory aspect of life, rather you only see the truth and live to its fullest.

Life remains complex, till you pull yourself away from the reality of the moment. The time you start accepting your present life, slowly the complexities of life, starts to resolve on its own.

The process of awakening is important so that you live life that is closer to the truth. With the truth, life never happens to you; rather every moment of life is spent with the presence in the moment.

It’s only the life that is half lived, tends to regret at the later stage, but the life that you savor every moment, fills you up with absolute contentment and you leave this earth, fully satisfied. The moksha or nirvana is not to get away from earth, rather live every moment of life, such that, no cravings remain in you, to repeat the same process of life. It’s only the un-left desires that bring you back to the same repetitive process of life.

That’s the beauty of life and that’s the whole purpose of life. To live every moment of life, with an absolute presence in the moment. No moment of life should remain unlived.

You don’t achieve anything with your life; neither you carry anything with you, at the end. If you live your heart out with this life, you serve all the purpose of life.


  1. Okay….but what do we do? This is beautiful post and you make a strong case that we need to wake up, see life as it is, etc….but how do we do that?

    • You have to become an observer of life. Allow the life to happen, rather taking control of life. Observe more. Be the seer of life. As soon as your day starts, dont live with the pre conceived idea that you hold for the day, rather allow the life to unfold and follow the course of the day.
      Life is all about intention, and when you allow the life to unfold on its own, you participate with the natural process of life. Slowly you become one with it.
      Your job is to wake up and allow the life to happen.
      Throughout the day, observe more rather forcing life your way.
      Try to observe and understand every aspect of life, rather simply jump to things.
      Follow the path of mindfulness with everything that you do.
      Slowly you will get on the path of awakening.

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