Schedule for Life



Schedule for Life, that cover it all. The schedule is your daily or  weekly action plan. Life is about little happiness, survival, emotions, growth and enlightenment. If the daily or weekly schedule of life cover it all, then the life gets balanced, and move towards the perfection, in every area of life.

Life is about balance. From personal to professional to the process of enlightenment everything comes to the balance. Nothing to excess, or nothing less. Balance to life comes with experience, and experience happens through experiment. When you experiment with life, you sometimes go too far and sometimes you give  little. This helps you to understand the balance in life. Life is to get the balance with everything.

To strike a balance with life, the benchmark has to be your inner world. When you struck a balance in your inner world, soon you experience the balance, in the outside world.

The life has been formed in a way, where all your expressions of life create your physical reality. When the expression comes from inside, the balance too needs to be created inside.

The existence follows certain laws. As your understanding grows with life, you receive clarity with the natural laws of life. More you are clear about the natural laws, more you align your life with it. The laws of life are the process of life.

Once you understand the process, your role remains to align yourself with the process. All the struggle happens to get the right chord with the process of life. You have to go on experimenting with yourself unless you hit the right chord.

There is no success or failure in life. There are laws in the existence, and there is no better way to know the laws of life than to experiment.

The laws of existence, don’t change for anyone. Nobody can change or alter the truth. If you wish to bring the change, align yourself with the truth and see the change in your life. All the adjustments with life need to be done from our end. Life doesn’t adjust according to your plans, rather you need to learn the ways of life, adjust yourself to it.

Everyone follows the daily or weekly plan. Weekly plans are more advisable, as the week repeat itself, four times in a month, and it’s easier to evaluate a week chart. To understand life better, and to know the natural order of existence, have a weekly plan.Write down the schedule for all the seven days of a week.

Try to follow your week’s plan, as much as possible, and observe the fluctuations and the reason of the fluctuations. The process of observing life, over the time, will give you the clarity over the happening of the situations and events in your life.

The process of life can be understood just by observing life, but to observe something, you need actions, and thus it requires for you to act so that you can observe, how the process of life moves from inward to outward.

The above image is to help you understand, how to keep your weekly schedule. The life is for twenty-four hours. Always keep the schedule for twenty-four hours, so that you can align yourself with the continuous flow of life. You grow & improve upon things that you know and that you can measure.

Thoughts, idea’s, feelings and emotions are the subtle reality, but when to bring it in your expression it becomes physical. If you stick to the images of your mind and keep on working towards it, you can certainly make it a reality of your life.

Life flows inside out. Your outside reality is limited to what you hold inside. Your external reality is the extended version of your inner world.

To achieve or attain anything in the external reality, you have to expand yourself from inside. In the west people are more successful in professional front, but their personal life is in a mess, while in the east people have better emotional life, but on the professional front things aren’t better. The enlightened being adopts the middle path, where he takes care of all his personal and professional responsibility and emerge as a winner in all the field of his life.

Life is not to run away from things, but to understand them and live it and get better with it. If you manage all the aspects of your life, you always have more time for yourself. It all depends on how you manage your day and where you spend your time.

There are direct actions that gives you the result, while there are indirect actions, that helps you to make your actions and the fruit of the actions better. You need to know, what are those in-direct actions?

Actions are an inner expression. The inner expression gets better, with practice. You only practice something, that you like. You cannot go on doing things, that you don’t like from within. All your expression depends on the mind, heart and body. How well you train your body, mind, and heart, shows in your expression.

Any form of physical exercise is an indirect way to impact your actions, as well as the result of the actions. Life follows the cycle of cause and effect. But, you need to know, what leads to what?

Life doesn’t end with cause and effect. Cause and effect are the life-cycle of actions and its result. You dream and desire with life, and you achieve in the physical reality, but that’s not the ultimate truth of life.

There is the source lies behind the cause and effect of life. Once you understand the cause and effect with life, you can always spend time, in observing the process of cause and effect, and soon you will realize the source of it.

You don’t have to move anywhere else to know the source of life. The source of life can be known with the daily living. Once you learn to get engage with your daily life, slowly by observing your daily life, you can realize the source of life within.

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