Running Leads to the State of Wakefulness


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Your mind is created out of what you perceive outside, but you hold the power to drop everything that you have acquired, and realize the truth inside, and create your own reality out of it. When you live that reality, you live with wakeful state of mind.

Wakeful state of mind, is where your identity shifts from participating in the active form of life, to a seer. You don’t carry any identity of yours, into your mind, nor any idea about life, that is happening outside, but you become the seer of life, and participate in the dance of life.

Running leads to the state of wakefulness. Running takes you inward. Running removes all the blockages of the body, heart and mind, and gives you a glimpse of the present moment. After a good hour of running, you experience wakefulness.

You see life, without any interference of the mind. You and life becomes one in the state of wakefulness. Once you get a glimpse of wakefulness, your role remains to carry on, the state of wakefulness, for the whole day.

For the mind, life is limited and can be measured in time, but in the state of wakefulness, you connect with life, that is eternal. Each moment of life is eternal, but you never experience present moment.

With Wakefulness, you go through life, by being with the natural process of life, just like a flowing river and with the mind, you all are familiar, with the life’s experience.

All the wisdom and bliss of life is present in wakeful state of mind. But there are very few people experience it, because some of them don’t know the way, and others are not ready to push themselves, beyond their usual state of mind.

Anything beyond your usual state of mind, creates fear and feeling of death. You have to plunge into your fear and rise above the death, to experience the wakeful state of mind.

All the Yogis live their life into the wakeful state and even at the time of death, they remain absolutely awake, and leave their body with ease.

All the spiritual experience is possible in the wakeful state of mind. No query of mind can touch you, in your wakeful state.

Life remains puzzle only, till you don’t understand your mind, and mind raise query, till you don’t realize your wakeful state.

After the realization, the process of life gets clear to you, and all you have to do, is ride on the process till the end, by enjoying all the different experiences of life.

There is no direct way to jump to wakefulness, but when you follow a certain technique, that can serve you to remove the obstacles, that becomes the hindrance between your experience.

Running is one of those technique. You can never imagine, how much waste, you carry within you, that allows you to go through all the pain and suffering, and emotional trauma, and negative thoughts, and all the diseases related to body.

Once you begin to clean yourself, at the level of body, heart and mind, slowly as the dust will wash off, you will begin to experience the wakefulness.

You can experiment with your life and experience it for yourself. Go for running for at-least an hour, and once you finish your schedule, take bath and sit with yourself.

In general what happens, when you come from the exercise and you feel good, you utilize that energy for some other work, and you miss to experience the state of wakefulness.

These time you can experience for yourself. When you come back, rather thinking about something or running your mind into different direction, be with yourself. In normal conditions, you feel good after exercise, but don’t allow yourself to get lost into your feelings or allow your excitement to spill away.

Be with yourself. See what you feel inside and whats your mind thinks, in those moments. Whatever you feel, or think or imagine in your mind is not important, but whats important is, who sees everything, that is going on, inside.

That is the seer. That is the state of wakefulness, where the seer looks inside of you, and notice all the feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas that goes inside of you.

You experience the state of wakefulness, not by participating with the activities of your mind and heart, but simply observing them.

After the exercise, you will have extra energy to observe everything that is going on, inside of you. These is the best time to experience the seer in the body.

Once you get a little glimpse of the wakeful state, it will be easier for you to experience the same state.

Remember to experience the wakeful state is a different thing, and to become one with it, is altogether a different thing.

Many souls get lost into a single experience, and than thrown back to life. If you don’t understand the process, of how to get back to the experience, than it gets difficult to handle the mind.

Wakeful state of mind, gives you an experience of bliss, and once you experience the bliss, than anything at the level of mind, in comparison to it, seems meager.

See with life all the different aspects of life, has its own importance. The experience of wakeful state, is to make your present life better. It should not serve you, to completely forge your present life, in sake of experiencing the blissful state, all the time.

Wakeful state of mind, connects you with the natural process of life, and serves you to connect all the different aspects of life, to the truth. More and more you experience the wakeful state of mind, more you can expand it, into your daily process of life.

To stay in the wakeful state, all the time, is a long time process, and you have to go on, moving deeper and deeper into your experience, so that you can extend your wakeful state, all over your life.

Running is one of the tool, and as you proceed with the process and experience, many more tools will be available to you, to get closer to the experience and stay with the experience.

Its a hard job to stay awake all the time, with all the different movements of your mind, heart and body, and simultaneously go through the different situations, events and experience of life.

Your awareness comes down again and again, and your role remains, to get deeper into an experience of wakeful state.

As you move on the path, you will realize that the purpose of life, is to stay awake all the time, in all the moments of life. At these moment, you realize how god experience life, and his role with life. All the process of life will get clear to you, along with the natural order of the universe.

Life doesn’t operate without order and anything and everything that happens in the universe, takes place, perfectly in accordance with the natural order of the universe.

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