Running can Serve you, to Unlock the Spiritual Energy



Everyone is familiar with the word energy, but spiritual energy that exists within us, and in the locked form, and needs to be unlock, may seem like a hocus-pocus thing for many.

When you give a thought around your breath, sensation, feelings, or emotions, you don’t have any idea about it, and moving further with the thinking or imagination, although it’s a part of your inner system, still you might not have any clue, what’s going on inside of you. You simply go on living life.

There are very few, who might have sit down with themselves in their entire life, and really experienced the movement of breathe. Your own sensation, feelings, emotions or thoughts and imaginations, might have remained far-fetched things.

You don’t have to read the thoughts of others, or feel others feelings or emotions, but when it comes to you, you at-least have a responsibility to look into yourself, and figure out whats going on, inside of you.

For this, no one can take you inside, and help you to observe your breath, sensation, or many other things, that exists inside, and can only be revealed, out of your very own effort.

“This is the inner journey that the sages talks about.”

When your mind is constantly hovering into your future, which becomes the reality of your life, by your prolonged thinking, feeling and acting, there is no time left, for the mind to direct the attention on oneself, and know its source.

Why its important to know oneself, when with the mind, heart and body, its possible to achieve everything of the world.

The question is, as relevant as its relevant for the person, who born on this earth, but have no clue about his parents. The person who has everything of this world. The best education as anyone can have, and achieved everything he desired from his life, but still the longing remains in him, to know, his mother and father.

If you simply indulge yourself into the activities of your mind, heart and body, you can certainly create the life of your dreams and go on chasing your desires, one after the another, but you will never realize the true authentic self, that exists in you, and which can only be recognized, when you intend to know yourself from within.

“The biggest regret of life, is not that you cannot manifest or achieve what you desire, but once you achieve everything, still you miss the real purpose of life, which can only be fulfilled, once you realize the life, beyond your mind, heart and body.”

The nature of mind is such that, a single thought has a power to expand and become a reality into the existence.

Whatever your mind can conceive in the form of imagination, that part of life is possible to manifest into the existence, as anything that you perceive through your senses, in recent times, was just an idea or belief of our ancestors, and today it has become the reality for us to experience.

All the physical reality gets developed into the subtle world, and this can be experimented and experienced by every individual, for himself. You don’t have to move somewhere else, but simple interrogation in your daily life, and making different choices and decisions with the simplest of thing, will give you a proof of it.

The point here is, unless you are aware about the inner mechanism of mind, heart and body, it’s not possible to have a direct control over your life. Majority of the people, are struggling with their life, only because they don’t know, where to stop.

Beyond your physical body, there is another subtle body that exists in you. The physical body is the secondary body, while the subtle body is the primary one, where all the imagination, thoughts and emotions grows and later turns into a physical reality out of actions.

“It’s very important to know your subtle body, made up of, breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts,  imaginations, experiences, impressions, energy and everything that goes inside of you, in the subtle form, which is not visible through the senses, but can only be experienced through sensation.”

Many times it happens, that you come across a person, who already have something going on, into his subtle world, and his reaction or response in the moment, is not understood by you.

When you initiate the process to connect with your inner world, slowly you begin to understand the reaction or response of different people, into different situation. We all are the same from inside, and the same process goes through each one of us. When you understand the inner mechanism of your body, heart and mind, you will understand the process, that goes through every human being, who walked down this earth.

When you connect with your subtle body, you drop many illusions of your life, and your attention shifts to yourself. Attention on the breath is the easiest way to connect with the present moment and with your inner world.

The functions of the mind, heart and body is possible through spiritual energy, that gets released on everyday basis, according to the daily need of your mind, heart and body.

The subtle body of every person is not only made of good experiences, but there are also unwanted experiences and impressions, that you don’t want to experience, gets stored in the subtle body. Some impressions and experiences in the subtle body are so old and so strong that, it needs strong efforts, with the right attention and the right direction, to get rid of them.

Life moves step by step. When you start the inner journey and move from breath to sensation, life takes you through step by step process, that needs to be understood and rise above it.

Remember, when you move inside, your attention is the key, and with the attention on the sensation and breathe, you move upward. The physical appearance may seems small, but when you begin the inner journey of attention on your sensation, it takes a life time, to cover the inner journey of the subtle body.

You can experiment for yourself for 5 minutes. Try to keep your attention on the movement of your breath, and wait for the attention to shift to your sensation.

Your attention, should only be on your breath, and no extra efforts has to be placed from your side, to move towards the sensation, but out of the natural process, once you get familiar with the movement of the breath, the attention will automatically shift to the sensation of the body.

You can experience the spiritual energy from within, which is the source of mind, heart and body and the life on earth, but before that you have to understand the movement of your breath, sensation, the process of feelings and emotions, and remove the emotional debris, that you have acquired over the time.

You also have to get familiar with the continuous thought process, experiences, daily impressions, logical as well as the imaginative part of the mind, and after understanding all the different functions of your breath, sensation, heart and mind, your attention shifts to the place of attention itself.

When the breathe, sensation and the attention become one, the time comes, for you to experience the spiritual energy, that allows the process of life, to take place.

Running can act as an active method to help you to get into the present moment, by leaving all the past experiences and impressions of life behind.

You may not remain in the present moment for the longer time, but if you can utilize that little time, to bring your awareness to yourself, you can certainly excel your spiritual process, in knowing and connecting with your subtle world.

It’s not easy to stay with the breathe for the longer period of time, and even to grow with the passive method, i.e. in meditation, you need to have an active method, so that it becomes easier for the attention of the mind, to sink deep within, to know your inner world.

As you move deeper, you come across life long blockages, that you have savored for yourself and its hard to get rid of them, but running will serve a useful tool to break the old habits or old patterns of life, and grow on your path.

The more you remove the physical, emotional as well as mental blockages from inside, more you allow the free flow of spiritual energy inside. As you grow or rise higher on the spiritual path, more it will be easier for you to understand the inner as well as outside process of life and connect with it.

Life follows the process from inside out, and everything or any act that takes place on the existence, only comes out of that natural process of life.

When you make an intent to connect with your inner world, slowly you come closer to the natural process of life, and you understand the fundamental principles, out of which the life on the existence takes place.

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