Road Map to Consciousness: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mind (Book Preview)

Road map to consciousness

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Consciousness is a practical experience. To experience consciousness, you have to practically experience for yourself. If you ask me the way, Meditation is the way.

This book can show you the path that can help you to experience consciousness, but it’s not possible unless you experience it for yourself.

Let me tell you, the knowledge itself is not enough of consciousness, unless you have first-hand experience for yourself. This book can give you an outline of consciousness, and what are the hurdles you will experience on the path, and what you may experience on the path.

The path has to be covered by you.

The experience of consciousness is to go through the process of enlightenment. You experience consciousness, when you are fully awakened. Even a glimpse of it is enough to change your world forever. After the experience you just can’t experience your life the same way. Everything changes in a split of a second.

Let me brief you about the chapters that I have added to give you clarity about consciousness.

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The first chapter you will find in the book is what is consciousness?

In the very first chapter you will be briefed about the consciousness. As you move forward, you will have further clarity of the topic.

I have already told you consciousness is an experience, and it happens with the practice of meditation. Now to answer the question you have to describe the whole experience of consciousness.

While practicing meditation, you reach at a stage, where you experience the detachment from the body. You can absolutely detach yourself from your body during the process of meditation. You will observe the subtle thread that keeps the soul connected to the body.

The life itself has built inside in such a way, that till your physical body is functioning, the soul doesn’t leave the body. Even the soul gets detached from the body, still it remains connected with the physical body with the subtle thread.

The experience of the consciousness is of the whole mind. The mind is not limited to the brain, as we understand, but the mind is part of the whole body, from head to toe. The mind operates within the body with the help of sensation. Whenever you feel sensation remember it’s the mind that is working.


What is the difference between Mind and Consciousness?

When the mind gets detached from the body, you can experience the whole mind. The mind which is not divided. It doesn’t carry any form of division; rather you can experience the mind, as part of the soul. This whole mind or undivided mind is consciousness.

The second chapter in the book is how to experience consciousness?

As I have mentioned earlier the consciousness can only be experienced through meditation. This process takes time.

When you practice meditation, you will observe that all your energy is running towards the outside world. The mind is occupied by the outside desires. No matter what you think, you are thinking something of the outside world.

The practice of meditation is to pull all your energy from the outside world, and direct it inward. Now this is possible when you learn how to observe your mind. In meditation you see your mind running in all the different directions, and you observe your mind.

You separate yourself from the activities of your mind and see it as an observer. It takes time, but the mind loses the battle and slowly it turns inward. It gets calm. Slowly you turn the attention of the mind inward.

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Remember the mind can only do its things, when it’s backed by the energy. When you direct your mind inward, you also direct your energy inward. The energy that was used in chasing the outside life is now used to realize the consciousness. Wherever is your attention, there your energy flows.

While practicing meditation, you utilize the mind and energy to know thyself. The attention of the mind comes back to the self. It requires time and patience. When you keep your attention inward, and observe the life inside, you will explore the mysteries of life, which is not possible by exploring the outside world.

You see the world and the self with a completely different perspective. You experience the secrets of life, which was always available to you, but you didn’t have the eyes to see it.

This is the only way to experience consciousness. You have to take your attention deeper and deeper to unveil the mysteries of the mind and experience consciousness.

The third chapter in the book is glimpse of consciousness. It’s a different world altogether.


Attention on Breath is the Way to Pure Consciousness

The soul separates itself from the body and move to its source. The whole process takes good amount of time.

Initially, you only get a glimpse of consciousness. Throughout the whole process in meditation, you are prepared for the experience. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It happens slowly. You have to keep on meditating on the self, and keep moving deeper and deeper within the self.

Along the path, you will have different experience. Don’t stop at any point. Move deeper and deeper within the self. Once you will start experiencing the inner movements of life energy inside, all the theory will become clear to you.

When the mind already has the information, the fear evaporates from the mind. You feel confident to penetrate deep inside.

It’s no lesser than the experience of death. When the soul detaches from the body for the first time, it feels it will never come back. You are gone. But it comes back to the body, and slowly places itself into the body. Once you realize the consciousness you can’t be afraid of death. You will realize what happens at the time of death. At the time of death the experience remains the same.

The fourth chapter is dive into the consciousness. To experience the consciousness, dive deep into it. The way is meditation. When you meditate, move deeper and deeper within you. Don’t try to escape. Don’t try to stop in the middle. Move into it. That’s the only way to experience consciousness.

After the experience of consciousness, you dont remain the same. Your life change forever. Even if you get on the path, you experience the shift in your life. Its experiencing the ultimate.

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In the book you will find more chapters that will assist you along the path of consciousness. Its a whole process. You get on the journey of experiencing consciousness. You have to keep patience.

These is the experience beyond which there is nothing remain to experience. Its an ultimate experience. You have to show some patience on the path. All it requires is a daily practice of meditation, and follow little contingency on the path.

If the word consciousness, trigger your inner desire to have a first hand experience, I will recommend you go through the book and have a feel of it. Later you can decide whether you wish to experience consciousness or not.

The book is available on Amazon. Check out the link:

Road Map to Consciousness: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mind

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