Rising Sun shows the Laws of Life



The sun rises every day without any exception, either it’s visible to you or not. The same law applies to the human. You have to wake up each day, to show up for life, no matter if anybody sees it or not.

The sun doesn’t hurry to complete the process but goes at its own pace. You should have your own path and your own pace with life. Everyone is unique and have his own path to follow. So each one should focus on his own path and create his own way of life.

The sun repeats the circle with the same energy and enthusiasm and with it, it serves the purpose of life. The same applies to human. You don’t need some higher purpose from the moon to fulfill the purpose of life, but wherever you are placed in life, if you show up every day, live your authentic life, you too fulfill the purpose of life.

Life doesn’t want you to be, somewhere else than where you are placed right now. You are always where you have to be. The change with life begins from your present space and time if you work towards in understanding the process of life.

You have to be open with your body, mind, and heart to experiment with life. You leave all the laziness and lethargy behind. You stay fit and remain active to participate in life.

The heart is the space where you get attached to life. All the feelings and emotions are the beautiful aspects of life that enhance the quality of life. But one thing needs to be understood, that no feelings or emotions should pull you down with life.

The understanding towards life, allows you to experience life with detachment. You engage with every moment of life, but still, you remain detached from within.

The mind too needs to be trained to overcome all the stress and anxiety of life. Meditation is the best way to prepare yourself, to face the day ahead in advance. The mind in you is different from the brain. The mind is a subtle body inside the physical body. All the perception and experiences and impressions get formed in the mind. The mind needs to understand and realized inside before you understand the natural principles of life.

As the day progresses ahead, the sun shines brighter and bring more light to earth. The light of the sun nourishes the entire earth. It doesn’t bifurcate between the plants and animals and humans and mountains. It spread its light equally on everyone. Nature follows its natural course. You too have to understand your intrinsic nature, before you begin to live your innermost nature with your day-to-day life.

Life is not at all complex. Life is simple, but with the mind, it becomes impossible to understand the simplest things of life.

At times the sun faces the clouds, that stops its light, to reach the earth. The sun still keeps moving and completes its circle. No matter what the situation or problem comes forward, always remember to keep moving forward, and as you progress further on the path, you create the way, leaving all the clouds of problems behind.

No one can learn everything from its own experience. So its important to understand from others experience, so that you can expand your horizon towards life.

The body, mind, and heart not only nourishes with action, but also non-action serves you to nourish your entire system.

Take time to refresh yourself, so that you can show up with life, in your best form. When you look at the sun, you can notice that not all the time it shines with the same light. Sometimes the light gets dim, and sometimes its shines with a full swing.

It doesn’t matter if you fail with life. What’s important with life is to show up each day and complete your daily circle of life.

The sun follows the moment. The moment follows the eternal circle of life. The creator or god is ever present at the moment. You cannot find the truth in the past or the future, but only in the present moment. Unless you can see the ever-flowing life in the moment, you always remain separate from the laws of life.

The life doesn’t have rigid rules, but life has a free-flow. It flows not from the mind but has a deeper source within. The source of life in you is not the mind but the life energy. The life follows the laws of the life energy. It’s the inner movement of life energy that attracts similar life for you.

The life energy too has its source. The sun too is not independent shining in the universe, but the sun too has its source. The universe itself has its source. The natural flow of life comes out of the source. Tao is another name of the source.

You also have the sacred space in you, out of which the life energy and the mind come to the body to experience life. The movement of life energy creates your life, either in the form of situations, events, experience or impressions of life. It all depends on how you trigger your inner flow of life energy with the conscious or unconscious mind.

When the mind is directed outside to fulfill its external desires, the same life energy serves the mind to manifest the desires, and when the same mind is directed inward, the life energy along with the mind begins to move towards its source.

The natural laws of life can be realized within, with the inward attention. Just by observing the inner life, the natural laws of life can be revealed to you. You can understand how the life works in the universe and in you.

Once you understand the process of life, then no more effort is required to manifest your desires into the physical reality or to become one with the source of life.


  1. Excellent post. I appreciate your wisdom and insight. It is easy to get caught up in the months and the years but the true self is the inner self. That is the self that can be a light for others. In healing others, we heal ourselves and attain wisdom.
    I was brought up Christian but I feel a truth in the Buddhist teachings. They do not give rules but rather offer thoughts for finding our personal journey and staying on a peaceful path.

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