Rise above the Thoughts of your Mind



The thoughts in the moment are the ripples of your mind. You don’t act out of every thought, but every thought does create further impressions, emotions, and energy into your body. Rise above the ripples of your mind, so that you can experience life to its fullest.

Every human holds the possibility to experience pure consciousness. The experience of pure consciousness is possible beyond the surface reality of the mind. The life with the surface reality is narrow. You can only have expanded perception towards life with the consciousness.

The thoughts are the ripples of the mind and don’t show you other than the impressions and experiences of the past. When you rise above the thought process from your past, you bring freshness to life. You are more creative with your life and you innovate at every step.

The life is all about perspective, and the higher you evolve with the mind, the clear your perspective becomes towards life.

The only way to rise above the ripples of your mind is to observe your mind. When you observe, slowly the waves of the mind, slows down and you lift the spiritual energy from within to change the frequency of your body, mind and heart.

The mind holds control over the body, mind, and heart through senses. The senses cannot be control at the moment of impulse. You have to understand the connection between your mind and senses. The understanding of mind and senses can happen through observance.

When you observe your sensation, in different situation of your life, you understand how your mind controls your life through senses. Knowing something serves you to release from it. The mind is connected to the body through senses. It’s not all the sensations are incorrect. But any action without awareness takes away your power from life.

When you are unaware about the happening of the events of your life, you slip away from the truth. The nature of the mind is to expand in the existence. When the attention of the mind is divided into hundred things, your mind shows different direction at the same time to choose from, and in your unawareness, you also unconsciously move into that direction.

When you live consciously, you are aware of what you need out of life, and this awareness allows you to direct your mind in a specific direction. When you make a choice with your life, you let go the things that’s not important and hold onto the things that you wish to make it a part of life.

Understanding towards something happens, when you spend time with it. The mind and senses of your body need time. In the early hours of the day, the mind is silent and the senses are in control.

Those moments of life, you can observe the senses and the process of your mind. With the practice when you grow with the power of observation, you stretch the same skills, at the time of chaotic situations of your life.

To live in the mind is to live unconsciously no matter what you create on this earth, the moment comes when you are carried away by your mind and senses if you are not conscious of it.

It takes a moment for the mind, to change your world. But if you take active steps to observe your mind and senses, you can very well connect it to its core, and you take your power back. You can direct your mind and senses in the desired direction if you know the patterns of your thoughts.

“Your life patterns are followed by the patterns of your thoughts and the patterns of thoughts are followed by inner flowing life energy.”

When you rise above the mind, you can see the thought process of your mind, as an observer. You see yourself completely as a detached observer and the beauty of observing oneself, is such that, more you observe one’s own mind, more you move into the deeper layers of your mind.

The deeper you move, the lesser becomes the speed of the thought process and the quality of thoughts replaces the quantity of your thought process. The mystery of life lies at the no-thought state.

When you move deeper, the spiritual energy rises higher, which serves you to improve the quality of thoughts and emotions and with it, you have better energy for the actions.

The spiritual energy is the purest form of energy and when your thoughts, emotions, and efforts come out of the purest form of spiritual energy, the quality of it, also reach below at par.

The process of life from starts with the mind, heart, energy and efforts. Spiritual energy is connected with the mind, heart, and efforts. When you are more aware of your inner world, slowly you see the improvement in the quality of your energy.

Body, mind, and heart are connected with the breath. The attention of the mind comes from the deeper part of the mind. The mind, heart, and body move in a circle.

The mind creates thoughts, which further forms emotions and the same emotions turns into an energy which compels the body to act. The same action turns into an impressions and experiences of the mind and the same circle repeats itself.

When you hold an intent to have something in your life, you have to go through many probabilities of the outside world, before you make those things part of your life. An intent is just one thought or an idea of the mind, and the nature of the mind is to think thought continuously.

When you are not connected with the mind, you lose your intent or the idea of life, and the mind and senses drive you in a different direction.

When you connect with your inner world, you learn the movement of your mind and its force on your body through the senses, and you remain more in control with different situations of your life, and hold your intention to pick only the best situations and people who serve you to get closer to your intention.

More and more you come closer to the understanding of your mind, you start to produce more with your life, out of your intentions and as you start to fulfill your desires of life, you rise above them to look for the deeper meaning of life.

The meaning of life can be found, only when you rise above the ripples of your mind. When you touch the core of the mind, you experience the peace and silence of mind, which is above all the thought process.

This is the space where you experience the bliss and wisdom of life. You jump into the present moment when you rise above the mind. You encounter all the mysteries of life, at the very same place.

From this space, you don’t have anything else to look for with your life, and just by being one with this space, you fulfill all the purpose of your life.

God, pure consciousness, soul, spirit, pure awareness can be experienced above the mind. You all have a choice to silent your mind by practicing meditation, following pranayama or physical exercise.

Once you know how to silent your mind, your job is done, and then the spiritual energy that exists within you does the further process by itself.

Knowledge from the enlightened beings also serves you to empty your mind or brings you closer to the truth of life. Life begins with the mind and the path of the self-realization to cross the mind.

” You enter into this world through your mind and you exit from the mind. The path of liberation or salvation is from the mind.”

The life starts with one thought of the mind, and then it expands on this earth. When you make a choice to move inside, you turn the wheel of life.

When your intention is not of expansion, but the truth, you reveal the mysteries of life inside of you, and then the expansion with life, happens out of the natural process and you participate in your life with the detached observer, moving deeper within yourself, unfolding different mysteries of life.

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