Rise above the Information, and Get into the Experiences of Life


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Life is an experience. You can know about the football, or you can play the game itself. When you collect information about football, it’s just information, but unless you bring that information, onto the playground, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Knowledge or information in regards to anything is no more than a signpost, on the side of the path. You can go on, accumulating information or knowledge, but unless you make a practical application, into your life, you stay at the same place. Information is important, but even without information, you can directly experience life. Yes, information does make your path easier. It guides you.

It shows you the direction, but remembers, if you get stuck in collecting the sign-posts or information with life, you can understand, how far you can reach, on your path?

Holding the sign-posts leads you nowhere. It’s an experience, which takes you forward with life. There are two types of experience. The experience that is limited to the outside world and it’s important for the particular situation or events of life. The other experience is an inward experience. Inward experience is also known as a spiritual experience or existential experience.

Spiritual experience gives you the clarity about, not only what’s happening inside, but also how the things happen in the outside world.

When you look for the outside experience, your experience remains limited to the particular subject or object, but when you move inward for the real life’s experience, you move to the source of experience, where all the life’s experience takes place.

All the life’s experience of the outside world, have the store house in you. Rather picking experience for every different subject or object of life, if you directly look into the source of an experience, the entire life becomes clear to you.

God, Religion, Spirituality, life and everything that you hear, in the form of information, comes out of an experience. You have a choice. Either you get lost into information, or make all the accumulated information, the stepping stone, to get into the bigger experiences of life. All the inner experiences are real and eternal, while the experiences with different situations, events and people are temporary and change with time.

If your attention remains, to experience yourself from within, all the experiences of the outside world, even without experiencing, gets clear to you. You don’t need to have, all of the experience of the outside world, but all you have to experience is yourself.

Once you experience your true authentic self, all the life’s experience seems clear to you. All the stiffness and complexities of life lie inside of you, and when you move inward, the first thing you need to do removes all the complexities of the inner world. Unless you resolve the complex web of your inner world, you cannot experience the real self. Once you begin to resolve your inner world, you will notice that the things in the outside world, already seem at a right place.

It’s only because of the complexities of the inner world, the outside world seemed complex. Life is always perfect outside and takes place in synchronization. The complexity of the outside world only lies in each and every individual, who experience life, out of its perception.

Inward experience is not to realize the spirit and soul on the first day. The inner life has been designed by the creator, and it takes a while, for the wisest man, to understand the creator’s creation. Our role is to take that first step inward. You can pick anything, that connects you from inward, be it your breathe, sensation, thoughts, feelings, emotions or imagination. If it gets difficult to connect inward, you can connect with the outside life, i.e. your daily living.

Your daily life too represents your inner world. Whatever you think, imagine, or feel inside, you experience with your daily life. By connecting with your daily life, you can connect with your inner world.

Once you connect with your inner world, your job remains to move deeper into it. Pick the outside world, by studying your daily life, or pick the breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts or imagination, anything which is convenient to you. Pick the path of your choice, and begin to move deeper into it. Once you get onto the path of self-observation, the necessary knowledge or information will come to you, on time, either from outside or from within.

Make the knowledge or information, the stepping stone, to move deeper. More you move deeper, more you will receive the clarity towards the process of life. With the clarity, it will be easier for you to get closer to the spiritual experiences within.

All the world talks, knowledge or information, takes you nowhere unless it’s applied into life. It’s only the experience, which allows you to see, beyond the present state.

You grow, evolve and get mature, out of real experiences of life. All the situation based experience doesn’t provide you the real exposure towards life. To experience life directly, you have to move inward. Only by moving inward, you come face to face with life. Nothing remains hidden between you and life, but the problem is when you move inward, you have to be prepared to drop, all the unnecessary accumulated stuff that you have acquired over the time.

In the inward journey, all that counts is an experience. You don’t believe anything unless it becomes your personal experience. Only from the experience, you get to see the further path.

With the outside situation, people or event, you can play with your mind, but when it comes to real experience, you just become an observer. Life happens to you, and if you try to become smart with the process of life, it results in the pain and suffering. The inner experiences of life are possible in observation. Only when you know, how to observe your inner world, you can allow it, to unfold inside, in its own way. You don’t interfere, but you reciprocate with the change, that takes place inside.

When you begin to read yourself, you will really understand the real experiences of life. Most of the time, you don’t experience life, but you simply repeat the same experience, within your comfort zone.

Real experiences of life hurt. You have to be prepared, to separate your personal identity from the real one. Remember the personal identity is not the false one, but the acquired one. All the acquired stuff should be dropped so that the real, can be experienced. The real experiences of life are deeper than the sea. It’s only on the end of the path, you encounter God. The real experience of God is possible within.

You too can experience God and become one with him, but to experience the real, you have to be prepared to drop, all that is temporary. When you experience the real, you use all your energy to stay with the real. When you stay with the real, you get the chance to move deeper into the reality. The reality is the source of life.

The source of life, which you experience outside, lies within you. The life that you experience outside comes out of you. Isn’t it wonderful, to experience the source of life, inside?

The real growth with life is only possible out of the experience. Learn to differentiate between information and experience. Learn to differentiate between work and real efforts, and merely talks. Don’t get lost in words, and get into the experiences of life. It’s only the experience, which takes your life forward. Words may be replaced tomorrow, but real efforts or experience gives you the direct result. It’s not only the success that is important, but failure too is important, if you can grasp the necessary lesson out of it.

Experience or real efforts with life gives you the result. The result either could be the success or the lesson. You need to learn, how to make use of, both the success and lesson, to take you forward with life.

Inward experience connects you with the reality. The reality that happens in the present moment. The laws of attraction work with the inward experience. The inward experience connects you, with the most real experiences of life. You begin to read life. You begin to separate eternal from temporary. Remember there is nothing illusion with life, except your mind-made thing. Everything is real. The only difference is temporary and permanent.

When you connect with life, you look for things i.e. eternal. You get into work, which is eternal, you get into the relationships, i.e. eternal, and you only look for the things, which can give you the experience of eternal.

Your life is the result of, what you hold inside. If you hold the real experiences of life inside, no sooner, you will be able to pick the real things outside. It will be easier, for you to differentiate between fake and real. Life has its own process. The purpose of mankind to figure out that process, and get one with that process. The eternal life is an experience. Once you experience the eternal self-inside, you rise above the fear of birth and death.

When your identity switch from the personal identity to the eternal self, no fear of death or karmic bondage arise in you.

The fear of life remains, only with the temporary. Look for the experience, that takes you beyond yourself, and you will experience the eternity in this moment. The longing for truth lies in everyone, and each individual is just intent away, to know the truth of life.

Use all you have to search for the truth within, and all your queries, puzzles, and mysteries of life, of the outside world, will be resolved in a split of a second. It all depends on you, where you direct your energy in the moment. Either you wish to stay in the dreams, created by your mind, or you really want to experience life, beyond the personality of your mind? It all depends on you.

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