How to Realize the Spirit in the Body?

How to Realize the Spirit in the Body?

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The physical body that you have, is not only limited to your physical appearance, but there is more to it. The functions of brain, heart, breath, and body are not possible, by themselves, but there is something more in the body, that allows the function to take place.

It’s the spirit that allows the life’s functions possible in you. When you experience the spirit in the body, you realize that it’s the spirit, that works through the physical body and makes life possible. The smooth flow of breath too is possible because of spirit.

You have a source, spirit, mind, and physical body. When you realize the spirit within, you open yourself for the realization of a source, and the nature of mind and body becomes clear to you.

With the inward attention, you realize a different dimension to view life. You cannot see the world in its natural form unless you realize the dimension beyond the perception of your mind. The mind limits your perception, only to the limited thoughts, imagination, experiences, and impressions stored by the mind.

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When you realize spirit, which lies beyond the nothingness of the mind, you also realize fresh dimension to view life. This dimension gives you absolute clarity of life. You experience the truth of life. The mind remains the same, but you receive altogether a different dimension to see the world with the same mind.

Everything under the sun and in the universe follows natural principles of life. Nothing happens without a reason, but everything takes place, out of that natural principles. Life on existence never can go out of the order. It knows, how to balance itself. It’s only the humans, who don’t know, how to create balance out of their life, as their mind is always stuck, into the objective or subjective reality of life.

The natural principle is simple. It initiates with the vibrations (Source), from vibrations comes the life energy(Spirit) and consciousness (mind), and both the life energy and mind forms the physical structure.

When the mind and spirit are part of the body, the mind accumulates things from outside and forms different desires of life out of it. The spirit, mind, and body work together to fulfill the desires of the mind.

“Everything that exists in the universe, have one of these three things. Vibrations, energy and matter. You too are made up of, energy, vibrations and matter. The life begins with the vibration, turning into an energy and the energy into different physical form.”

How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation

The vibrations (Source) always exists in its purest form. The source doesn’t have any source, and that can be confirmed out of the experience of the source.

The life energy (Spirit) too exists in a subtle form as a subtle thread that governs the mind and body from within. The spirit arranges and rearranges itself according to the needs and desires of the body and mind.

If your understanding only remains, at the level of fulfilling your desire’s of life, you never get to the truth of life. The physical manifestation of life is just an exterior part, and the cause of it lies inside.

Every person carries the subtle body or spirit within himself and the physical body is just an instrument, to experience the physical reality of the world. The mind remains filled with the impressions of the physical as well as the subtle world. When the mind remains filled with the experiences and impressions of the outside world, the experience of truth remains far from you.

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All your actions, experiences, impressions that you face in your day to day life comes from the subtle world. You attract, similar energy, experiences, and impressions that you carry in the subtle body. All the experiences, situations, events and impressions you attract in your life, depends on what kind of impressions you have gathered in your mind, over the time. Law of attraction works at the level of mind and spirit. You attract what you carry inside.

Life is hugely misunderstood, with the mind. With the mind, you cannot understand life, because life doesn’t take place, at the level of mind, but it happens from much deeper space, in you, that needs to be realized.

There is something more that, triggers the part of the brain, that creates logic, reasoning, analysis, evaluation, contemplation, imagination, forms thoughts.

The biggest hindrance, in the experience of the spirit, is one’s own mind. The mind is always directed outside, chasing the desires of the outside world, but never try to realize its own truth.

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The outside reality exists, out of the life, we have already lived in the past.

The mind creates further desire’s, out of that, which already exists, and move forward in creating future reality out of it.

With the mind directed outside, you can create thoughts for the future, imagine things, create, innovate, feel, show emotions and take actions to manifest future reality, but you can never know the source of life, by that means. To know the source of life, you have to take the attention of the mind inward.

“Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Running or even any form of physical exercise, with the inward attention, can serve you to experience the spirit and soul in the body.”

The Essence of Self-Realization: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

The mind when is directed inward, it comes face to face with the inner reality. Most of the time of day-to-day life is wasted in chasing unnecessary things. It’s just like catching once own tail.

With the inward attention, we start understanding the reality of life. We learn to differentiate between what is real and what is an illusion. More we connect with the reality of the inner world, more we drop the illusion out of our life.

When you spend time with yourself and observe your mind, you realize that your mind is filled with all the things, that you no longer required in this moment. Slowly you start to detach yourself with the things, that you no longer required in your life.

You start emptying your mind. More and more you get familiar with the nature of your mind, more you empty your mind. In the process, you realize that your mind is filled with so much of garbage, that its impossible to achieve anything in life, with such mind.

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You take your mind to the stage, where nothing remains in the mind. You experience the nothingness of your mind and makes conscious choice and decisions with every aspect of your life.

More you move deeper into the nothingness of your mind, more you come closer to realize the spirit in the body. The spirit or life energy is locked at a various different place in the body. Its the attention of the mind that moves inward, helps you to unlock the spirit within the body, and you go through a life-changing experience within.

It takes a while for the mind to understand the nature of the spirit. The spirit is the life force that continuously works within the body and mind. All the major functions of the body and mind are done by the spirit.

It’s only with the realization of the spirit, the natural process of life is realized to you. With the realization of the spirit, you realize the true purpose of life. The truth behind the mind and body too is known, with the realization of the spirit.

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