Realization of Soul & Spirit, is Necessary to Understand the Karmic Cycle

karmic cycle

Only getting indulge in Actions or karma not necessarily give you the clear idea, of whats happening around you, unless you put the attention on the subtle karmic cycle, that takes place inside the body.

Again and again, I try to emphasize on spirit and soul. The karmic cycle of life can only be understood, with the realization of spirit and soul. The mind, which is caught up, in the manifestation part of life, cannot understand the process of life, only by living, for the sake of manifestation.

The things can only be understood, from its source, and the source of your life, that you are experiencing outside, lies in the self-realization, i.e. realizing your spirit and soul.

People tend to run away from life, or if they don’t, at-least each person craves deeply to leave everything behind, and move to the place, where he can become free from all the hassles of life.

The mind creates so many confusion’s, out of life, that everyone wants to get rid of life. There are very few on this earth, who readily accept life whole heartedly and live their heart out.

You just cannot accept life, unless you understand from its source. Certainly, life serves the process of evolution and as you grow and evolve with life, you come in better terms with life.

People you follow or admire are the ones who are in better terms with life. The problem with the mediocre mind is that he likes good part of life, but not willing to strive with the other aspect of life.

Success knowingly or unknowingly happens, when you come closer to the natural principles of life and failure is simply to get away from the natural principles of life. You attract what you are, and nothing more or less.

If you are self-sufficient, you can understand any aspect of life, and you always have the best solution for any situation in the moment. Self-realization makes you self-sufficient from within. With the self-realization, you try to put each step, according to the natural principles of life.

What are the Natural Principles?

The natural principles of life initiate from vibrations, i.e. soul, later turns into an energy, i.e. spirit. The spirit takes the spiritual energy from the soul. The soul is the space within the body, that vibrates at a higher level, and the spirit gets refresh and refuels itself, by connecting with the soul.

When the spirit moves in the direction of soul it detaches itself, with the brain, heart, and body. When your mind is interested in creative part of life, it uses the inner energy to build outside life or fulfill the needs of life.

The natural principles of life flow inside out. From vibrations comes energy and energy are the source for the functions of brain, heart, and body.

The quality of your thoughts and imagination depends upon the quality of spiritual energy that flows into your body. The process of feelings, emotions, and actions later follow, out of the quality of your thoughts and imagination, and whatever you give out, comes back to you, in one or the other form.

Now, this is the simple natural principle of karmic cycle, whereby, the life moves inside out, and whatever you give out, exactly in the same proportion, you receive back.

When you realize the spirit and soul, in the body, you not only understand the karmic cycle, but you also notice your own karmic cycle, and direct it, in the direction of your choice.

With the mind, you make choices and decisions, that brings more fulfillment to your life, or it may satisfy your life’s needs, while after the realization of spirit and soul, you are less concerned with the personal involvement with the things, and thus, you don’t have to make special efforts for selfless action, but when you simply flow from within, your natural act becomes of giving.

Just imagine today, when you go out for work, or do any act, you only do, because your personal interest lies in it. When you go through your daily schedule, you cannot find anything, that you do, without any personal interest.

Your whole attention remains, on what you get out of life, either in the moment or says after a period of time.

It’s not necessary that, for the self-realization, you have to forge your personal needs and move towards the selfless action, but one’s life should be such that, he grows and evolves with life, on a daily basis, so that with his understanding, he can fulfill all his obligations and responsibilities towards life, and along with it, continue to grow and evolve on the spiritual path.

The process of evolution takes you toward the self-realization. For the self-realization, you don’t have to move away from your personal and professional life, but your each act of your daily life, has to serve you, to come closer to the higher self.

The intent is required to move inward. You don’t need to see the entire spiritual path, to proceed with the path, but that one step with a right intent is enough, to bring you closer to life.

Life is beautiful and overflowing with bliss and wisdom, not only outside but also within. The experience of self-realization can give you the glimpse of the natural beauty of life, that exists everywhere.

No part of life can ever disturb you, but everything that happens in your life, both inward and outside can beautifully move in a synchronization, once you begin to move towards your true authentic self.

You only experiment on the things, where you feel that there is a possibility of finding some higher truth, out of it. Scientists experiments on different objects of life, in a similar way. Your inflow and outflow of breath and the sensation in your body is itself a proof and a possibility that, something else can be known, within the body.

The mind thinks thoughts, and imagine things. The heart creates different feelings and emotions, and the physical body experience sensation in the body, that compels you to act.

It’s fine, for you to follow, your actions, but the wise man, always likes to see, what compels him to do, what he does. Many carry the notion that they think thoughts or imagine things, and they create or manifest life out of it.

“When you realize the spirit & soul in the body, first time, you see that the image is thrown into your mind from experiences of life, and further mind itself creates thoughts, feelings and emotions and later actions comes out of it.”

The spirit and soul are separate from your brain, heart, and body and can be detached, through certain process, if performed on a daily basis. You only understand things, if you can detach yourself from it. By being part of it, you can never understand, how the things are taking place, and life becomes very much alive and reality, for you.

Only with the self-realization, you see the scenes and pictures of life, as a moving picture, and you attain the power to change the course of life, and make a choice or decide, what are the situations or events that you wish to experience, and what are the things that you wish to drop permanently from your life.

You cannot leave or drop anything, from outside, because the things take place inside of you. Even if you try to drop anything from your life, without understanding it, sooner or later it may again come back to your life. Only with the true understanding, you can drop something that doesn’t serve with your life, and that too from inside.

Nobody can give you anything from outside because everything exists within you. The other person too has achieved something by working on himself and searching for the answers of life, in a right direction. All he can do for you is to ask you to look at, in a right direction, so that you too can have all the answers for your life.

The realization of spirit and soul gives you a clear path for life. You just know, whats right for the moment, and you act. If some act, gets out-of-order, you know, how to amend the act so that no repercussion has to face in the future.

With the mind, you go on expanding the world, without having a real understanding of it. Later the same expansion, turns into a chaos, as you get too much attached, with your part of expansion. Only when you come out of spirit and soul, you stay detached with the mind, heart and body and any part of its creation. You still expand and explore life out of curiosity, but you don’t get attached to it.

The karmic cycle is something, that every soul, who walks down on this earth, has to go through, and the only way to make the most out of it, is with the self-realization.

The problem with life only occurs, when something bothers you, or it gets difficult for you, to understand any aspect of life. If life becomes clear to you, then there is no problem, either you are in the body or out of the body. Either it’s Monday or Sunday, you simply follow the natural principles of life, living each moment, experiencing bliss and wisdom.

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