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The chaotic life begins from inside. No matter how hard you try to solve the puzzles of the life outside, you only find yourself in the end, get caught up in the complexities of life.

The outside world is an expansion of the subtle world. If you try to understand the making of a pot, from its appearance, you will always fall short of it. You have to begin from its source, and the source of outside life, lies inside.

Don’t strive yourself outside, instead organize your world inside. When you connect with your mind, heart, and energy of the body, you realize you know exactly what you want, at any moment of time, with your life. Not only that, you grow and expand with your bliss and wisdom, once you move in the direction of your source.

The source of life lies within you. The life starts from the source, and manifest itself outside. All the manifestation of life, has its source inside of you. If you feel good inside, and you move into any situation of your life, you find joy out of it, even out of the most unpleasant situation, and if you feel low inside, no matter what you get from outside, it cannot satisfy you from inside.

This is only because, you are trying to satisfy the higher energy from the lower one’s. You might have heard that everything that exists on this earth, both in the subtle as well as physical reality is an energy. Your physical world is a lower form of energy, while your subtle world vibrates at a higher level.

As you grow & evolve with life, your subtle  world too develops with its power of thoughts and emotions. You can never satisfy yourself from the physical reality, as it vibrates at a lower level, but yes you can make yourself happy with whatever you do, in the outside world, if you are deeply satisfied from inside.

“Have you experienced, that if you lend money, i.e. physical doesn’t bring you much joy but if you make someone feel special or show unconditional love towards others, brings a pull of happiness onto you.”

The subtle world is more powerful than the physical reality. The physical reality is an expansion of the subtle world. Anything that you see as an expansion in the outside world, is merely a thought or an idea, from the subtle reality. The complexities of life begin from your mind, when you get lost into your own creation, and do not find the way out.

It’s like you have started walking on the path, and went so deep inside, that you forget how to reach to the place from where you have begun. These are the only problems and complexities of life or mind, when you forget from where you have started.

“When you begin your life from the source, which is your inner world, and organize your thoughts, emotions, and energy in a right way, than you don’t have to worry about the outside world, but you can have a smooth ride outside.”

“The mind needs direction. Either you direct the mind or follow the mind, choice is yours, as mind can never remain empty.”

The nature of the mind itself is to think thoughts. You go on living life, and keep on doing the same thing repeatedly, its only because it’s the nature of the mind to think thoughts, and creates feelings and emotions, and the body acts out of it.

Meanwhile, when you repeat the same life cycle, and if you carry little awareness, along the path, you develop an understanding of it, and you become wiser with life. Than you don’t repeat the same process of life, but you grow and evolve, and along with it also improve and get better with the outside life.

“You cannot find bigger purpose in life, than to grow & evolve from within and improve and get better with life outside.”

Life comes with all its colors. White, grey, black. You have to figure out your way to learn from life, accept what’s important, reject that’s not necessary and develop an intelligence to embrace the things whole-heartedly, that you think is eternal in your daily life.

With life, not everything is useful and not everything is useless. Everything has its own purpose to serve. Few things are important to serve your basic needs of life, while other things are important for your spiritual growth. Some are important for your heart, while others are needed for the expansion of your mind.

Say for e.g., physical exercise and proper diet is important for your body, while meditation is important for your mind, while good relationships are important to nourish your heart, while small activities are important to develop your awareness in the present moment.

You can make the best use of everything in life, if you organize yourself inside. The process of life repeat itself, in the circle of twenty-four hours. Try to observe your life’s situation, and learn out of it.

When you observe your life, you connect with your mind and heart. See how you can make your today better than yesterday. How the outside situation, people or events impacted your inner world.

” You can only be better with life, when your body, mind & heart moves in synchronicity.”

What do you resist throughout the day, and how is your acceptance level towards life?

Each day serves the purpose in your life. No one can take the life for granted. If you can keep your awareness to the day, all the bliss and wisdom will flow from within. You have many unlocked potential hidden within you, but that asks you to be more attentive towards life. You cannot live with your own idea of life, as it only flows from the past and doesn’t lead you anywhere. You only grow, when you evaluate your past, learn the lesson’s and apply today, to get better with it in the future.

You cannot learn at the time of action. The lessons of life come only when you go through your life in silence. It has to be an everyday process, as life happens everyday. You have to figure out the way to connect with life, on everyday basis.

Look at the events that come up into your life on everyday basis, and look for the opportunity, of how you can get better with it. This way, over the time, you can acquire mastery of it.

“Buddha, or Krishna or Jesus, or Muhammad were not born with the purpose. But when they realize the futility of day-to-day life, they went deep inside themselves, to figure out the meaning of life.”

Very few people are aware that each one from Mahavira, to lao tzu, from Zarthu to Buddha, all the enlightened beings have gone through the same struggles of life, in their own way. Only than they could have known the essence of life.

Life is gifted to no one. Everyone has to go through the process of life. The natural process of life is the law, which has to be followed by every human, who is, was or will born on this earth. No one is an exception.

The natural laws of life remains the same for every human who walks down this earth. It may be possible that after striving hard with life, few can access the law and make their life’s path according to the natural process of life.

“Never imagine anyone is exception to the laws of life. The life never budge from its process. Its you, who has to align yourself with the natural process of life.”

The nature that you experience outside, exactly the same nature takes place inside of you. When you connect with your inner world, as your understanding develops, you connect with the natural process of life. Than you don’t lose yourself outside, but you plan your things ahead, before you move in the outside world.

The wise man is never in a hurry, as he trust in the nature of things itself. He flows with the natural process of life, and the things happens. All the fear and insecurities of life appears only out of ignorance. Once you develop an understanding towards life, you don’t consider yourself separate from the world that exists outside.

The life directs you in different ways, about the coming events of your life. But for that you have to be silenced from inside or you have to develop a habit to listen to your inner voice. When you live inside out, you plan your life in advance, and follow your mind-map. You remain connected inside, rather than the things happening outside, as you understand the natural process of life, which is happening inside out.

When you are connected from inside, you know what you think and feel in different situations and events of your life. You know exactly when to act, and when to hold yourself back with life. You connect yourself more in the present moment.

Slowly, when you thoroughly understand the life cycle, you allow the life to manifest by itself, and you rise above the process of life. This too happens when your life moves inside out.

You establish, into your higher self, from where you can choose to participate in your day-to-day life, but no impressions or experiences of life, gets stored within you, as you don’t get attach yourself with any event of life.

You create a strong impression of people and situation, when you get attached to it. This doesn’t mean you don’t give everything to life. You give everything to life, but when your task is completed, you move on with life, leaving all the traces of life behind.

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