Put your Mind to God and Hands to Work

Put your Mind to God

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Life is all about balance. When it comes to balance you have to consider both the world, physical world as well as the subtle world. The physical world is the world where we exist. Subtle world is the world of God, where the blueprint of the physical reality is formed.

When you learn to put your mind to God, and hands to work, you strike a balance between both the world. You walk on the bridge, where both the world co-exists together.

Neither the physical world is left out nor you feel disconnected from your subtle world. If you are looking for the meaning or purpose in life, then this is the only meaning and purpose you will ever found in life. That is, to strike a balance with life.

Nothing too extreme, nor too meager, rather everything in moderation. Serve everything but get attached to nothing. When you strike a balance with both the reality, i.e. physical as well as the subtle world, in a true sense you understand the meaning of life.

Life works inside out. If you indulge yourself only with the physical world, then you will never realize the creation part of it, which happens in the subtle world.

At the same time, if you leave the physical world, and get engrossed into the subtle world, i.e. God, then one fine day, you may realize the making of the creation, but you will not know, the application part of it.

Subtle reality is all about knowing the process of creation, while the physical reality is where you apply your knowledge to manifest the life of your choice.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This is the only reason why so many enlightened beings remain unemployed, irrespective of attaining the highest wisdom of life. They haven’t abandoned the physical life as, without the physical reality, life itself is not possible, but they don’t know the art of expression. They might have attained the highest wisdom, but when it comes to the physical reality, you need to know the art of expression.

Without expression, survival is not possible on earth.

You need to know, how to apply what you have attained through your years of practice. Only then you can enjoy the fruit of it. All the wisdom of life can only be useful if you bring it into practice. There is no value to the things that cannot be brought to an expression, in one or the other form.

When you put your mind to God, and hand to work, your awareness grows in the moment. The mind is already occupied with ample of things. The time you train your mind to be with God, you drop all those unnecessary things from your mind and keep only one thing in the mind, i.e. God.

This improves your awareness in the moment and your quality of work at hand. Life unfolds with God in a different way. Your action reflects more of your heart than mind.

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The mind only knows the way of logic and reasoning, while the heart knows the ways of the universe.

Life needs necessary actions to move forward and those actions too have to be in a right direction. When your mind is with God, you don’t have to worry about the direction, as any direction you walk with God, it turns out to be right.

In life, both are equally important. Work and God. Work serves you with the outside life, while the attention on God serves you with the life that is happening inside.

God has equally gifted us with the body, mind, and spirit. Thus, while serving the present life, equal effort has to be made to take care of the body and mind, as well as realizing the spirit in the body.

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The life is always flourishing both inside as well as outside and thus it’s important to hold an intent to grow with life, both in the inner as well as outside world. It’s your daily growth in the outside world and your deeper connection with God from within, that adds value to your everyday life.

Your life is limited to the life that you live on everyday basis. It’s your this day, that stretches on tomorrow, and it’s your past, that you experience on this day. To bring the necessary change to your life, you don’t have to alter your life altogether, rather all you need is to bring little change on everyday basis, to experience different life in the future.

Life is simple and straight, but as our mind is indulged in too many complications, that we miss seeing the simple process of life. We only look for the complicated things for the solution, while the truth exists in the simplest of thing.

Life only looks puzzled when you are completely lost in your mind. When you untie the knot of your mind, you notice the simple process of life that happens on its own.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Daily work is required to take your physical reality forward, while the God’s presence is required to maintain your sanity in these complex web of the physical world. It’s only with the Gods presence you remain untouched by the physical reality of life and go through this life by making most out of it, for yourself and the world around you.

Life is truly magical and you can experience the magic of life when you connect with the actual process of life. If you only remain engaged in the physical reality, you miss the actual happening of life, that happens as a whole.

The complete circle of life considers both the physical as well as subtle reality, while the one who only remains engaged into any of these one world, sooner or later lose the way with life. Start to live life inside out, to reach the stage, where you can strike the balance between both the world.

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