Purify Your Seven Chakras, to Experience the Bliss and Wisdom


Your seven chakra’s in the spine of your body, are the source of your life. At different point of time, as per your stage in the process of evolution, your energy lies in a specific chakra’s. When this spiritual energy rise up, you evolve with the process of life.

People carry the misconception with their life, that happiness is the only need of life, but in reality, both pain and suffering is needed for you to grow, learn and evolve with life.

Any two opposite feelings such as love and hate are polar opposite and moves in parallel in the circle, around your body. You have the spiritual energy within your body, which constantly moves into your body, and wherever it stops, you experience that part of feelings and emotions into the moment.

If you feel love, that means the spiritual energy is at the center of your heart, and if you feel hatred towards anything in the moment, that means your spiritual energy is at the bottom of the spine.

The outside world is just an instrument, in images in the form of situations, people and experiences through which you can understand your internal state. The outside situations, people and experiences are reminder of what’s going on inside of you.

If you put little awareness to life, you can figure out this truth of life. The outside situations bothers you, only when you don’t feel good inside.

When you are pumped up inside, no matter what the situation is, you overcome them without noticing its difficulty, as your inner spiritual energy is at a higher state, than the outside situation, people or experience you are in.

Your physical body depends on the spine, and with it you have an astral body or emotional body, that is hooked with the physical body at seven points, which is called seven chakra’s. The spiritual energy resides at the base of the spine, and completes its circle in twenty-four hours.

In twenty-four hours of the day, you go through almost all the feelings of life. The day is enough to experience the entire life, as the life happens within you, and not outside, as outside world is just the projection of your inner world, in the physical form. As its physical, it seems more real.

When the clay pot is made from the clay, the clay pot seems more real than the clay. The physical thing seems more real than the subtle reality, but this doesn’t deny the truth of life, that the reality of the physical world is hidden in the subtle world. This is the only mystery of life, that every human has to unveil for himself.

In a day, wherever your spiritual energy stops by, you feel similar emotions in the moment.

At the base of the spine along with the spiritual energy lies two chakra’s. This chakra’s stands for reproduction and little selfish pleasures for one self. When your energy is at this center, before you accumulate enough energy, you lose them out of your body through sexual energy or running after the little pleasures.

There are the things in life, that can serve you to increase your energy from within and on the other hand, there are people, situation, impressions and experiences of your life that drains your energy from within. You choose your actions well, so that rather losing out, you grow and get better with life with your actions.

When your energy is at the base of the spine, you don’t accumulate much, but you have to rise higher from this state, to grow and evolve with life.

At the sixth and the seventh chakra’s, all your attention is to create the pleasure-seeking life and in anything you look for, you direct it in the direction of pleasure’s.

The sixth and seventh chakra’s can be purified by regularly following physical exercise. You need to exert higher pressure, to purify your lower chakra’s and rise above them.

When you rise above the lower chakra’s, you move to the 5th chakra, located at the stomach region. All the fear and insecurities towards life is developed here. When your spiritual energy lies in the stomach region, you experience all the fear and insecurities towards life.

Mind you, this spiritual energy is not the free flow of energy ( which is awakened ), but at the 5th chakra, you already hold certain experiences and impressions from the past, that doesn’t allow you to rise above your fear and insecurities of life.

To rise above your fear, you have to clean your 5th chakra. Along with the physical exercise, breathing techniques for a certain period, in a day can serve you to purify your 5th chakra. When you drop your fear and insecurities of life, you move with courage and confidence with your life, and slowly you establish yourself above the 5th chakra.

When you rise above the 5th chakra, you come across the 4th chakra, which is your heart. This is the center of your being. Out of the seven chakra’s of your body, heart is the center.

From the heart, you can move upward or slip downward. If you can manage to keep your inner energy, above the 4th chakra, your work is completed and then the inner energy does its work by itself.

All the different feelings and emotions of your life flows through the heart chakra. All the emotional debris of the life is accumulated into your heart chakra. This chakra takes the highest time, in the purification process. When you purify your heart chakra, you don’t have to look for love anywhere else into your life, and it flows from within.

All the emotional debris at the heart chakra can be released through physical exercise, breathing techniques or meditation. It requires a good amount of attention at the heart chakra. You feel all the different emotions of life in the moment, when you work towards to open your heart.

Sometimes you feel love towards the world, and you don’t know why, it’s because when your spiritual energy passes through your heart and hold itself at the point for sometime. When the energy slips down, again the love is changed by different emotions.

The spiritual energy moves in a circle, and thus, you cannot experience the same emotions all the time. You have to understand this truth of life. The emotions are never imbalanced, but its the energy that moves from one point to the other.

From the 4th chakra, your energy shift to the 3rd chakra, which is the throat chakra. When you purify your throat chakra, you can express yourself without any hesitation.

There are different ways to express yourself, but the voice is the most common way, avail to all. When you hear the voice of the person closely, you can confirm his mental state.

Your words say it all. The 3rd chakra, can only be purified out of experience and expression. You need to have enough experience for the expression and the throat chakra opens up, with the practice of it.

To open up the throat chakra, you have to practice yourself with your expression. You have an idea and you know how to execute your idea, but to express it to the world, you have to have enough practice of it.

Moving on from the 3rd chakra, your energy shifts higher to the 2nd chakra or third eye chakra. Along with the two eyes, that makes the physical reality visible to you, you have the third eye, that allows you to see and experience the subtle world.

When you visualize or imagine something, you see it from the third eye. It may not be developed, the way it has to be, but when you clear the thoughts of your mind, and reach to the no-mind state, you experience the third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra, is less concerned with the happening of the events of the mind, body and emotions and is present more in the moment. The soul in the body, see the world through the third eye.

Every chakra has to go through the cleansing process and to activate the third eye chakra, the mind has to reach to the no-mind state. The layers of the thoughts hide the third eye chakra, and you remain away from the wisdom of life.

The little signs you receive from the third eye chakra, is through the sensation with your physical body or through the intuition of the heart. But if you choose to connect directly with the third eye chakra, you have to practice everyday to observe your mind.

The nature of the mind is to think, imagine, visualize, raise a query and create thoughts. It’s a continuous process and doesn’t stop even when you move into your sleep.

The awakened man is the one who observes the nature of the mind and allow the things to flow out of natural process.

Only by observing your mind, slowly the thought process slows down, as the mind only runs in a different direction, when you are unaware of it. When you put your attention on the mind, you break the flow of the process.

The nature of the mind is such that, wherever you put your attention, knowingly or unknowingly, your mind start to run in that direction. When your attention is on your mind itself, the mind has nowhere to go, and wherever his attention was before, all the attention gets withdrawn and come back to the mind itself.

“By observing the mind, it slows down, and you open your third dimension of life, which open the gateway to the higher world.”

All the spiritual and religious practices can take you to the third eye chakra. Above the third eye chakra, lies the 7th chakra at the top of the forehead.

When you activate your third eye chakra, and surrender yourself completely to the life itself, slowly the energy that was moving in a circle releases your astral body or emotional body from the physical body, through the point of chakra’s, and the astral body moves upward, out of the seventh chakra to have the out-of-body experience.

When your all the seven chakra’s open up, your spiritual energy resides at the 4th chakra at the navel region, and it only moves down with your intent and not otherwise.

When you experience the higher bliss and wisdom of life, you don’t crave for the little pleasure’s of life.The 7th chakra is the doorway, for you to have the out-of-body experience. All the wisdom and bliss of life flows through the third eye chakra.

Life doesn’t end, by opening up the chakra’s, but then you have to live upto the wisdom and bliss that flows through your third eye chakra. An experience of an enlightenment is not an end to life, but the beginning to bring the higher wisdom and bliss to the existence.

With the over fulfilling blissful state, you share your practice and experience with others, so that others too can get closer to it. Life is a continuous process and it goes on happening, even if you don’t exist. Every human on this earth has a purpose to fulfill and once you fulfill your purpose of life, you serve others to fulfill their purpose of life.


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