Pure-Awareness allows you to see Both the External and Internal World


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Life happens every moment. If you miss seeing the happening of life, at this very moment that means you are living either in the future or the past. See where your attention is, at this moment? Are you with me? Are you reading this blog? I am talking to you.

The life and different aspects of life can be understood in this moment. All the planning and scheduling is important to keep the track of the daily schedule but to utilize the time in an effective manner, needs the present moment awareness.

When you miss the life in the moment, then your mind makes you run in the future. If you hurry in the present, then you cannot stop yourself hurrying in the future.

“No matter what you have done in the past, your awareness in the moment can swipe your entire past.”

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

The understanding of life comes out of experience and experience is possible through the power of observation. If the mind is focused on the activities of the future, it’s not possible to experience the present moment.

Learning from the experiences happens when you are aware at the time of experience. Without awareness of the moment, you may go on doing the same activity, again and again, understanding nothing out of it. Life is effortless with understanding.

You improve upon things, by putting your attention on it. The things get better when you hold your intention to get better with your every act.

The time is like a flowing river, that is continuously moving. To understand the movement of the river, you have to flow with the river and be one with it.

To understand the time, or to understand yourself, it’s necessary to connect with the time you spent throughout the day. The awareness starts with your daily actions. First of all, you need to be aware of where you spent your day. The awareness can also help you to figure out the cause and effect of your actions.

Awareness is a measurement tool for life. With the awareness in the moment, you see the same situation, people and experiences of your life with more clarity.

You always have to spend some time in evaluating your daily life, as your daily life is a miniature of your whole life.

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The moment holds the eternal truth of life. All the experiences of life lead to the experience of the presence in a moment. Pure awareness is a presence in a moment.

The experiences of life broaden the horizon of mind and heart so that you can look for the bigger experiences of life.

The understanding towards life doesn’t come by understanding the whole world, but by understanding the happening of events in one’s own life.

The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery 

Once you understand, how the things unfold in your life, you can also understand the things takes place in the universe and in the life of others.

Life follows a process. The path of everyone may be different but the process of life remains the same.

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With the pure awareness, the mind stays in the present moment serving the need of the situation. There is no need to run for the future, as the future life too comes out of the present moment.

The present moment is sufficient enough to take care of all the needs of life. The life in the present moment is possible with the balanced state of mind and can acquire with the clarity of mind.

Your awareness in the moment grows with practice. You need to practice on a daily basis to keep your attention in the present moment. In the present moment, the mind expands and the awareness grows to experience the life with more clarity.

Knowledge and information is a borrowed experience, that needs to be applied to get experience out of it, while awareness is a pure presence in the moment. You stay alert in the moment.

All the fear, insecurity, past and future are left behind when you are spontaneous in the moment. With the awareness, you develop spontaneity in a moment. When you practice living with pure awareness, you embrace the mystery of life.

The mind needs to be trained to be present in the moment so that every moment can be utilized in a productive way. The work is not important, but your presence in the moment is important. Only with the presence in the moment, you do justice to life. Only with the presence, you stay present in the moment, with the body and mind.

People are too much focused on work, but they don’t focus on the space, from where they put the attention to work. It’s like you write down with the pencil, but you don’t bother to sharpen your pencil.

The attention of the mind is to have the sharpened pencil. Unless you sharpen the pencil, you just cannot write down with clarity. The same applies to the mind. The mind is useful, only if it can remain in the present moment.

The effort with life is not the physical effort, but the real effort with life is to sharpen the mind to the point, where it can remain aware of the moment. The life is flowing at the moment and until you keep your mind in the moment, you, again and again, slip away from life. The present moment awareness is everything.

Meditation serves in developing the awareness of the mind. Physical exercise too allows you to be more present in the moment. Pure awareness is the higher intelligence, that allows you to look into the deeper aspects of both the external and internal world.

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

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