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Power to the Action comes with the Clarity of the Mind


This post was most recently updated on November 29th, 2018

The power to your action comes with the clarity of mind. The action is part of our daily routine. The daily life includes all sorts of different actions. With the daily activities of life, there are few things that matter the most. You want those things to happen. There are actions that decide the fate of the future.

The action we take with our daily life is not limited to our body, but it reflects what goes in our mind. Only when your mind is clear with the actions, it becomes the smooth ride for the body. The body remains the instrument for the mind to complete the action.

The mind has to be absolutely clear with your action plans. The mind directs the inner life energy towards the actions. The life energy is the power behind the action. The role of the mind is to think and imagine things, but you need inner life energy, i.e. power, and the physical body to complete the successful action.

If you simply consider your physical body everything, you are going to create a mess with your life sooner or later.

The physical body is no more than an instrument for the mind. Whatever you dream and desire with life, your mind has to be absolutely clear with it. At-least first step you are about to take has to be clear in your mind.

All the life struggles happens, when you disconnect with the internal process of life. The life simply flows inside out. The inner life energy has a rhythm that allows the life to happen.

Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

There is a time for the mind and body to rest, while there is a time when the mind and body can remain absolutely active. But, the movement of mind and body remains on the movement of inner life energy. The mind and body cannot decide for themselves, but it’s the life energy that allows the life to happen.

Once you clear the mind, with what you want out of life, you prepare the inner life energy to move into that particular direction. Once the life energy begins to collaborate with the thinking of the mind, it becomes easier for the body to complete the action successfully.

This is the natural process of life, whereby the mind influences both the external and internal life. The mind is a bridge between the external and internal world. If you simply live in the external world, you may never know the world beyond the nature of the mind.

The nature of the mind is very limited. The reference point for the mind remains the external reality.

No matter what, accumulate by the mind, comes from outside, through sense perception. The sensory organs become the doorway for the mind to accumulate experiences and impressions of life.

The mind in its purest form, doesn’t carry any experiences or impressions of life, but all the experiences and impressions of life are accumulated from outside.

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All the dreams, and desires, and thinking process, and slipping off the mind into the past or imagining the future, only comes from the external reality. Your past life is nothing but the life that you have lived in the past, in the external world. The past lives are the experiences and impressions from the past.

The mind has an art to stretch your past into the future. You imagine your future experiences of life-based on the past. All your dreams and desires are the imaginations of the future. The most important thing is, you only think your future, based on the external reality.

Your past in based on the external reality and your future is the extended version of your unfulfilled desires of the past. Both the past and future depends on the external desires but unfolds in your mind.

Try to understand the above truth.

The past and future exists outside but unfolds within your mind. Everything you have in your mind comes from outside and not within. If you can look into your mind, move deeper into it, you can also experience the space of the mind, where nothing exists.

The power to your action comes when you can see, what goes into your mind and allow the physical action to get formed in the subtle world.

Life has a natural way to unfold in you and manifest itself in the physical world. When you don’t understand the natural process of life, you interfere with the natural process of life at every step.

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The ego of the mind is nothing but the castle of sand builds up the mind. The ego simply develops out of the past experiences and impressions of life. The mind doesn’t carry any ego or personal identity in it.

It only develops, with your past and future, and the time you are ready to drop your past and future, your ego too leaves the mind.

Our whole life is based on the ego or personal identity. The way we have experienced our life in the past, and if it’s pleasant, we look for the similar experiences in the future and if it’s not pleasant, we choose to create a different reality for ourselves. In the whole process of life, we never turn inward, and try to know our own identity of the mind.

Clarity of the mind comes by knowing the process of life. You see the sun in the morning each day. It follows its cycle. You experience the cycle of seasons that follows year after year.

Your daily living is a life cycle. It can give you the clarity of the natural process of life, if you sit and observe your daily life.

The Tao of Daily Life

Your daily life cannot be different from the natural process of life, as you too wake up with the sun, and go to bed at night. You too are part of the process of life, but you never try to understand the process that is happening in you.

The mind can never get the clarity with the attention on the external world. You have to separate yourself, from what’s going on in the external world, so that you can realize, what you really want out of life.

You can simply follow the same life-cycle with no result. Unless you bring your awareness towards your daily life, you cannot receive the absolute clarity with life.

The power needs to be realized from within. The plain action doesn’t derive the desired result. You need the power of the mind and life energy behind it, but before you add power to the action, you need to realize it within. Your life has to flow inside out. The power to life comes from within.

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All the success and failure with life is the combination of life energy, mind, and body. If the three moves in synchronization, you manifest life out of your desires, but if the three doesn’t move in synchronization, you experience the failure with life.

Life can be arranged inside before you move out for the action. The inner world has to be in order for the smooth ride in the outside world. All the pushing and pulling in the external world makes the things worse.

Life simply works with the higher intelligence. The same higher intelligence exists in us. We need to learn the art to observe life and hold our patience with life. When we observe, we allow the life to unfold in its natural ways.

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With the natural order, you work with the body, but with effortless ease. With the natural order, the mind doesn’t think thoughts or imagine things, but the right thoughts and the right images come to the mind.

The process of life is less dependent on the mind and body and more dependent on the inner movement of life energy. Out of ignorance, we only work our things with the mind, and thus gets carried away by more and more illusions of the mind.

Just with the mind and the body life is not possible. The body is a physical instrument, while the mind is a subtle instrument to carry out the life, but the source of life that fills life in the body and mind is life energy.

Unless the life energy supports the thoughts and images of the mind, the physical manifestation is not possible in the external reality.

The clarity of the mind is to have the clarity about life. It’s only with the clarity about life, we know what is really important for life, and what are the things that only serves the temporary purpose.

The choice begins to differ with the daily living with the clarity of life. When the mind and body follow the process, things happens on its own. All the action falls in place at a right time and you create your life closer to the natural order of life.

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  1. Thought is always the first thing we start to feel and act. If our feeling and action went wrong, we would have to check our thought, and that needs our awareness to detach us from it. Just watch it with love and care, then we will have more choices on feeling and actions to response.

    Thank you very much for sharing
    Jade the Mystic

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