Plan & Schedule your Daily Life, out of Personal Understanding.



Daily living sum up your life. Life is not, what comes to you, but what you make out of life, out of personal understanding. Plan and schedule your daily life, out of personal understanding.

Don’t simply go on living the same repetitive process of life, but bring your awareness to every action that you perform in a day, and raise the right kind of query onto it. Watch your every action of the day, and see either it leads you to the growth and makes your life better, or you are simply making the rounds of repetitions, that leads you nowhere.

You may put the fingers around and blame the entire world for your life, and this too is your choice, but at the end of life, nothing will serve you more than taking the responsibility of your life, working on it and making the most out of it.

Your daily living decides your future and brings joy, happiness, understanding and moving on with it, leads to wisdom and bliss with life. Life is beautiful and you can experience the beauty of life, if you consciously choose to connect with life and try to live every moment of life, out of understanding.

Everyone is unique when it comes to mind, body and heart and thus each one holds its own desire for life and has its own way for its inner growth and development. You have to choose for yourself, what goes well with your inner calling and start applying into your life, by making it a part of your daily habit.

To plan and schedule with life is not to create the monotonous life, but to create life, that keeps you more aware and awake in the present moment and you remain prepared to face different situations and unforeseen events of your life.

You may not have all the answers of life, but if you simply trust yourself to live with whatever you know, you can always mould yourself, if something unknown present itself, in the moment. The problem is not the fear of unknown, but the real problem is, you don’t have enough trust to walk upon, what you already know and have learnt out of life.

You don’t need to have the world’s wisdom to understand life. All you need is little confidence on yourself and a bit courage to walk with whatever little you have learnt out of life. Once you learn to walk with whatever you know, slowly and gradually life present itself on the path.

Each person is free to choose his life any moment. Life is like a flowing river, where we have to make a choice with the direction. Once the choice is made, the life itself is enough, to take us further with the choice and decisions of our life.

“All the accomplishments of life comes with the daily life, and all the failures of life too. All the commitments as well as the mishap of life, depends upon the way you live on a daily basis. You don’t shape your life with a miracle, but with your daily living.”

Your daily living set up the movement towards the dreams and desire’s of life. Its been said that you cannot go beyond your thinking, but it’s also true that you cannot achieve more than your daily actions of life. You have to set up a movement with your daily habits, and this habits should come out of awareness and personal understanding.

Nothing in life works unless you understand and apply into your life. If you simply apply, by going after the words of others, it may not continue for long period and you may drop it in the middle, and on the other hand, if you only understand but don’t take any action towards it, you again stand at the same position, as without action, you don’t achieve anything on this earth.

The life is about cause and effect. Without the cause, there cannot be any effect. The cause may be at the subtle level, but without any cause you can never see the effect of it, in your life.

Sometimes in our unconscious mind, we think too many things but when it becomes the reality of our life, it seems like a surprise. Ignorant about our own unconscious mind, we create too many things in our life, of which we find hard to take responsibility of.

When we make a conscious choice at every step, atleast we know, what we have asked for, from life and than we don’t be surprised of the result from our action.

Unknown situations of our life is nothing but the disorganized way of living, that comes to us, to caught us red-handed. Disorganized life doesn’t only apply in the professional world, but it also applies to one’s personal life as well as with the personal self too.

All your thinking, feeling and emotions are the cause of your life, and it’s your responsibility to change them, or stay prepared to face the consequences, in terms of effect, in your practical life. The real power behind the daily actions comes with your thinking and feeling at the time of action.

The chaos of the outside life is not that happens to you, but when you are disorganized inside, you experience the effect of it, in terms of chaotic life outside. When you live life out of understanding, you watch your every step.

Everyone has a freewill to choose his or her own life. Every moment of your life, you have a choice to make. It may happen that the world may not move according to your choice and decisions of your life, but then such choices and decisions demands patience from your side.

The bigger the desire, the bigger the patience. When you really dedicate yourself to something, the world certainly moves the way you want it to move, to build the dreams and desires of your life, provided you stay true to your dreams.

“Your daily life should have your signature and every action you take, should come out of your personal experiment. Learn out of every experiment and develop experience out of it, improve upon it and get better with it.”

Every action of life should take you forward with life and this can happen, when you create and design every moment of life, out of understanding and experimenting with your life, at every level.

The truly intelligent people are not the one’s who knows everything about life, but are the one’s those who are open to life. The people those who are open to try something new and open to the learning process of life.

The wise people don’t simply accept or negate anything in life, but do their research and try to see the things, from all the different perspective available to them, and once they are convinced, it becomes the part of their life forever.

It’s good to have a clear perspective about life for the future, but the other thing should also be clear, that future doesn’t exist, without the daily action.

“If anything that’s going to take place in the outside world in future, will come out of collective effort of the humanity, but when it comes to your personal life, the present and future are only and only based on the thoughts, feelings and actions that you will take with your daily life.”

From the time you begin your day till it ends, plan, schedule and organize every event of your life, out of personal understanding and no sooner you will connect with the natural laws of life, that will give you a direct glimpse into life.

Once you have a direct access to life, every action of your life will align with the natural process of life, and every moment of your life will be nothing less than the blissful experience.

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