Perception is Everything in Life

Perception is Everything

Life evolves at the level of perception. The external reality simply arranges and rearranges itself in multiple ways, and that too happens with your improved perception. It’s your perception that adds beauty and creativity and brings innovation to life. Perception is everything in life.

The point is how to improve your perception towards life?

The perception can only be improved by understanding it. You can only improve your physical or subtle reality by studying and understanding it. Once you understand how the perception grows and evolves in you, you get the path.

Once you know the path, walking happens by itself. The important thing is to know the path. Perception is everything in life. Each day, before you initiate your day, you have a clear vision of your past, present and future. If you work on yourself, you can study your different perception towards life, at different times of the day.

Once you begin to read the perception, you can also study the time, when it gets improves, and when it slips down. The perception too has its source in energy. It’s the energy that works inside to form perception in the moment.

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When the energy is flowing high, your perception remains positive towards life, no matter what situation you perceive, but if your energy slips down, any situation you think over, you begin to notice the loophole out of it.

Life evolves in you, but the thing is how well you understand yourself and the things that are happening within you?

You don’t have to look anywhere else to understand life, other than you. You have space in you, where the things get to arrange and rearrange itself, and all you have to do, is read the inner order, and simply walk in the outside world.

The life doesn’t begin with thoughts and imagination, but you have an empty space in you, from where the life initiates.

All the perception of life comes out of this empty space. Don’t try to understand life at the level of thoughts and imagination, but look for that empty space, where life can happen on its own.

All the struggle with life takes place, because you want the things to happen according to your thoughts and imagination.

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Life has a natural process, where your role is to know the process of life, and following the process happens on its own. Your life can only happen, out of which that you know. If you simply slip back, beneath all the knowing of your mind, and then look at life, in those moments, you simply get detached not only from the external reality but from your internal reality too.

With life, everything is important but just like a play. You get into life, walk on your path, get the things done, and move back to an empty space.

When you come to life, you are absolutely clear with what you wanted out of life, and how your actions, should be on your path.

Once the things are absolutely clear inside, no query or doubt of the external world can get you down, and you swiftly move on your path, by fulfilling all your daily obligations of life, and shift back to an empty space, from where you can rest, relax and get more rejuvenated for the next day.

You have space in you, which is beyond all the perception. You understand yourself and the life happening to you out of perception.

If you simply get detach from yourself, it gets easier for you to see, how you perceive life.

It’s not important how the world perceive you or how you perceive yourself, what important is, do you understand your perception?

You cannot rise beyond the external as well as internal reality unless you understand your own perception.

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Perception is the way you perceive life. It’s important to know, how you perceive life. Once you know how you perceive life, you can make different changes with it.

Once you know, how you perceive life, there is a scope for you to realize the source of perception in you.

It may sound strange, but you are not the one who decides, how you perceive life, but there is a flow of energy that moves upside down, decide your perception in the moment. If you are unconscious at the moment, the majority of them are, then it becomes easier for you to simply slip away, in the pain and pleasure of the moment.

Your perception is not the true reality of life, but there is much more that decides your perception. If you learn to know your perception in every different situation, events or experiences of life, you can choose to detach yourself from the perception that no longer serves you with your life.

It’s not that everything that comes into your life serves the purpose of your life and it’s also not true that, every choice and decision you make, comes out of your deeper being, and will take you forward with life.

When you begin to read your perception, you become more careful with everything that comes to you and with everything that your mind tells you to make a choice. You don’t simply jump to things, but you see the flow of life. If in the flow of life, something is required, than simply being with the flow, things will happen effortlessly.

Life happens on its own. Your role is to read the flow of energy. If you can read the energy, you simply flow with the energy and life comes out of it.

There is no wrong or right with life. Everything can serve the purpose in your life and everything carries its mess with it. It all depends on you, and your state of mind and your inner flow of energy.

Every situation, and every person and every event carry its energy with it. If you learn to read your energy, you can match your inner flow of energy with the different situation, events and experience of your life, and if it doesn’t go well, with your inner flow of energy, it’s useful to postpone the event for a time period.

There is a right time for everything or say right moment for everything. When the things have to happen, everything collaborates and things happen smoothly. But, for some reason, if the moment is not right, even to get the little work done, it seems like a whole lot of struggle.

Either with the mind or with the daily living, an empty space plays a crucial role. If you go on living your life, without understanding an empty space in you, from where the life flourishes, you will miss the essence of life. Look at life beyond the surface of the mind. The thoughts, feelings, and emotions only lie on the surface and there are much more lies in you that allow the process of life to take place. The life lived with the mind, only remains on the surface.

To understand the science, technology or economy seems like a huge thing, but is it difficult to understand the source in you, out of which, everything that we live or everything that we do come from?

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