People are more Important than Work



With life what matters the most is work. No matter what, work needs to be done. This is how we understand life works. It’s even hard to imagine that work is secondary and people come first. We work for the people, and work exists because of the people.

Each day we experience different situations and events of life. Each situation and events of our life, allows us to interact with people. But, whenever we get into any situation, rather even bother to think, what other person think or feels, we already carry our perspective into the situation and want the life to happen our ways.

Every individual who walks into different situation or events of your life carries his own individuality and his own perspective and his own feelings and emotions into it. If you are not bothered to respect others individuality and others perspective and others feelings and emotions, all you do is simply detach yourself from the natural process of life.Each individual who walks this earth is equally important from the perspective of life.

Each individual who walks this earth is equally important from the perspective of life.

If you cannot see through the perspective of life, then you simply detach yourself from the natural process and creates a mess for yourself.

Every individual carries his own individuality and his own divinity within him. If for your personal reason, if you don’t respect the individuality or the divinity of the other person, you simply negate the divine in others.

The problem in life is never with others, but with you. The whole process of life is to take our understanding to the level, where we can see the other person exactly the same, just like us. As a human being, we all are part of the same process, although follow the different path, but carries the same goal, i.e. to attain the perfection within us.

Anything that exists in the external reality is temporary. If you follow the natural process of life, you realize that work happens by itself. What’s important is how you allow it to happen. You can fight and struggle and pull and push the things forward and backward, and then reach to the end, or you allow the life to follow its own course.

Each individual is equally important. Each individual deserves the equal love and respect that you expect from others. Each individual demands respect for himself. Simply denying an individual means to deny the existence. Everything is part of the existence. Even you are part of the process. If you separate yourself from anyone, you separate yourself from the natural process of life.

With the life of existence, you cannot stand alone as an individual, but you have to participate along with life and become one with it.

Every person who walks this earth has something to add to life. If you consider yourself the doer of everything, you simply take away the rights of others to participate in life; and the time you take the right of others, your rights too gets taken away.

We cannot imagine ourselves to be wrong in any situation of life. We never even think that different perspective can even be possible for the same situation. We are more likely to stick to our own perspective and lead life into a more complexity.

You can experience the magic of life instantly, the time you are ready to lose yourself even for a moment. It’s only your own rigidity with life that creates all the problems, stress, and confusions with life. The problem is never with life but with our perspective.

Everything that exists on earth belongs to everyone, and any individual or a group of people, try to claim it for them, can never hold it for too long.

We all are connected and life very well knows, what’s required at the moment, and thus supplies those things, to that place. In between you have the liberty to separate yourself from life and think the way you want, and plan your own things, but the life follows its own process.

Everything takes place at a right time. It’s your anxiety to achieve everything before time or grab things more than you required, add misery to your life.

When you become more important or less important than others, you disconnect yourself with life.

When your individuality becomes bigger or smaller than others, you act out of ego. Ego can become big or small. Each individual is the same when it comes to the higher self. We all individual walks down this earth to contribute in our own way.

We all have some qualities that can serve the life on existence. If we simply remain stuck with our own ideas of life, we can neither see the qualities of ourselves nor of others.

We all work to push our own views of life, rather trying to understand the process of life. Life is like a rubber, you can push it as much as you want, but it has to come back to its original place. Instead, you allow yourself to adjust and modify according to the process of life, you can flow effortlessly with the natural process of life.

Our perception of life always remains limited to ourselves. Meanwhile, if we can, at least, make a little shift, and drop our own perception in a different situation, events or experience of life, we can see clearly, what that moment demands from us.

Life only remains complex with the individual perspective. Individual perspective cannot think beyond itself while life has to consider the perspective of each and every individual.

When you learn to drop yourself every moment, slowly you begin to see life with clarity. Only when you see life with clarity, in a true sense you can know the true purpose of life.

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