Ordinary Mind make Small Strides, While Extraordinary make Big strides


The ordinary mind thinks small thoughts, while the extra ordinary mind, thinks extra ordinary thoughts. The difference is all about the thoughts. You take each step out of your thoughts. If you have a big game plan for life, you act accordingly, if you think, big & grand life is not for me, you take small steps in life.

If I think to run a 100 million dollar company in the future, the whole thoughts of mine will revolve around that big idea, & all my actions will be to that plan.

The mind will serve you the way you want. I am the one, who has to make a choice, how I wish to play with my life, small or large. Life gives us what we ask for, nothing more, nor less.

When we think small thoughts, our mind is engaged in petty things, & rather than thinking some big stuff, & manifesting those big thoughts in our life, we focus more on the things that are not useful, & waste our time and energy on it.

Life is a habit, so does the thinking. We can choose what kind of thoughts that can serve us. If we really want to make it big, in our life, we should learn to start dropping those activities that take our time but is no real purpose, & focus on the things that can push our life forward.

Watch all the actions of your day, & focus more on the real work. A timely break is an advantage. But when we linger around the day, & don’t give much importance to the day, then that day will provide you, what we have offered to the day.

Nobody can out play life. With life, you have to be absolutely honest. It’s that plain & simple.

Life always offers us, what we offer to life. Life is always at our service. God has given us a mind that will go into the direction, where we want him to go. When we make choice, all our thoughts reflect of that choice, & we can further take actions on those thoughts.

People don’t show up courage because of the long path ahead, and before they take that first step, they get frightened, & leave the things, without acting upon it.

Living Forward

No special soul has ever walked this earth. Everyone has to face their fear, & take that first step of courage, in the direction of life; they wish to have for themselves.

Life only happens to those, who dare to make it, and it’s not that, only a few have that courage, we all are born with the same courage & fear. It’s just that some choose to overcome their fear, & for some, it’s so frightening, that they choose to live with it, for the rest of their life.

It’s our daily habits, that creates extraordinary life.

The champions have put themselves, into the position from where they can’t lose. They just can’t afford to look back in their life, & always keep their eyes on the future.

Life tests us at each step, & makes us stronger, every time if we push the envelope. Everybody has their fear, & life frightens us each day, with the same fear. But if we run away from the situation, the fear comes back in some other shape & form.

If the heart feels fine for the action, jump to it, & if your heart denies, pull yourself back. Preparation has to be done from inside before we move out to face the world. Once we are sure from inside, no defeat is possible in the outside world.

Fathered by God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You

Life doesn’t change in a day, but each day we should add new things to our daily schedule, & slowly it starts reflecting in our outside world. The best lesson of life is to keep moving.

Our heart has this intuitive quality to set up a path for us that can help us to achieve, whatever we ask from the path. We should follow our heart more often. The path of life changes in the moment of silence.

As we grow in life, we see the clear path, & then the action becomes stronger, on the path. Normally we are frightened because we cannot see the whole path. But let me tell you, nobody on this earth can see what’s lie ahead of them, all they can see, is what’s going on in their mind, at this very moment, & they keep on walking till the clear path is visible to them.

But let me tell you, nobody on this earth can see what’s lie ahead of them, all they can see, is what’s going on in their mind, at this very moment, & they keep on walking till the clear path is visible to them.

When we follow our heart, we sometimes receive the setback, but that should not hold us back, to listen to our heart.

All the great souls have one thing in common, “they strive till the end, no matter what. They rested, took a pause, & again moved on the path, they have chosen for themselves.

Big stride is all about energy & enthusiasm. Energy & enthusiasm is not something, we get as a gift each day. We should figure out the method to dive deep inside, & create passion for life. We should look for the things that fill our belly each day to help us to strive forward in life.

Be it meditation, be it a hot coffee, be it a long run, be it yoga, good music, people you love the most, anything. We should know what our daily dose of motivation is, & should utilize it to fill our day with energy & enthusiasm.

We want somebody to come & shake us up, or some miracle should happen in our life, & everything should become alright. All the illusion, we carry in our head, spoils our game. Without making the effort no real change has ever been possible. No magic or mystery has ever noted on this earth, without sincere dedicated effort.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

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