Opening of a Third-Eye



You have an eternal identity. Your identity is not limited to the identity of your mind, but when you realize yourself, beyond the identity of the mind, you experience yourself, as part of eternity. In general, you perceive life with your senses, but you have one more way, to perceive the same life, i.e. from the third-eye. The location of third-eye is on the forehead, just above your eyebrow.

The opening of third-eye is possible when your mind completely ceases to exist. When you perceive the world through the senses, you don’t see, what you perceive, but you see, what’s already going on, into your mind, whether you see the situation, people or any events of life.

Any experience with the mind and senses, either creates the perception from the past and if the experience is absolutely fresh, your mind, simply registered the fresh experience and it gets stored, in the data of your mind.

With the third-eye, you don’t perceive with the perception of your mind and senses, but you simply perceive life, in the moment. The situation, people or event, still appears as it is, but you don’t hold any story or idea around them, as now, for the perception, your base doesn’t remain your mind, but the third-eye.

The third-eye is also termed as seer, observer, pure consciousness, soul, spirit, awareness, part of God and many other different names, by the one, who has experienced it, in himself.

The experience of third-eye is similar to an experience, where you choose an unknown destination for your holiday. You don’t have any perception of the city or country, but still, you are absolutely excited to explore your destination.

With the third-eye, you can perceive life, just like an explorer, and along with it, you have two advantage. You can make good use of your mind, to pick something that you want, from the past, because information once registered, in your system, never lose away, and second, with the third-eye, you already have an access to eternity, and thus you can search or ask anything to the consciousness, and you will have the solution for your query.

Third-eye operates with the cosmic order of life. Anything that comes out of the third-eye has to be, in alignment with the natural order, although you may not feel the same, in the moment. You always try to comprehend life, from the experience of your past, while the third-eye simply responds, out of the natural principles of life.

When you realize the third-eye for the first time, you experience yourself as eternity. With the identity of the mind, you always have fear to lose yourself, but with the experience of third-eye, there is no identity remains to lose, but what stays within you, is the eternal truth.

The very idea, that you are limited to the body, heart, and brain, simply confines your perspective towards life. You cannot experience life, as a whole or ever attain the eternal truth, unless you look for something, beyond the present identity, that you hold into your mind.

Your very identity of the mind keeps you limited. For the opening of a third-eye, you have to go through the reverse process. In general, the mind is habituated to look outside, and experience the external world. The process of third-eye awakening is the reverse process, where you shift your attention inward. Initially, when your attention shifts inward, you notice all the different movements, that take place, while you go through different experiences and impressions of the outside world.

More and more your attention gets deeper, you begin to make choice and decisions that suit your inner world. You don’t opt for the situation or event with your life, which simply amplifies your inner pain and suffering. You begin to dissociate yourself, with the things that can potentially become the cause of pain and suffering.

With the inward attention, all your stress, pain, and suffering, aggravates to a higher level.

In reality, when you observe closely, where do you experience the stress, pain, and suffering from your life?

It’s within, right. If you think, it’s the outside world, be it the situation, people or different experience, which is the cause of your suffering, then try to detach yourself from them, and see, either stress or suffering is still there, or you are free from it?

All your pain and suffering of your life exists inside, and unless you observe them closely from within and completely clean yourself inside, you can never become free from your pain and suffering ever. Everything is happening inside, although the cause may seem like it comes from outside.

Unless you reach to the cause of your pain and suffering, you can never really become free from it.

Internal and external world is interdependent. Your experiences and impressions of the outside world shape your thoughts and imagination, while making the choice and decisions, from your internal thought process, creates your physical reality.

With the inward attention, you become more careful, both with your outside experiences and impressions as well as your internal choice and decisions. All your experiences of life become alive, with the inward attention.

You just cannot escape life, with the inward attention. When your attention is outside, you can engage yourself, with anything and can distract your mind, for a while, but with the inward attention, either you are experiencing life outside, and experience it within, simultaneously and if you are not experiencing outside, you are observing the movements of your thoughts and imagination of your internal world, while going through your daily process of life.

The inward attention is a way, to develop your awareness at the moment. You simply remain alerted all the time. The nature of mind is to continuously think thoughts and further your feelings and emotions are created out of it.

With the inward attention, you become wiser, with your choice and decisions with life. No individual is dumb enough to choose stress, pain or suffering for himself, and thus, when you switch the attention of your mind inward, you can drop the situation, events and people, that’s the actual cause of your suffering.

So when you begin to drop the unpleasant situation from the outside world, your suffering begin to get lessen from the outside world.

At this point of time, you don’t get free from all the sufferings of life, because actual suffering comes from within and not outside, and you enter into the subtle reality of life, the experience of it is different from the physical one.

Third-eye is a gift from life. It’s the gift you receive, when you travel the long path of both your external and internal reality towards the self.

The opening of third-eye is to discover the Google inside. Whatever you put in, or wherever you put your attention on the third-eye, that object or subject, reveals its source to you. Third-eye is also the source of life. With the third-eye, anything under the sun begins to reveal itself.

Third-eye is not something, through which you only perceive life, but it’s the roots of your existence. The experience of third-eye gives you the first-hand experience of God and its creation. The way, the tree is not possible without its seed, in a similar way, the human creation is not possible with the soul and spirit.

With the mind and senses, you can never get hold of the creator and its creation, but with the third-eye, you perceive life, the way creator perceives life, and thus, truth is known to you. The life with the third-eye is the life with the eyes of the creator.

When you go through your everyday life, you get the impressions that its, your body, brain and heart, that allows you to carry out the functions of life, but the actual truth is, you have the spirit, that passes through your brain, heart, and body to experience life, and proof of it, is the sensation, that you experience within the body.

The sensation is not the part of your physical body, heart, and brain, but it’s the part of the spirit. In out-of-body experience or near-death experience, it’s the sensation that leaves the body and comes back into it, to share its experience. Sensation within your body holds all the subtle information of life. It’s the sensation that carries all the information from the other world. When you begin to detach yourself from all the sensation of your body, you too can experience the subtle thread of the spirit and third-eye within.

The sensation is different and senses are different, and it’s possible to detach your sensation from the body, and experience the spirit and soul in the body. Third-eye awakening is not possible unless your sensation absolutely detaches from the physical body.

The base of all the spiritual experience or Godly experience, or out-of-body or near-death experience is the sensation. Unless your sensational body gets detached from the physical, you cannot have any of the above experience.

Third-eye awakening too is not possible unless your sensational body gets detached from the physical body. At the time of death, in the unconscious state, you have to lose your sensational body and thus, you go through pain and suffering, while when you consciously choose to walk on the spiritual path, you can detach your sensational body, from the physical one.

The opening of a third-eye is not only the process of realization but once the realization happens, you understand the process with the mind, so that you can make the necessary use of it, to make the life better.

Third-eye is similar to your eye, where it doesn’t reveal; anything unless you choose to direct your energy, on the subject or object you wish to know.

Sometimes, you consciously direct your mind, into a specific direction and sometimes, out of the experiences of the past, your mind simply turns into a specific direction, of which, the third-eye reveals all the facts, in relation to the past experience.


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