Open your Mind and Heart with Meditation



Meditation is to lose the contact with the outside world. Close your eyes, and sit in a quiet place, where you can observe your inner world. The inner world is the breath, feelings and emotions of the heart, and thoughts and images of the mind. You can observe your worldly desires along with the fear and insecurity of life in your inner world.

The outer world is the manifestation of the inner world. When you connect with the inner world, you create life out of choice. Some people from their birth are connected with the heart and follow it irrespective of whatever happens in the outside world. It’s because their process of evolution continues from the previous birth.

When you hold onto any part of life, the mind and heart get squeezed, but when you allow the natural flow of life within, it opens up the mind and heart and thus you become more responsive towards life, rather getting tensed or stressed in the moment.

Life tests you with the situation and people. There is no other way to check the strength of the mind and heart. Feelings and emotions are life. All the different experiences with the situation and people develop feelings and emotions in you. The situation never repeats itself, and thus, if your heart and mind are not quick to respond, you create stress and fear out of situations.

Life in the Inner World.


When you connect with the inner world in meditation, you observe your own responses of the past. In meditation, you create the space inside, to be more responsive at the moment.

Mind and heart open up with the inward attention. Your connection with the inner world helps you to accelerate the process of evolution, as you develop better understanding towards life. All the understanding in relation to life comes from the empty space of the mind. The process of evolution is to create the empty space inside so that you can work with the natural process of life.

Every morning when you get up, you receive life’s energy in its purest form for you to use for your daily actions. When you allow the life energy to flow naturally, in the morning meditation, this energy clears the emotional debris of the past and allows the mind to open up, and present you with the better perspective towards life.

Life grows vertically in you.

Outside there is no other way to grow other than horizontally. You can spread yourself all over the earth. The growth of the outside world is more satisfying if it happens with the awareness of inner growth.

Duality Concept of Mind & Heart.

The mind and the heart both follows duality concept. The duality concept simply means to hold either positive or negative thoughts for the same situation.

The duality concept means to observe the same situation, with both the positive and negative aspect simultaneously. The duality of mind doesn’t allow you to reach the conclusion with the things.

People do get lost in irrelevant questioning. The right query is that which provides you the clarification or helps you to look into the deeper aspects of objective or subjective world.

The right query always receives the answer from within or the mind directs the person to the right source, where the information can be available related to the subject or object. All this requires little awareness towards life.

Real Mystery of Life.

The mind is the only mystery that needs to be solved for humans, both in the physical and subtle world. Once you get to the mystery, you can release yourself from the cause and effect of life. Your inner world of thoughts and emotions is the cause of everything that you see in the outside world.

The scientist puts all his attention on an object to get to the bottom of it, to know the truth. The mind has nature. If you direct him in any one direction, he will show the deepest truth of that subject or object.

The scientist adopts this method to know the truth, and direct all their energy to the object so that their mind can reveal some deeper facts about an object, that can be useful to them for further studies.

The sages in the past pull all the energy from the outside world and directs the same energy inward to know the mind and heart. This method was called meditation.

The scientist discovers something useful, that is beneficial to all people in the objective world, while the sage reveals the deeper mysteries of life, while meditating on himself. Both has its own importance. When you are satisfied with the material world, or dissatisfied with the outside world, or say you are more curious to know the happening of life, than the inner world can serve the purpose of life.

When you are satisfied with the material world, or dissatisfied with the outside world, or say you are more curious to know the happening of life, than the inner world can serve the purpose of life.

Meditation is also an experiment to know the mind and heart. When you experiment with the movement of breath, you receive the experience. When you dive deeper into the experience, more mysteries of life is revealed to you.

When it comes to life that is happening in the inner world and the outside world, there is a chain. The chain starts from the inner world, and then its spread in the outside world. The chain rotates in a circle.

The mind creates thoughts out of images, while the emotions get formed out of thoughts. The same emotions create sensation and the sensation compels you to take actions, and the experience gets back to the mind. The chain gets formed inside and the same process repeats again.

Different Perceptions of People.


Some people only perceive the physical world. The world of an object and their life revolves around it, while the person who lifts his understanding to the level of the heart, looks at the world out of emotions and thus creates the similar reality for himself.

All the artist and talented people live from the heart. The scientists and scholars ,creators and inventors create the reality with their mind. They create, invent and develop something new all the time.

It’s not that the person in the mental world doesn’t hold any emotions or don’t see matter as a matter. The only difference is, when the person lives from the mental plane, emotions and senses remain in his control, and he lives life above his emotions and senses.

The emotional person does use his mind, but he follows his heart more often and has more control over his senses. While the person who only sees the world as a matter, is controlled by the senses. It’s not possible for him to understand the world of thoughts and emotions.

Space beyond Mind and Heart.

There is another world, beyond the thoughts, imaginations, feelings, and emotions. The empty space full of bliss and wisdom.

With the regular practice of meditation, you can allow the life’s energy to move upward and heal all the wounds of your heart. The same energy rises higher and moves above the thought patterns of the mind to connect with the empty space to experience the bliss and wisdom.

When the thoughts continuously flow through the mind, the perception through the flow of thoughts becomes thicker, and you cannot see the reality of life, but you only see the things out of your own perception of the mind. All the situation, events, people and experiences of life are only seen out of the perception of the mind. The actual reality is missed with the perception of the mind.

In meditation, when you surrender yourself completely, the life energy allows to clear all your thought patterns and you can experience pure silence.

When the mind is constantly on a roll, you cannot understand what is happening in the outside world, neither you understand what is happening in your life. You simply act and react and create your life out of it. At the same time, if you take time out, to understand the things, in a better way you understand the process of life. The process within each one of us is the same. We all differ with our thoughts, emotions and the way we make use of our energy to manifest life on earth.

The god is found beyond the imagination of the mind, where you only experience the empty space. Whenever you feel tired or exhausted from the physical world, you can move into this space, and renew yourself to come back to life.


  1. I think I like the ‘idea’ of meditating more than what meditation actually is described as here.
    Someone told me to begin i would have to clear my mind. I believe its beneficial to meditate on something rather than clearing your mind. So I chose to meditate on scripture. Its very uplifting.

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