Only by Observing, you Create Balance with Life


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Each day you experience life. Sometimes you feel good, and sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes you are in stress and sometimes you are overwhelmed. You never find a balance with life.

Sometimes you work too much and sometimes you eat too much. Sometimes you take care, all of your relationships, and sometimes, it’s hard to find time, for your loved ones.

Life needs a balance, and balance comes from wisdom. Wisdom is not something that you receive in a day but you develop an understanding towards life, by experimenting and observing your life.

You live each day, but not many bothers to look into their life, as a detached observer. The time you can separate yourself, from your daily living, you can contemplate different aspects of life, as a third person, and create a fine balance with it.

Either it’s outside life or inner world, the truth is only revealed out of the experiment.

Experience only happens to those, who are ready to experiment with life and open to any consequences for their action.

When you consciously make a choice, with the action, you are never scared for its consequence. It’s only when you act, with your unconscious mind, the fear takes over you.

The solution to all the problems of life is balance and balance with life can only come out of the experiment, and learning the right lessons out of it.

Life follows a circle. If you simply remain unaware of life, you too follow the circle of life. Then it doesn’t matter, whether you made your life, out of choice or not, or you made life, out of decisions. All your choice or decisions come out of that circle.

When your life’s energy is high, you manifest your life out of it, and when the life’s energy is low, you create a mess out of your life. Everything happens with the unconscious mind. You simply follow your mind and your mind follows the inner circle of life’s energy.

When you observe your life, you don’t jump to actions, when you feel high or low, but you simply wait, and look for the right time to act. You observe all your different aspects of life and look for the balance with everything.

Unless you understand the process of life, you cannot attain the balance with it. You never know, when to start and where to stop. You never know, when enough is enough. You simply roll with life, till life wants you to roll.

The process of the mind is continuous. It can go on creating thoughts, imagination, dreams, and desires, out of its natural process. The time will come when you have to leave your physical body, but your mind, even in those times, will never leave its process, and even in the last moment of your life, you will hold some desires that will remain unfulfilled.

If you don’t understand the process, you go on falling into the traps of life.

Life is beautiful and this earth is heaven, but your mind is capable enough to create hell for you, on this very earth, if you go on living your life, without understanding.

Balance with life comes, when you understand the basic nature of life, and the basic nature of life, is no different than the basic nature of life, that goes within you. If you begin to understand the nature of your mind and your inner world, the nature of the outside life begins to reveal to you.

When you live with the mind, out of its nature, you go on chasing life, with no end. Imagine, the mind itself has no end, and it can go on and on and on. If you follow your mind, all the time, how you can reach the conclusion with life. Whatever you desire, you will have more desire, coming up from the inside, whatever you dream, you have more dreams to accomplish, whatever you imagine, the mind can bring more imagination to you, out of its nature.

Unless you sit with yourself and observe your life and get clarity with life, you can never reach to the state of satisfaction. If you judge your life or life as a whole, with the process of mind, you will go on with life, forever and ever.

The mind is like free flowing water that can be directed in the direction of your choice. You can use the mind, to understand your life or the same mind can go on creating hallucination in your mind, and you can spend your life, chasing the hallucination of your mind.

When you observe your life, you develop the necessary understanding towards life. You develop the knowing towards life. Satisfaction doesn’t come when you achieve all your desires, but satisfaction comes, when you develop necessary understanding towards desires.

When you understand the cause of things, you can create a fine balance with it. To observe means to understand the process.

Life is happening without any effort. Our role is to understand the process of life and align ourselves with it. The entire struggle with life comes to understand the process. Once you know the process, there is no struggle, but you simply flow with life.

With the balance, with understanding, everything comes to the place of origin. To observe means to look for the things, that is an imbalance and removes or adds the things that are required, to that particular aspect of life.

Understanding with life, gives you the clarity, between the needs and the desires. Needs of life has to be satisfied and to fulfill the desire’s, always has to be optional.

Understanding the process, gives you the clarity, about what life expects from you at the moment. Life unfolds itself moment by moment. The way individual mind unfolds, future comes out of it. It all depends on you, how you make the choice and decisions with your life, in the moment.

If your choice comes out of understanding, you stay closer to the process of life. You take full responsibility for your actions. If you simply ignore to take responsibility towards life, all the past, piles up into the present moment, and not only spoil your future but also your present moment.

With life, creation is not important, but the process of creation is important. When you look at the outside world, everything is in abundance. All the needs of the humans can be satisfied, with what exists outside. The only thing, that is lacking, is your understanding of, how to make good use of, what already exists outside.

You need to know, how to pick your needs rather lose your energy, heart, and mind, to the unnecessary desires. Your mind deceives you, with your senses. You never know, when your senses catch hold of the impressions, no sooner, it becomes the desire of your life.

If you spend your energy in understanding life, you only give energy to things that really serves the purpose with your life, in the moment, and withdraw your energy, from all the unnecessary things, with your life.

When you observe, you not only create a fine balance into your outside world, but you also create a balance within your subtle world. You remain careful, in choosing your thoughts, and expressing your feelings and emotions.

The nature of mind is a continuous process, but you have to pick the thoughts and imagination, that serves your present life, rather simply getting lost with it.

More and more understanding you develop towards life, more and more you begin to know yourself from within. In reality, your outside world is the manifestation of your subtle world that exists inside.

If you live unconsciously, you never realized when you are carried away by the thought of your mind or emotions of your heart.To observe life is not only to organize your internal and external life, but reach to the state, from where, without any effort, both your internal and external life, moves in synchronization.

To observe life is not only to organize your internal and external life, but reach to the state, from where, without any effort, both your internal and external life, moves in synchronization.

When you initiate the process, to observe your life, you begin with the mind, i.e. putting your attention, to your outside life. Slowly, as you learn the art to observe, the same attention of mind shifts inward, to understand the inner activities.

The balance with life doesn’t come directly working on the outward aspect of life, but to gain proper control, of your subtle world. The physical life imbalance comes with the subtle world imbalance, and with the inward attention, when you begin to create balance with the inner world; it begins to show up, in your outside life.

Life is not limited to your physical or subtle world, but you have more within you, that can be accessed with your inward attention. With life, the process already exists with everything. Either it’s your internal world or external world, everything holds a process.

With the inward attention, you begin to get familiar with the internal process of life and more you move inward, more the internal process reveals to you. With the inward attention, if you learn to slip back of your mind, you realize the source of your brain, heart, and body, in the form of energy and vibrations.

Vibration is termed as pure consciousness, soul or third eye, while the energy is termed as kundalini energy or prana, that not only runs the internal process of life, but it’s all the creator of it.

The process of life is to know. With knowing, all the knowledge, wisdom, bliss, creation, discovery, art, science, and technology happens on its own. If you realize knowing within you, you directly connect with the process of life, that is happening both internally as well as outside.

The path of life gets change with the knowing, as with knowing, your action or response doesn’t come from the mind, but all your actions and response takes place, parallel to the natural process of life. You don’t react looking to the present situation, but you look into the past, present and future, of the given situation, and respond looking to the consequence of your response, into the future.

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