One Soul Many Lives



When the mind understands many lives, it thinks about reincarnation and births after births, but many lives simply suggest different experiences of life.

Even if you go through different life-cycle, what you do, you experience life in different ways in different bodies. Life is all about experience, and either you experience it one life or many lives, all there is to life is an experience.

So, either you take one birth or many births, ultimately you experience life. The natural process of life allows you to reincarnate, as one life is not enough to experience life as a whole.

The soul and spirit are the familiar terms in spirituality. Are they both the same in experience or they differ?

Soul and spirit exist in the body separately and they both are not the same. The spirit as the name suggest is subtle moving thread that takes care of the physical body, while the soul is the constant space, out of which the spirit and the mind originates. The soul is the source of the spirit and the mind.

The experiences of life happen in the mind and live, sensed and experienced in the mind. Thus, the process of reincarnation happens with the mind.

The spirit is the subtle thread in the body but doesn’t hold any blueprint of subtle experiences and impressions of life. All the subtle impressions and experiences of life remain in the mind. The memories of the past life get stored in the mind.

Thus, soul and spirit remain the same with its intrinsic nature, while with the impressions and experiences of the mind, we go through the process of reincarnation or many lives.

Your present life is because of your past experiences and impressions of life and your future life will depend on your past and present experiences of life.

This doesn’t need an in-depth study of the spirituality, but just reading your past and present life and simply observing the nature of your mind, this truth can be realized by any person.

Life is life and it’s not divided at any point. Life has nothing to do with the science or spirituality, but life is a simple process that goes within every living being that exists on earth.

Humans are in a way special, as they hold the intelligence, that can serve them to realize the truth behind the life on earth. The creation of everything that exists in the universe is the same, be it the sun, moon, earth, galaxies, animals, plants, or humans. The time you begin the search for the truth, the life will direct you towards yourself. All the secrets or mysteries of life will only be revealed inside.

With the process of life what matters is, that we realize the truth of life. Once the truth is realized, the only work remains, from our part, is to become one with the process of life. All the stress, pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, curiosity remains with life, by not knowing the truth of life. Once you know the truth, life doesn’t end, but you become one with the eternal process of life.

Than you exists not as an individual, but life as a whole. Just like the moon exists, and the sun exists, and the stars exist, and the mountain exists, similarly you exist by becoming one with the process of life.

All the wisdom of life is to know the natural process of life. The source of life within, from where the life flows. To realize the constant space of the soul. To realize the moving spirit in the body. The awakening of spiritual or kundalini energy is to realize the moving spirit in the body.

To know the nature of the mind. To realize the pure space of the mind, which is also the state of pure consciousness. To realize the nature of the soul, spirit, mind, and body. Once the natural process of inner life is realized, you become one with the eternal process of life.

It’s only different experiences and impressions at the surface of the mind, that forms ego or personal identity and separates us from life. Once we take our attention inward, and slip beneath the experiences and impressions of the mind, absolutely new reality is experienced inside.

When you become an observer of both the external and internal life, you rise high in the spiritual world.

Life is not limited to the physical or subtle reality, but there is more for the humans to realize inside. If you are the seeker or curious to know the truth of life, then you will never realize in the external reality, but you have to move into deeper space of your mind.

Even the thoughts and imagination or experiences and impressions of the mind will take you nowhere but you have to dig deep into the no-mind state, to realize the truth of life.

The no-mind state is the first step towards the realization. If you can hold your attention to the no-mind state, and allow yourself to slip backward, deeper truth of life will be revealed to you.

The biggest obstacle on the path of realization is not the external reality, but our own ego or personal identity. The nature of mind is such, that it can lose everything but when it comes to its ego, it’s ready to sacrifice everything to save its personal identity.

In the no-mind state, the first truth of the ego, that you realize is, that ego doesn’t exist in the mind, but just like different thoughts and images of the mind, its part of the subtle impressions that you hold onto, in your mind. In the no-mind state, the ego or personal identity is dropped effortlessly.

There is a process for everything in the universe. To realize the self, you have to take your attention inward and observe the internal process of life.

Life at no point is hidden from you. All you need to do is look inside, and ask yourself honestly what you are looking for your life?

Unless you know the truth behind your intentions with life, you can never realize anything with life, either in the external world or in the internal world.


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