Obsession is a Barrier, to the free flow of Life Energy

free flow of life energy

All the creative flow of ideas, thoughts, imagination and all the beautiful feelings, emotions, intuition and insights towards life, is possible through free flow of life’s energy inside. When the life’s energy get stuck with anything, the life too gets stuck with it.

Obsession towards anything blocks your mind, heart, and body and your life’s energy get stuck, to disintegrate the free flow of ideas, feelings, and emotions, in the moment. Obsession acts as a hindrance, towards the free flow of life’s energy, inside.

Many times, we are caught up in a situation with life, where we want the world to move faster so that we can allow our things to take place, our way.

With life, there is certain part of things, which is in our hand, and there are certain things, on which we have no control. When we understand this truth of life, we can handle our life’s situation better and proceed with it, with better understanding.

Sometimes, we are so obsessed with the things, or sometimes the situation puts us, into a position, where we want the entire world to move, the way we want, but this never gets possible, for any person, on this earth, because life takes place in its own way, and it has nothing to do with our situation or needs.

Life does provide you, what you want, but the time is decided by life, and it’s not specifically based on our needs.

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When you are obsessed or stressed or may be going through emotional turbulence, at such moment, your entire body, heart, and mind get squeezed, and you wish to move out of your inner turmoil, as soon as possible.

You are not bothered with what’s going outside, but the things happening inside of you, bothers you more. When you simply detach yourself with the situations of life, you can see, you were less bothered with the situations, that’s happening outside and more concerned with the inner turmoil.

When you silent yourself from inside or create peace within, outside world becomes easier to understand.

Even in the most critical situations or events of life, if you can hold yourself back and try to see things, the best solution to the situation, appears by itself. If you let lose yourself, into different situations and events of life, and can hold some patience in the moments, you can handle the most difficult situations of your life with ease.

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You are the creator, and the life should flow out of you. If there is a chaos going on inside, you can never do justice to the situation, but you create more chaos outside.

At times, when you feel, you don’t have control over the situation, then the best way is to move forward with life. You always have enough time, to come back to the same situation and figure out the solution for it, but it’s not necessary to get stuck in the moment, for lifetime. You have to learn to keep moving forward with life.

Majority of people carry this belief that, life comes out of stress, pain, and suffering, but on the contrary, if you are not aware in the moment of stress, pain or suffering, the same thing can take you backward with life. You cannot grow out of pain or stress unless you are aware of it. Only the awareness, allows you to rise above, all the inner turmoil.

You have to be aware at the moment. If you are aware with what’s going on around you, you will never be obsessed with anything with your life. Obsession is nothing but a blockage, whereby, your entire mind, heart, and body gets blocked in the moment.

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All the anger, frustration, negative thought patterns, pain, suffering is due to the block of life’s energy inside.

Whatever you experience in the moment, be it in the form of situation, event or impression, it’s because you wanted that experience deep down inside, or your inner flow of energy, have attracted those experiences into your life.

Say for e.g., If you are happy and feeling joyful in the moment, you are not bothered to notice the event, which is full of chaos on the roadside, and you simply pass by, but if there is a chaos going on inside of you, you will easily relate to that situation, and that situation may attract you, to stand alongside, and watch the entire scenario.

All the life’s situation, events, and experience of life, is just as it is, and whatever you carry within yourself in the moment, be it the idea, thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, and energy, you add all of them to the situation, events or experience’s of the moment.

When you don’t feel good inside, you create chaos out of small situation, and if you feel great within, even the biggest problems of life seem like a small thing. To feel good or stay happy all the time, is an art and that needs to be learned and developed over the time, with practice.

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No situation of life is too big or too small to handle, but it all depends upon, what kind of perspective you carry with your life, and what kind of method and ways you use, to tackle different situations and events of your life.

Every situation, events, and experience of life is there for learning. You are separate from the situation, events and experiences of life. They are not part of you. You choose to make it a part of yourself, and that’s where attachment comes in.

When you can see your life, as a detached observer, you see the situation, events, and experiences of your daily life, and see what you are supposed to add on to it, to make them better.

To remain detached with life situations, events and experiences of life need practice. You have to go through the internal process of life, where you remain aware all the time, 24 hour of the day, with everything that goes inside of you, and notice the changes that different situation, events, and experiences of life, brings to you.

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Unless you notice the changes that outside situation brings to you, you cannot make the necessary changes required into that situation. The life will go on repeat itself unless you take some active steps towards your life.

If you pass on a certain situation or event, you may seem it has left behind. This is not the way of life, and unless and until you learn the lessons from it, it will again back to you, in some form or the other.

The mind, heart, and body are so conditioned with the repetitive patterns of life, that its to easy to get caught up in different situations of life. It may seem like different, because of your unawareness, but more likely it’s the same.

Once you are aware at the moment, you realize which situation, people, events or experiences of life, have the power to bring different types of thoughts, feelings, and emotions from within. This requires alertness and attention in the moment. You cannot take any moment of your life, lightly. Every moment of life, something or the other takes place. If you are unaware, you go on missing with your life.

People are afraid of giving, helping others, or trusting others because they think they have limited resources, and if they share, it will get over. They create beliefs that sabotage them, for their entire life.

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Even if they are asked to make a choice with their life, they pick things, that simply suggest their limitations, that they have set around themselves. Life carries no limitations and this can be experienced by every individual, by practicing with the different aspects of life.

Once you begin to expand yourself with every different aspect of life, you break your boundaries with life. You tend to drop all the frustrations, obsessions, anger, jealousy that comes with the limited perspective towards life.

Every person is born with the potential to expand, but very few, choose to execute their highest possibility with life and rest of them simply get lost, into their own prison, that they have set for themselves with repetitive experiences and impressions of life.

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Your experiences and impressions are not simply present to you, but you choose them, and not only that, you also have a choice to react or respond to different situations, or events of your life. It may seem like, that you have no control over the situations or experiences of life, but you always have a control, of what kind of response you give, to different situations and events in your life.

You are free to choose the life of your dreams. You don’t have to imagine the entire life, all in advance. See what you want with your life, and what are the steps, that is possible in this moment, and begin to take those steps.

Always and always remember one thing, when you really wish to make big with your life, you never thing to stop at any moment, but you simply savor the idea to go along forever and ever. Yes, you can have a pause with life, but those pause in the moment, too makes you stronger and serves you to take you forward with life.

You don’t need money, strength, feelings or emotions or idea but all you need is a will-power to go till the end, and all other things, you acquire over the time, along the path.

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