Observe your thoughts

Observe your thoughts

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The mind is wild by nature. It can go in the direction beyond your imagination. That’s the reason you have the power of choice and decisions.

You can choose your thoughts. The mind can come up with anything. You have the power to discriminate and differentiate between what is useful and Whats not for you.

In the practice of meditation you observe your thoughts. When you close your eyes, your experiences come to the surface. Whenever you are engaged in the activities of the outside world, your subconscious mind still plays the thoughts at the back of your mind.

But when you practice meditation, all the activities of the subconscious mind come to the surface. When you take your attention inward, you can observe what goes inside your subconscious mind.

The mind likes to fool you at every point. You sit for meditation. A thought passes to your mind, may be of your desire, and now you have a waves of thoughts. You get carried away by those thoughts. It happens once or twice, and then you leave meditation, saying it’s not your cup of tea.

You practice meditation and the wave of thoughts comes and you get lost in the thoughts of your desires. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes gone. The meditation is over. You feel you did meditation, but were lost into the thoughts of your desires. For many this process happens unknowingly.


Meditation: The Beginning of a New Life

In meditation you observe the self. You observe the movements of your breathe. You observe the sensation. The thoughts, feelings and emotions are visible to you from the inner eye.

In the process of meditation you observe everything. You are an observer. You are not a doer. At-least while you practice meditation, you are an observer. An observer simply observes everything.

Your desires cross your mind, you observe them. You don’t get carried away by your desires. But you observe everything as a detached observer. It requires practice. It may not happen in a single day. But you can gradually improve on a daily basis.

While practicing meditation allow everything to pass. Don’t cling to anything. Don’t get attached to your thoughts. It’s just a passing wave. Let it go.

You are an observer, keep this thing in mind. For the period of 10, 15 or 20 minutes anything that goes into your mind and body doesn’t belong to you. You have to observe as if you are observing a third person.

The mind has its own power. The practice of meditation gives you thorough understanding of your mind. Remember you can’t deceive your mind. The mind is part of the soul. Only the deceiver gets deceived by trying to deceive the mind.

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The only way to rise above the activities of the mind is to understand the mind thoroughly. It’s only possible by observing the mind. When you move deeper you realize it’s the mind that observes the mind. The observer is nothing but the mind.

The subconscious mind has all your life experiences into it. When you observe the subconscious mind, it takes you into the past and even into the possible future.

The mind is interested in almost everything. If you follow the mind everywhere you will never know when you will get lost in the thoughts of the mind. You have to stay aware of your mind.

When you become an observer of the mind, you observe your mind like a t.v. screen. Everything that pops up into your mind, you allow it to pass. You don’t interfere with the activities of the mind. You don’t judge your mind as good or bad. Rather you become the spectator of your mind.

While watching t.v. you enjoy everything that comes on it. You don’t pass the judgement. You simply enjoy.

Usually when we meditate, the thought comes and goes. If we like the thought our attention follows the thought. Then comes the next and the next and the flow of thoughts takes you with the flow.

When you are aware of the flow of thoughts, you observe everything from a distance. If the good thought comes you observe. You smile and allow it to pass. If the bad thought comes, you observe. You don’t get sad, or you don’t negate those thoughts, nor you make any effort to change those thoughts, because again you will lose the plot.


The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness

While you meditate, the energy is rolling in you all the time. The thoughts move through your mind out of this energy. So the thoughts have the power of the energy. The attention plays the major part in observing your thought patterns. You have to be aware all the time during the process.

If you slip for a second and the wave of your thoughts will take you for a ride.

The thoughts that you see are the desires that you hold inside. These thoughts may be of the people whom we like or dislike, or these thoughts are the fear or insecurity we hold in our hearts. These thought patterns show what we hold inside our subconscious mind.

When we allow the thought patterns to pass, simply by observing them, we experience the fresh pull of energy inside. Your mind becomes empty because you have already emptied the familiar thoughts from your mind.

When you allow the old patterns to let go, you create the space for new patterns to flow into your life.

When your mind becomes empty, you create the space for new experience to flow into your life.

Once your mind gets free from thoughts, you explore the different state of mind for the self.

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To experience the life in the moment, you have to free your mind from all the past thought patterns.

More and more you practice meditation and observe life inside, more and more you explore deeper aspects of your mind.

The mind is a bridge between the physical as well as the subtle world. To know the subtle reality of the physical world, you have to travel through the mind, and there is no better tool than meditation, that can take you through the mind into the subtle world.

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