Observe the signs (Omens) in Life


The sage creates their life’s path, after the Omens.

Life is a mystery. Many of us doubt that, in our busy lives. But, when death stands our door, & we don’t understand, why it is here, it itself confirms, the mystery of life. Most of the things or activities, in our life, is merely an obligation, & doesn’t stand for any good, to anyone.

No matter how hard we try to look at life where all the days are same when we start to observe closely, we can observe the mysteries of life.

We all receive omens, each day, to carry our life forward, although, we don’t notice them. When we follow the omens, we see the mystery in everything, & our life becomes more interesting & joyful.

We can make anything out of our life, provided we have the spirit to look at life, with open eyes, & accept what comes on our way.

Nobody understands life, & we all have to accept that, but we always can understand, what’s happening in our life in this moment. The present moment perfection can be seen, if we are ready to see the perfection in our past life.

When we see life closely, we receive signs, & once we start noticing the signs, & follow them, we can observe our life, moving on the upward arc.

The Transcendental Game Of Zen

Life is better understood, with the feeling of surrender. When we surrender our self, to the existence, existence itself reveals the truth to us. Ask something from life, & show patience towards it. Either you will receive the path, to reach to that thing, or, you will fulfill your desire with least effort.

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When we expand our imagination, & look life beyond our physical existence, we see the miracles of life. Every situation of life seems so perfect in place, & seems to be in order. Look at your past, & see the happening of the events, in your life. Everything was in such an order, to take you, where you are today.

When we trust the existence, the existence carries us, through life, with the least efforts. A person should be open to life, to accept the signs. If that, asks the person to walk down the unknown path, one should be willing to take that path.

In a group, it’s easier to travel the unknown path, while the person is alone, fear creeps in. Whenever you choose to learn new things, or afraid to do something, join the group, who follows the similar activity, & you will be carried away with the activity, by the similar energy of the group.

We all have special plans designed for us, but we all miss the signs offered on the path. Sometimes, life has to force us to do the things that we are reluctant to do, out of our own fear or ignorance.

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When you are in need of the financial help, you will receive the help of the exact amount, from the unknown source. If you try to see the chain of things, you will notice that life itself plays a role in carrying you through your life’s situation.

People will come to you, & ask you for the things, that you never had before, but only when that person came to you, you had that thing with you. Never lose an opportunity to help someone with the things you have, because then we break the chain of the universe, & the future signs that were available for us might get broken.

Sometimes, we get an unusual thought, to meet someone, or go to some place, where we have never visited, otherwise. These thoughts are also the part of the omens.

Life is designed in a mysterious way, but to live the mystery of life, one has to have an open heart. To follow the omens on the path, the person has to be flexible with his thoughts. When you are rigid, with your thoughts, you don’t fight with people, but you fight with the existence.

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Try to live your life, with the sense of surrender, & allow the life to flow through you. The existence is our mother, who takes care of all the living being.

We all have to look into our heart, & should ask our self, how many times, we have received the help of Nature. The omens come to us in many forms. It happens when we are aware.

Our heart holds an intuitive quality to recognize the omen.

Signposts: The Universe is Whispering to You

When we have a pre-decided plan for life, then our thoughts become rigid, & we want the things to happen in the world, the way we have imagined. But when we are open to life, we accept the situations & circumstances of life, & trust the existence, that we will be offered, what will be best for us.

Life is to be best lived, as a whole, & not as a part. If we divide life, as a personal & professional life, then it gets difficult to look life as a whole.

But when we look life, as a whole, as a complete chain of day & night, & personal & professional life, we can connect to life, & people more easily, & we can also follow life’s plan for us.

Don’t be indifferent in your workplace. Professionalism is an inner activity. If we see, life as a whole, we have more respect for every action & each interaction, of our life, & we see the people, who come in contact with us, with a completely different perspective.

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We all carry preconceived notion about life, & act not out of the need of the moment, but the way we have carried the activity in the past, & the desire for the future.

When we are open to life, all the higher thoughts flow through our mind, & help us to take our life, altogether on a new level.

When we rise from inside, beyond our thoughts, we grow in the outside world, without attachments.

The existence knows what the real purpose of our lives, & can take us towards our destination, with the easiest path. Existence doesn’t follow our plan, rather we follow, what existence wants from us.

Pain & suffering happens out of rigidity, & ignorance. Take care of your mind. When we are under stress, the capacity to evaluate the situations, with various options gets blocked, & we are unable to derive the best options for the situation.

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Everyone & everything carries the message of life. If we are too busy running, after chasing the things, we miss the clues in life, & we move back & forth, in life.

We all learn from our mistakes, but if we can walk slow, & understand things better, we can avoid many troubles, on the path.

Life is all about experience, & how can we decide, which experience is better for us. It’s better to trust the nature with our experience, as it knows better about the situation, necessary for us to evolve, & that help us to understand life better.

We all are here to fulfill the cosmic plan, & are guided by the angelic force, to carry out our task in life, & take us on a higher plane. You only receive the help, if you believe in the unknown.

When we talk about an unknown, we talk about following our heart.

Nothing is wrong or right if you are on your path, & if your actions are backed by the strong emotions, then even on the unknown path, the way will be created for you.

The Alchemist

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