Note to the Present and the Future Self

Note to Self

This is the note to the present and the future self. Before you bring the transformation to your life, it’s necessary you have to have a clear perspective of who you are and what you wish to be in your life.

Your present picture and your future self has to be clear to you. Than you can clear the gap in between.

Note to the self is the guidance or rules or the guidelines that you carry all the time, on the path of transformation. From present self to the future self needs transformation. Everything changes. Your body, your mind, your environment, your perspective, everything change when you bring the transformation to your life.

Whenever you wish to achieve something in your life, you have to have a clear picture of where you stand, and what you wish for, in your life. This clarity allows you to achieve things with a least effort.

You have to walk the path to bring the transformation to your life. The transformation requires efforts. Without efforts there is no transformation.

Whenever you start the process of transformation, initially everything seems hard, but as you move forward on your path, things gets familiar and the path gets easier. Once your body and mind gets comfortable with the process, the further path becomes easier.

The first thing you have to remember on the path of transformation is, you have to be prepared for the transformation. You can’t go into the new world with the old self.

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You have to transform your old self into the new self. You have to be excited for the new world and for the new self. With the new self comes the new world. Your new self should always be in your mind. The new self should be your motivation. When you change the world around you changes with you. The world transforms with you.

You have to be prepared for everything on your path. There will be good times and there will be hard times. Sometimes things will go your way, and sometimes things won’t. But you have to stay firm on your path.

Focus on the goal is important. You have to have your rules to be followed to attain your goals. The rules are important to attain your goals. This rule keeps you within your limits to attain your goals.

In life to achieve something you have to be determined. Without strong determination, it’s not possible to achieve anything in life. All the fulfillment in life comes with the achievement. When you achieve your goal, you fill fulfilled and satisfied.

In life, goals and purpose adds meaning to life. When you grow, you experience life with a better perspective. With better perspective, you add more meaning to life. The path of fulfillment is where growth adds more meaning to life.

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All our goals and purpose should be bigger than our mind. Our mind expands and grows with the bigger goals. When the mind knows something is attainable and something is in its limits, it doesn’t strive for it.

But at the same time when the goals are beyond the limits of the mind, the mind learns to stretch itself to attain those goals.

You want to feel fresh and alive all the time?

Strive for the better self and better future. This will not only allow you to bring the best out of you, but in the process you will also make the world around you better. True happiness can only be found in the purpose of life. When you are striving for some worthy goals, you will find the true meaning in life.

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Happiness should be the centre point of life. No matter what you do, you have to be enthusiastic about it. This enthusiasm will fill you up with the energy and you will achieve more with the least effort.

There should not be any dull moment in your life. You have to learn to enjoy every moment of your life. It’s our energy and enthusiasm that brings similar energy into our lives.

When you are on the path of some worthy goals, distraction is normal. It’s easier to get distracted with un-wanted things. You have to create sign points that keep you aware of your goals all the time. A small distraction can put you off, from your goal.

Your goal should have some purpose. The goal has to mean something in your life. When something is important to you, you strive for it with all your might and make it happen.

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