More Power to You, with Every Step.



Life is strange. When you think to empower others, somehow you figure out the ways to empower yourself. With life you can never have a fruits, but you can only have methods to sow the seeds, that you need to plant, and should be properly nourished, to have the desired fruits out of it.

When you hold an intention to empower yourself or others, you develop power with every step. With life, there is no restrictions, and you have an immense possibilities with life, if you know how to get access to it. All the boundaries, that’s seems like, holding you back, is nothing but your own illusive reality. Your own thoughts keeps you small and refuse you to experience life, like never before.

This can go on for eternity, if you don’t stop and check your actions, and if needed make the right amendments with it.

If you expect anything from the outside world, you always fall short of it, because every individual is following his or her own plan for life. You have all the treasures inside, that not only fulfill the basic needs of life, but can take you to the state of self-realization and explore the world of possibilities, by connecting you with the natural process of life.

Yes, the outside help can be accepted, if it comes to you anonymously, but if you move out in search of help, without empowering yourself, you won’t find anything, that can sustain forever.

You have to decide for yourself, what do you want out of life, and work on the things that keeps you small. With each step of empowerment, you add more power to yourself, and when you utilize the same power to uplift or empower others, you simply double your own strength with life.

“People may not understand what you speak, but they can always relate with the pure energy, feelings and emotions that you carry inside.”

Whenever your mind tells you something wrong about others, try to correct your mind, rather correcting the world. The mind only knows how to live in the past, unless you sit with it, and dig deep into it. On the surface of the mind, you only find the useless queries from your past experience, that allows you to question your every efforts or fresh choice.

The real cream of the mind exists when you move deep into your mind, and extract the real juice of it, out of imagination. The quality of the mind, heart and body pulls the required energy from within.

If you consciously choose to drop the negative experiences, impressions, thoughts and emotions, you will notice the change in the quality of inner pull of energy, which in turn results into the better thoughts, emotions and energy for the future action.

The quality of the thoughts of the mind depends upon the quality of energy, you carry every moment. If the flow of inner energy gets restricted due to the negative thoughts and emotions, it’s not possible to develop right perspective towards people and situation in the moment, and all your actions with life, only depends upon the way, you perceive life.

Largely people are caught up in changing their thoughts and emotions to change their world, but there is more than this thoughts and emotions, that runs the body, heart and mind. Your will-power depends upon the flow of energy that you extract from the dormant energy, that lies at the base of the spine.

Everyone knows what he wants out of life. The only thing that lacks, is the will to move forward and take actions towards it. People want some magic to happen, that can lift them up and make them work, so that they can live the magical life, but life doesn’t happens that way.

As it has been mentioned above, that you only receive the fruits of the seeds, that you have sown by your own efforts. So if you wish to add more power to your life, efforts are needed first and then all the motivation, inspiration and laws of attraction starts to work into your life.

You can pull more energy from inside, if you develop a right intent and allow your mind, heart and body in that direction.

“You cannot deceive life. With life, efforts comes first. Life tests you at every step, and the same test turns into an omens and signs, once you overcome the life tests with every step.”

Life talks to you each day, provided you are open to listen to life, and read the signs out of it. You may not know, what you need out of life, because when you think, what you want, it’s not you, but your mind out of the past, creates the desire’s for life. Its only when you follow your intuition, and show courage to move into the unknown, the real life happens to you.

All the process of life happens within. To empower oneself, is to create abundance inside, so that with the same abundance you can express your best to the world.

The real joy and happiness with life is not in relaxation but to empower oneself, with every step. When you grow and evolve with life, the real joy flows through the heart. Than you don’t have to look for temporary happiness, but you connect with the eternal process of life, to experience the bliss and wisdom.

When you move forward with life, you add power to life. The intention to carry on, is enough to move forward with life. You don’t need anything else except your own resolution to move forward, and the outside situation and people comes along, as you proceed further with life.

It may seem simple, but it’s not always easy to take steps forward. When you really look at life, you realize that, most of the life is spent, in the repetitive process of life, and there are very few instances, were people show courage to move forward with life.

People do make a real effort to grow with life, but when the break-even point comes, people tend to fall back and come back to their old routine. It needs real power to leave everything of the past behind, and march towards the unknown territory. It doesn’t take only the action, but it asks you to keep your mind, body and heart at stake.

You cannot cling to any part of life, be it your thoughts, emotions or any of your experience. You have to leave everything behind, to experience life, that your mind has never imagined before. Its the prodigy of the unknown. Such experiences of life, should not be, one in a life-time, but should be your daily affair.

When you explore the unknown, it’s not necessary that you know what lies ahead, but one thing is for sure, that you are not going to repeat the same process of life. It needs deep urge to know and experience life, in its full glory.

“The magic of life is not directly presented outside, but it passes through you to present itself into the world. This can happen, if you are open to experience life and become the medium for the expression of life.”

The real juice of life, is not experienced somewhere outside, but when you transcend your inner reality, and pick more fresh experiences of life, dropping the old one’s behind. The life is more joy and fun all the time, if you know how to live it.

It’s not that all the time, you get the similar type of experience, but when you know, how to transcend any experience of life into a blissful one, you bring your own love, joy and wisdom to every experience you come across, to bring the best out of it.

Anything new that comes to life, can only come, if you are open to life and ready to explore the unknown. The experience of the unknown both inside as well as outside, are the one’s, that is not known to the mind.

Mind is only comfortable with the known. If something, that is not familiar happens, mind tends to avoid it or run away from such situation, people or experiences of life.

All the creativity and innovation is the pursuit of unknown. Every moment you have the opportunity to give everything to life. Life is not confined with this or that, but you have an absolute choice and a will to execute your choice into the existence. You are part of the existence, and you have the power to create your own life, onto the existence.

No truth of life is hidden from you. If you make a choice to know anything in this world and use your will-power to direct your energy, thoughts and emotions in that direction, the nature is bound to reveal the truth to you.

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