Moderation is a Key to Stability, Contentment and Growth


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Whenever you initiate something new, either you move to the extreme and try to do all of the things in a moment, or you walk so slow that it becomes impossible to take the things forward.

The path of moderation is to work with a balance. Not too fast, nor too slow. You neither run nor you stop, rather you keep walking on your path. This is the magic of moderation.

When you practice moderation in every aspect of your life you gain stability in your life.

What is stability?

Stability is to remain stable or consistent with your pace in life. You move at your own pace. You moving on your path. Along with the stability, you experience contentment too.

When you are constantly moving in your life you will experience the contentment. You only get dissatisfied with your life, when you stop moving forward. Contentment is not the lack of action, but satisfaction out of what you have acted upon.

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The path of moderation gives you stability and contentment in your life.

Along with the stability and contentment, you also register the growth. When you walk, life moves. This is the only way life moves forward. It wants you to take actions so that the things move forward.

When you move forward, you definitely registered growth in your life. The path of moderation is useful in every aspect of life.

The problem arises when we want something too early, or we spent too much time on accomplishing something. When we choose the middle path, we always focus on walking on the path rather dreaming about the destination.

The middle path wants you to focus on the action and keep taking those actions, which will eventually give you the desired result.

When you want something fast, your whole attention remains on the result and then you mess up on your path.

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On the other hand, if you take too much time to attain your desire, you lose your interest out of your desire and drop the things in the middle. The people who give up are the ones, who didn’t do anything to take their lives forward.

When your daily life comes out of moderation, you always remain in check of yourself. The energy level that works through you, helps you to take those actions. If you are in check of your inner energy level, you will always know when to take those actions and when to hold yourself back in the moment.

Life appears to be contrasting but it’s not. All the opposites that you experience in life are the result of the changing energy. When the flow of energy is higher you experience certain dimension of life and when the flow of energy is lower, you experience the aspect of life which is a contrast to the previous one.

In life, there is no contrast, but it’s the inner moving energy that allows you to perceive life differently.

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Anyone can experiment with himself.

Try to think about any of your past event that has become a landmark event in your life, and you hold strong views about that event in your mind.

Think about that event at the morning time, and make a note of it, how you perceive that event.

In the evening, again try to imagine the same event, and write your views about that event. Match your views and see the difference.

Both the views will appear contrast to you at different times of the day. In reality, it’s not the contrast, but in the morning time, the flow of energy in you remains high, and thus you experience life’s event with a different perspective. In the noon time the same energy dips at a lower side, and in the evening time, your energy tends to again rise on a higher side. Your perception changes with the changing level of your inner energy.

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Things at the level of body and mind impact the movement of spiritual energy inside. Whatever you do at the level of body and mind directly impacts your spiritual energy. Any changes to your body and mind change the direction of your spiritual energy inside.

When you become too aggressive in the moment, your mind shuts down and the pull of energy flows in you at a lower direction. But when you stay cool and calm inside, slowly the life energy tends to move on a higher side.

The life in moderation keeps you on a higher arc. No matter what the situation is, you stay in control of yourself.

In life, all the three things are equally important. Stability, contentment, and growth. You may not find much value in stability but unless you are stable in your approach towards life, it’s hard to attain anything. Stability allows you to stick to the path for the longest period of time.

Contentment and growth seem to contrast, but without growth, you cannot be contented and just only with the contentment, life doesn’t hold much meaning, as you need growth to experience a variety of experiences of life.

When you are stable you move towards the growth, and when you know you are growing in life, contentment sinks in. The roots of all the three lies in moderation.

Moderation is a key to fulfillment of life. Life needs experiment. The path of moderation doesn’t come in a day, rather you have to experiment over and over before you get to the path of moderation.

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You have to stay open to learn new things and make mistakes. It’s only when you make mistakes, you can improve your life, and get better with your life. When you are open to new things, you can imbibe those things which are good for you, and replace with the things that no longer serve you in your life.

You reach the path of moderation if you commit yourself to experiment with your daily life. It’s your daily path, that gives you an understanding of life and its the moderation on your daily path that fills your life with happiness.

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