Mindfulness in everyday life

Mindfulness in everyday life

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Every day you go through different experiences, collect impressions, face situations, events, people in your life. Whatever you experience, everything gathers inside your mind in the form of memories.

The memories of your mind come from outside, gets stored inside and out of the choices from those memories, you create fresh experiences in your life.

You definitely live your life outside, but you create your life inside, knowingly or unknowingly. When you follow the path of mindfulness, you bring attention to life. You start understanding the accumulation of memories that you have gathered over time, as well as the memories that you go on accumulating with each passing day.

The path of mindfulness not only allows you to understand your existing memories but it also makes you aware of the present memories that you gather on an everyday basis. When you are unaware of your life, your life’s choices depend on, what’s happening at the moment, as your mind can only conceive what exists in the moment and nothing beyond that.

On the path of mindfulness, you become familiar with all the memories that you have gathered inside, and you also learn the process of accumulating those memories. Your view towards life doesn’t remain limited to the moment, but you also see the past, present, and future of the event at the moment.

Your life comes out of the memories, but life as a whole is not limited to the memories of your mind, rather the whole process of life works in you, to gather the memories, store, and create different memories of life, inside your mind. The path of mindfulness not only makes you familiar with the memories of your mind but also makes you aware of the whole process that goes behind its formation.

Your mind is an empty space. The process of life works beneath the empty space of the mind. All the memories of life get arranged and rearranged itself into the empty space of the mind.

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Usually, our mind is trained to look outside for everything, and thus we go on gathering different memories of life without realizing the truth behind it. Accumulation of memories will not help unless you understand the formation of it. Only then you can make the right choices and decisions with your life that can bring your life closer to the truth.

You can live your life with the truth; rather create your life on the basis of assumptions, beliefs, faith, fear, insecurity, pain, suffering, imagination, hallucination, or illusions created by your mind. All your thoughts, feelings, imagination, dreams, desires come out of the memories of the mind.

The path of mindfulness brings you closer to the truth. On the path of mindfulness, you still make the choices and decisions with your life, as it’s a part of life, but those choices and decisions remain closer to the truth, considering the past, present, and future of the moment.

The individual mind concludes the moment, out of his individual perspective. The path of mindfulness makes you free from the individual conclusion and allows the truth of the moment to come to the surface.

Every individual carries his own perspective on life. The only thing he has to understand that, this perspective comes out of memories of the mind and some higher truth still exists for him to realize.

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His individual perspective is limited to his own, and he always has a higher perspective in him (which is the whole truth), if he allows himself to drop his individual perspective and search for the higher truth within.

Life is a process and the way you see the outside life happening out of the process in the universe, in a similar way the same process of life exists in you. You have the power to know your inner process of life and become one with it.

Life certainly is a mystery, but there are certain mystical aspects of life that can be realized if you take your attention inward and search for it.

The path of mindfulness is to see. On the path of mindfulness, you don’t live unconsciously, but you remain aware of life every moment. At every moment of life you know, what is happening inside of you and what are the things happening around you.

On the path of mindfulness, life doesn’t happen to you; rather you consciously choose each and every experience of your life. The way to life is from inside. The gate to heaven too exists inside. But to experience heaven, you have to take the attention inward and dive deeper within the self.

The clarity with life too comes from inside. You can bring the necessary change with your life once you connect with the memories of your mind and learn to make adjustments with it.

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The success of every situation is all about timing. Your timing has to be right at every moment. When you get familiar with the inner process of life, you also figure out the right time for the manifestation of everything on earth. For every aspect of life, you look for the solution inside.

The mind knows how to keep itself busy all the time, by thinking and imagining about life. At the same time, the path of mindfulness keeps you aware of the nature of your mind and allows you to choose from your thinking and imagination, that which is essential, and the things that take you forward with life.

Your mind thinks too many thoughts, but not everything becomes a part of your life or everything that your mind thinks or imagines, is important or relevant to your life.

On the path of mindfulness, you look at life not with the mind, but directly from consciousness. You see life rather think or imagine about life. You develop the ability to look into the future and adjust your choices and decisions at the moment accordingly.

When your attention remains in the outside world, you act without thinking, and then when you commit an error, you try to learn from an error and adjust your actions.

On the path of mindfulness, you see your action in advance and also see the consequences of it. Unless you see the complete action with its cause and effect, you don’t act in the first place. This gives you clarity with life, and thus you avoid the multiple errors and break the chain of the repetitive process of life.

You have the ability to know your life by knowing your memories of the mind. The path of mindfulness can serve you in the process and more you bring your attention to your inner life, more clarity you receive of the outside world. Over time you come closer to the absolute truth of life.

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