Meditation: The Beginning of a New Life


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Excerpt from the Book: 

Chapter 2.) How to Meditate?

This is the simplest query in appearance, but when you get into its practicality, the same question becomes the most trivial question for millions.

Before you understand, how to meditate and apply into your life, there are basics in relation to the practice of meditation that needs to be clear.

The first thing that needs to be clear before you initiate into the process of meditation is, whenever you experience life through any of your senses, you don’t experience it with the senses, but senses are just an instrument for the mind to experience outside life. That means, whatever you experience in the outside reality, you only experience through your mind and the bodily senses, are just an instrument for the mind to experience outside reality.

Second thing, the mind is a subtle body inside, that is separate from the physical body and can be consciously separated from the physical body in deep meditation.

Third thing, the act of meditation is to know one’s mind with the mind.

In meditation, you know and understand mind with the mind. To understand the truth of the universe, you need to take your attention inward and move deeper beyond the surface reality of the mind.

When the mind is directed in the outside reality, you accumulate all the different experiences and impressions of life, inside your mind.

In meditation, when you take the attention of your mind inward, you experience the same outside experiences and impressions of life, inside. The practice of meditation helps you to reveal your own personal identity and the truth beyond it. You come across your own life, that you have lived and accumulated from the past.

With the practice of meditation, no truth of life can remain hidden from you.

Chapter 3.) Be an Observer in Meditation

You watch movies. What you do, while watching movies, you see. Every movie has its own story, plots, scene’s, characters, and actors. Every story of the movies has its own drama, romance, comedy, action, thrill, suspense, and emotions.

You also have your own movie inside your head. Every movie has its own past or background. When you become an observer of your own movie, you also start understanding the past or background of your movie.

When you see your movie, inside your head, you see it, from the beginning to your present stage of life. Slowly by observing the story of your head, your own movie becomes clear to you.

When you go outside to watch the movie, you can’t interfere, but all you can do is simply watch. In a similar manner when you observe your own movie in meditation, your role remains to be an observer of your movie.

If you wish you can interfere with your movie, but when you start interfering, you stop the process of understanding your movie.

First thing, you need to practice during meditation is to become an observer of everything that goes inside of you. Only then you can understand your whole movie and its past, present and more likely the future, written by you.

Your role in meditation is to observe everything that goes into your head. Just by observing the story of your mind, it starts to become clear to you.

Chapter 8.) The Ultimate Purpose of Practicing Meditation

When you practice meditation, you always wanted to know, what is the ultimate purpose behind it?

There is a lot, that has been talked about meditation and anyone who initiates into the process of meditation also held’s lots of expectations from it. Meditation is a doorway to realize the source of life in you. No truth or experience remains to realize beyond the life source.

The practice of meditation has the power to take you beyond the periphery of your mind and make you one with the truth. You reach the destination with the realization of the source. Life becomes absolutely clear to you.

All the puzzles of the mind, all the queries of this life and after life get resolved with the practice of meditation. No mysteries or puzzles of life remain unresolved for you.

No matter what you are seeking with life, but when you get on the path of meditation, you come to an end of the road. Nothing is required other than meditation, to go through this path of life. The meditation is the last path. With the meditation, you come to an end of the road.

It’s only with the meditation, you realize that there is no-where to go, and nothing to seek in life. Everything exists in you and you are an end in itself.

Chapter 9.) Your Dreams reveals the making of Life in you

Everyone sleeps and in sleep you see dreams. When you dream, you are actually part of that reality. When you dream, the dream doesn’t remain a dream, but it becomes your reality for that moment.

If you closely observe your dreams and move deeper and deeper into it, it can reveal the making of life in you.

When you wake up, what you saw as a dream was some pictures in the mind. You were part of few situations, where you were actually living the reality. Unless you wake up, you cannot realize it whether it was a dream or a reality.

When you wake up, you remember some pictures from your dream. Those pictures reveal everything of the dream. Now, these pictures are nothing but your thoughts and imagination. If you observe them closely, you will find the similarity between your dreams and your daily experiences and impressions of life.

You cannot dream something that your mind is not familiar with. The mind forms dreams, desires, thoughts and imagination using different composition and mixture of your daily experiences and impressions of life.

In your dream, you are present but as a part of your dream. You become one with the dream. You cannot exist separate from your dream, otherwise, your dream perish. Your dreams can only exist in your absence. The time you regain your presence, dreams elapse.

Chapter 11.) Truth (Direct Experience) Vs Belief

Everyone is looking for magic with life, and if you ask me, where is the magic, I will direct you towards meditation. Meditation is the father of all the magic of life. All your illusions, and all your chaos and all your problems with life, is only due to, not knowing the truth.

The time you realize the truth, all the illusory ideas simply shed away from the mind. Whether we believe it or not, our lives are surrounded by our past beliefs. We create our lives out of our beliefs. If you go in-depth of any aspect of life, you will realize that everything that you have created till now is less out of an experience and more out of beliefs. There are very few, who sit down and analyze their lives.

If you go in-depth of any aspect of life, you will realize that everything that you have created is less out of an experience and more out of beliefs. You have only followed the tradition, be it your personal life or say professional life. There are very few, who sit down and analyze their lives.

Even when you inquire about the truth, you still follow your beliefs of the mind. It’s hard to get rid of the barriers of the mind. The personal identity and the memories of the mind that you consider as yours, is the only barrier that keeps circling the mind.

From the religion to personal life, from professional life to our social life, everything is created out of beliefs. We don’t look for direct experience; rather we simply follow what already exists from the past. This simply separates us from the truth of life.

Life exists in the moment and has no relevance from the past or the future. It’s only when you live out of the beliefs of the past or thinking about the future, you separate yourself from the truth of the moment, and start living out of the projections of the mind.

We never enter into the fresh future; rather we only stretch our past beliefs into the future. Our entire castles of life are built on the beliefs of the past. Sometimes our intentions are honest, with different aspects of life but it again serves the age-old beliefs of the past. Till the time, you don’t question every aspect of life and realize the truth of it, you only create your life out of beliefs.

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