Meditation, Happiness, Playfulness and Service


Meditation is for the soul, happiness is for the heart, playfulness for the daily activities of life and service for life. Such has to be the attitude for life.

Meditation connects you with the very roots of life. Consciously choosing to stay happy connects you with the core of the heart. Having playful attitude towards the daily activities of life gives you altogether a different perspective towards life while service to others gives you the fulfillment in life.

Your base has to be strong when it comes to life. You have to be clear in your head, what you want out of your life. Unless you have clarity in your mind, life appears chaos to you.

The practice of meditation connects you with the very roots of life. You don’t simply dwell in different directions rather you consciously direct your life in the direction of your choice.

Life appears problematic when you haphazardly follow your daily routine. At the same time, if you consciously plan your everyday life, you can avoid many unforeseen situations of your life.

The practice of meditation allows you to look into your mind. Your life is very much about what goes into your head. When you can see what lies in your head, you can make conscious choice out of it.

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

When you live unconscious life, your life very much depends on fate, luck or chance.

Life can be very much lived consciously. With the awareness at the moment, you can take control of your life.

Happiness is an integral part of our lives. We all want to be happy, but somehow we go on making choices in our lives that makes us unhappy. To live happy all the time, you have to choose happiness in your life. What you choose at this moment becomes the part of your future.

When we live unconsciously it becomes easier to choose unhappiness over happiness. To choose happiness you need presence at the moment.

You have to understand that happiness is not accidental rather happiness is a choice. You choose happiness for yourself with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Happiness is food for your heart. If you consciously choose to stay happy all the time, you develop healthy heart for yourself.

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To overcome emotional debris you have to choose happiness. The bad times cannot be washed away; rather you have to consciously create good times to replace it with the bad times.

Stay aware of your daily choices of life, and consciously choose things that make you happy and slowly you will notice the difference in your life.

Don’t curse yourself in the present moment for the better future, rather make most out of your present moment and naturally your future will become better.

All your future life will come out of your present moment. If you serve this moment with all the love and happiness, you will experience the same in your future.

Playful attitude gives you a different perspective towards life. It becomes easier to feel caught up into the daily problems of life but when you carry playful attitude in all walks of life, you see your same life situation from a different perspective.

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With the playful attitude, you don’t feel caught up in the adverse situation rather you figure out the ways to tackle daily problems of life.

Life is fun if you consciously choose to create it. The only thing is you have to build it, with your time and patience.

When you are serious, the mind gets stubborn and gets caught up into the momentary problems. At the same time when the mind remains open to life, it experiences every moment of life from a fresh perspective.

Life needs service. When you serve others, without expecting anything in return, life opens up a new door for you. Service to others helps you to move forward in life quickly. It becomes easier to grow and evolve in life by serving others.

The struggle in life exists when you think only about yourself. When your mind thinks to serve others, it naturally connects with the abundance of life.

Life is not limited. our understanding of life is limited. When we consciously connect with the abundance of life, we experience the same in our lives.

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You can have anything that you want out of life, provided you consciously connect with the abundance of life.

When your mind only thinks about yourself, you just can’t think beyond your needs. At the same time, when you learn to think about others first, naturally you connect yourself with the abundance of life.

Life is all about perspective. When you live with the intent to serve, you experience life with a perspective which is closer to nature.

Every individual follows its nature, while life as a whole follows its own nature. Sometimes an individual’s nature is close to life’s nature, and sometimes it remains far away from the life that is happening every moment.

All your stress and tension remains a part of your life when you move away from the natural process of life. When your nature aligns with the natural ways of life, you experience the bliss and higher understanding of life.

Life becomes beautiful when you follow the ways of life. Practicing meditation, choosing happiness, having playful attitude, serving others are the natural facets of life. If you consciously connect with the natural ways of life, your life becomes more and more beautiful and more and more blissful.

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