Meditation detaches your Spirit from Inside



Sometimes your attachment with the illusion gives you more pain with life. The truth is hard to swallow. You cannot hold back anything while searching for the ultimate truth of life. If you are ready to give everything, only then you experience the absolute truth.

You are more than your physical appearance. Inside you lies the spirit and the soul. The soul is a seed, like a seed of a tree from which the whole tree appears, while the spirit is the roots that take care of the physical body. It’s the spirit that nourishes the physical body.

Moksha, enlightenment, Nirvana are not for the people who are interested in the road routine, but for the seekers of the ultimate. On the path of ultimate truth, you grow and evolve with life. Your understanding moves deeper with life. You just cannot hold yourself on the path of truth. If you have fear, you have to learn to walk with the fear, if you have anxiety, you have to learn to walk with the anxiety, and with the process of life, all your fear, and anxiety falls apart.

The mind goes with different experiences and impressions of the external life, but the time the mind creates desires to know and experience the truth, slowly from the external reality it’s directed to the internal reality.

You have a soul. From the soul comes the thread of the spirit along with the mind to the physical body. The spirit is rolled on, to the physical body with a subtle thread. With the subtle thread, the spirit nourishes the physical body. The spirit is not directly connected with the physical body, but the physical body has main nerves, that is connected with the whole physical structure and nourishes the entire physical body. The mind lies in between the spirit and the main nerves of the physical body.

The process of inflow and outflow of breath is possible because of the spirit. This can be realized in deep meditative state, beyond the no-mind state.

Meditation helps you to detach from inside. People don’t consider the real importance of physical exercise or meditation, and thus cannot make the most out of it. Meditation is a doorway to realizing the ultimate truth. There is no better way than meditation to experience the ultimate.

In the past sages in the east, followed different types of yoga practices to attain a glimpse of the soul. This was an outside effort, while later when they attained enlightenment, they discover that the same experience of enlightenment is possible through right way of meditation.

The truth of life cannot be realized unless you realize the mind, spirit, and soul as a separate entity in the body. The life can only be viewed with absolute clarity, with the realization of the self, beyond mind.

In meditation, when you close your eyes you automatically get detached from the outside world and all remains for you to observe is your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Meditation develops the awareness and helps you to evaluate and contemplate your inner world.

Every person holds the deep desire to know and lives the truth, but because of the nature of the mind, each individual remains so engrossed in the activity of his mind, that he cannot see life, beyond the limitations of his mind.

The mind of every individual is limited to his or her experiences and impressions of life. Unless he experiences the no-mind state, he cannot experience life beyond the limitations of his mind. Your mind can keep you rolling with the past experiences of life and creating future out of it.

Life seems new every moment, but when you look deep into the experiences of your life, you only see the reflection of the past. Life’s experience either internal or external is to take you higher with the understanding of life, if you sit and observe them closely. No part of your life happens without any reason and everything that you experience holds the deeper secrets of your life.

Meditation helps you to look into your life. Your attention on anything else, other than yourself is just a waste of time.

When you connect with the inner world, you realize the path of life and actual destination.

With the outside attention, you always remain lost forever and keep yourself engaged with unnecessary things of life. You hold onto the purpose, that no longer serve any meaning to your life. With the mind, you remain ignorant with all the bigger purpose and meaning of life. You cannot realize the truth with the mind, and all the ideas, concepts, along with the individual identity needs to be dropped to experience the truth.

The path and the destination to life come from inside. The path is the natural process of life that takes place inside, and the destination is the space in you, which is the source of the natural process of life. When you come closer to the natural process of life, you get closer to the source of life.

In the outside world, you only remain lost because no matter what you see and create only comes out of the mind, while the truth of life, exists beyond the mind. The truth is realized by the mind but doesn’t happen in the mind. When every part of the mind gets dropped, the truth is realized by the mind.

It’s important to realize the truth, because unless you know the roots of life, you only move into the circle of life. Only with the roots, or knowing the source of life, you can hold yourself firmly on the existence.

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