Meditation adds Attention and Awareness to Life


In meditation, you go through five different stages. Body, heart, mind, transcendent phase and the realization of the higher self.

Attention is when your mind is focused on subject or object. The object is the physical world, while the subject is your subtle world of thoughts, emotions, senses, energy and vibrations.

Awareness is when you are aware about the one, who is present in the moment. When your attention is focused not on the subject or the object, but the space within you, who is attentive about the subject or the object.

In meditation, you start with the breath. For many, breathe is part of both the physical as well as subtle world, as its easily recognized within the body. You may think you know your body, but unless you observe it closely, you don’t know your body.

Big part of mind is a hallucination, which allows you to go on repeating the process of life. When you repeat the process of life, that doesn’t mean the life you live doesn’t exist, but when you bring little awareness and attention to your life, you come across the higher life, than, where you are in now. This is the process of evolution, where you grow and evolve with the perception towards life.

The perception is the way you perceive life with the mind. With the attention and awareness you develop better perception towards life. You see the things clearly. When you don’t work on yourself, your mind create layers upon layers out of experiences and impressions of life, which deems your perception, and your perception too depends upon this layers.

This layers are your beliefs, experiences and impressions of the past. When you meditate, you clear the layers from your mind and rather looking the world from your narrow perspective, you move into the gap, where you experience the life in its natural form.

When you look at life, the existence seems huge and the capacity for you to comprehend is lesser. But when you transcend your mind to the higher self, the perception towards the same existence gets change, as you experience yourself one the existence. This is the perspective you have to develop, where you include all and exclude nothing.

When the mind is closed, the same repeat thought process circles your mind and you go on repeating the same experience again and again with your life. In meditation you open up your mind to new possibilities.

The life in the outside world is understood, when you understand yourself. The life that you see outside, to which you called life exists, because you exist. The way you exists, in a similar way the other people who live on this earth exist.

The creation of body, mind, heart and soul is the same for every individual who exist on this earth. The only difference is the experiences and impressions, the mind carry within itself. Each one views the world, as per his or her perception, and go on accumulating further experiences and impressions in his life.

Not everyone is born in this world within the same time and space and thus the impressions and experiences of each one is different from another. Even if you are born at the same time and space, you carry your past along with you, which is impossible to figure out, unless you look deep into your unconscious mind.

When you start to explore your own body, heart, mind and soul, you understand the process of all the body, mind, heart and soul that exists on this earth. To understand the water of the ocean, you don’t have to taste the entire ocean, but few drops of the ocean, is enough to give you the taste of the water.

The life that exists outside comes out of you, and every individual that exists on this earth. The more you move inside, the more you understand the outside world. Meditating on your body makes you familiar with, what’s going on inside your body.

You know you breath, but you don’t know how deep your breathe moves in and out within your body. You know you feel, but you don’t know, which person, situation or at what time you emote which emotions.

You know you think, but you don’t know exactly what you think and how the life takes place inside of you.

You know from deep inside of yourself, that there is something higher power exists, that runs the life on this earth, and who manage to synchronize the perfect movement of earth, sun, moon and other planets of the universe, but you haven’t experienced it yourself, as you have never bothered to look within yourself.

All the mysteries of life can be solved within you. When you observe your body, you come across the different blockages into your body, that makes you experience pain, but as you are not aware about it, it stays within you without your notice.

In meditation, just by observing your pain, it starts to melt away and you create the space for pure energy to move freely within you. You don’t need any other healer to heal yourself, but your attention towards that part of the body is enough to heal your body.

With meditation, you get familiar with your emotional world. You recognize different emotions in different situations, time and with different people. Your happiness and sorrows of life flows from one source.

It all depends upon the kind of thoughts, but the flow of the source is the same, i.e. your heart. If you think good thoughts towards others, the joyful emotions flows through the heart, while when you have resentful thoughts towards others, the same heart makes you experience sad emotions.

You bring the change to something, once it comes to your notice. In meditation, you connect with your feelings and emotions.

When you start to experience different feelings and emotions with different people, situations or experiences of life, you start to make more choices with your life on the based of your feelings and emotions rather following the activities, which is happening outside.

You choose your life. Meditation helps you to expand your awareness and attention in the moment. You become more conscious with every action of your life, as your awareness, tells you that you face the result of it, in the future.

Living unconsciously, you run away from life. With consciousness, you embrace life’s all different colors. Your own fear makes you run from the present moment. When you don’t have trust on your abilities, you try to escape from the present moment, and want to hide either in the past or the future.

“When you know your inner world, you realize that whatever comes to you, part of it exists within you and you have attracted it in your life.”

You cannot have something in your life, that doesn’t exists in you. Everything on this earth is inter-connected, and what you think and feel from inside, you attract into your life in the form of situations, people and experiences of your life.

In meditation, you can observe the flow of thoughts. You can bring the change to your thoughts, once you know it. Just by observing the thought process, you change the quality of it.

The thought process of the mind depends upon your energy level. If your energy is high, quality thoughts flows through your mind, and if your energy is low, the mind slips into the negative side of life.

You either be constructive with your life or be destructive. Meditation is all about constructive thoughts.With meditation you cannot be destructive. When the pure joy flows through your heart, its impossible for you to be destructive with your life.

When you move higher in meditation, you reach to the space above mind, which is the transcendent space, to which Buddha stated as no mind state. Many people consider this space, to be a space of nothingness and comes down from it. This empty space needs to be transcended to experience the soul-consciousness.

The soul resides within you above this empty space. All the wisdom and bliss of life flows through the state of soul-consciousness. With meditation, the more you dive deeper, the more nectar of wisdom is revealed from within.

There is no end to the outside world, in a similar way there is no end to the wisdom and bliss to your inner world. The inner world is equally infinite in comparison to the life on existence.

With the experience of the soul-consciousness, nothing remains at the time of experience. You transcends your identity with the body, breathe, emotions, thoughts, images and even the no-mind space.

You become one with the wisdom and bliss of life. The wisdom and bliss flows through your life. Your body, mind and heart becomes the instrument of it. The meditation is the way that takes you deeper into the higher reality of life.

You can start the process by sitting with your self. You have to have interest to explore your inner world. The intention is enough for you to explore your inner world. Take time out for yourself. Sit with your eyes closed, and experience the mystery of life, that takes place within.

Put your mind on breathe, and drop all the idea’s you have about meditation, yoga, breathing techniques or anything you know about life. Allow the life to talk to you, rather than you with your mind teaching something to life. When life talks, it talks about solution and not the problems and when the mind talks, it talks in the form of query, reasoning, logic, imagination, I, my, and myself.

With meditation, rise above the mind, transcend the empty space to experience your higher self, and you see the life flowing through you sharing the wisdom and bliss with the world.

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  1. There is the Zen story: the Ikkyu was asked by the man “please tell me what the meditation means” Ikkyu replied “meditation is attention” He didn’t understand, so he asked again “what does the meditation really mean?” Ikkyu replied “Meditation is attention and attention” Thus, he asked again “I know but what does the attention really mean?” Ikkyu replied “attention is attention” – thank you for sharing this 😉

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