Make your Inner Experiences Joyful, and outer Expression Fruitful


Outside happiness is more or less dependent on the inner world. When the person is joyful from within, he can best express himself to the outside world, but if there is something lacking inside, it shows up in the outer expression.

Be joyful with your inner experience and fruitful with the outer expression. Each one wants to be happy and experience bliss in life. Happiness is an inner quality that comes from within. To remain cheerful and joyful all the time, it’s necessary to connect with the inner world.

In life, everything comes down to habits. Genius calls it to practice and the sages give it a name of rituals. When you connect with the inner world, with your own defined technique, the experience gets deeper and more fulfilling with the time.

When you connect with the inner world, with your own defined technique, the experience and expression gets deeper and more fulfilling with the time.

When you are fulfilled with the inner world, the expression in the outside world seems more fruitful and rewarding. Everyone looks for success and happiness in his life.

The nature of God is a pure form of energy and vibrations. This truth can be realized, when you experience the divinity in you, that is exactly of the same nature of the supreme divinity.

When the person develops an intent to know himself and practice several techniques to connect with his inner world, the life’s energy moves upward, and the person develops better understanding towards himself and the life on existence.

The best way to connect with the inner world is through physical exercise, breathing technique and meditation.In physical exercise, the emotional body gets free from the emotional debris of the past and allows us to experience the present moment.

Normally when you look at any situation or person, you already carry a perspective about him from the past. When you look at the situation from the past perspective, mind reacts in a similar way, the way it did in the past. Thus unless the perspective towards life change from inside, no real change can ever be noted with life.

Meditation is another wonderful tool, that slows down the thought process and allows the quality thoughts to flow. The quality of the thoughts depends on its flow. When the flow of thought is quick, the quality of thoughts gets lesser and the same reflect in your actions. At the same time, if the quality of thoughts is good, it reflects in your expression.

In the deeper spiritual experiences, the life’s energy from the bottom of spine gets to the forehead and the experience of deep ecstasy follows. No experience of the existence can replace, this divine experience with the self. Life energy flows within the body in its purest form. When the person learns to direct this energy in a right direction, it can achieve anything in his life.

The mind and heart evolve with the time. When the mind and heart expands, it creates the capacity to understand life, and with the understanding to handle the life situation well.

When you resist anything of the world, you resist the natural process of life. You can only flow with life when you accept life whole-heartedly. If you learn to accept life, understanding towards the natural process of life comes with it. If you choose to get better with life, all the situations and circumstances of life provide you an assistance to move forward with the process of evolution.

Everyone wants to be successful in life. We all want our efforts to be counted, but before we reach the desired goal, we need to understand how things manifest on earth.

The way the roots of the tree lies beneath the earth, in a similar way the life of the outside world depends on the inner world.

When you focus on yourself and make things perfect in your inner world, you come closer to your roots, and once the roots are realized, all your expression comes out of your roots.

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  1. An excercise in self delusion and a waste of time. How is this article useful to anyone? Just a guy talking hippie nonsense.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Evolution Made Easier and giving me a like and a follow. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, partly because it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this blog of yours. I especially like the first image in this post….so peace-filled, but it also somehow reminds me of the phrase “Before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water.”…….or something to that effect.

    Best wishes and blessings.

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