How to turn everything you touch into gold?

how to turn everything you touch into gold

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Everything you touch turns into gold, is a metaphor to turn everything beautiful around you. Life is what you make out of it. If you think, you have the power to turn everything that you touch into gold, then you have it.

Life is beautiful. The only way to see its beauty is by adding beauty to life. Everything is beautiful on this earth, provided we work upon it and create the beauty out of it.

Life on this earth is a barren land, on which we have to create a beautiful garden so that we can experience the beauty of it.

When we create or add something to life, we add beauty not only to the outside world but also in our inner world. When our inner world gets better, our perception gets better and we look for better opportunities with life.

The person either lives to make life better or accept whatever little life has to offer to him. We all make decisions with life. The one who stays with the decision little longer creates his own garden, and the people simply accept what life has to offer them, live with the barren land.

The life is not limited to what you see with your naked eyes, but your truth is what you imagine in your mind, and resolve to make it a part of your reality.

Nobody has achieved anything or motivated to create anything unless he has figured out the “Why” in his life. We need to know why we want something that we have asked for, in life. Once the “Why” is figured out, “how” follows.

When we have a desire to make everything we touch better, just with the intent we try to look for the things that make things better in life. Resolution to make things better is important.

Imagine a room full of dust. Now how to add beauty to that room?

The first thing to do is to take that first step to remove the dust from the room. Once we start doing things, the mind develops different ways to proceed with the task. That’s the beauty of mind and life. Life wants you to act. If you move, doors are always open for you. Where ever you wish to, you can direct your life.

Life is all about Self-Expression.

We are always in this two stages of life. Either we express our self to the world, or we collect experiences out of the situations. Life is all about expressions and experiences. We can add beauty to life by making our expressions and experiences better.

The only thing that put us on the back seat is the problems of life. The problem is something that our mind is unable to grasp in the present moment. When we show patience at the time of problem, either it resolves itself or the solution emerge from within.

The mind is a friend and a foe, both at the same time.

If we have developed control over it, it adds beauty to life, and if we follow the desires of the mind, the same mind turns into a foe.

We all have a personal and professional life. The person who intends to make both of his world beautiful will go out-of-the-way to serve all the people in his world so that he can expect the best from his life.

Every situation of life has one purpose, i.e. to serve the individual to open his heart and mind. As the human evolve, the mind and heart expand. The wisdom from the mind and love in the heart grows if the person has truly grown by following the process of life.

When we know that we are here to express the best of our self, in that case, no matter what the task is assigned to us, we give our best to the task, and when we face some adverse situation, we try to hold back, to figure out the best response for the moment.

When we express our self, we allow the inner world to show up in the outside world, and when we become more responsive to life, we make our relationship better.

Improve yourself.

Life moves around an intent of a person. Whatever the intent one holds for himself all the life’s energy is directed in that direction, and the mind, heart, and body follows.

Life can arrange and rearrange itself outside, if we know how to hold our intent inside. The inner person should keep going and keep growing.

Life is like a time. It shows up moment by moment. If we try to hurry up, we overlap the moment and then have to come back to live the same moment.

If we develop necessary understanding, out of this moment, then life doesn’t repeat itself. It’s only in ignorance, we repeat the same cycle of life.

The Purpose of Life.

The purpose of life is to grow and evolve from within and express our best to the world. Gautama Buddha after being Enlightened shared his message with the world. He served the purpose of life, by realizing his higher self, and later return to the world to share his message.

When we make everything we touch better, we serve the purpose of life. The life needs a direction. We need to check, in which direction our life is flowing. The daily schedule of the day serves the purpose of life.

The mind only accepts things out of reasoning and the heart accepts out of emotions. When our emotions go with the understanding of life, we tend to make it a part of our life and grow with it.

The emotions are more powerful than reasoning. Reasoning has no end, and it creates the complexity in the mind. With the love in the heart, we see the things that we generally miss with the mind. The whole perception about life change, when we see the world with the heart, and not out of reasoning.

Collective Growth.

When we improve our life, the life on the earth gets better. The life on this earth is created by the human, of the human, and for the human. The life of a single person impacts every other soul on this earth. We all are connected at a deeper level. Life on this earth evolves collectively and on a personal level.

The person who choose to grow on an individual level, impacts the collective growth. The life has been evolved on this earth by individuals.

Many times working on oneself, seems like flowing against the tides. There are very few who chose to stand up for themselves, but any change i.e. ever been noted in the history of life has come from individuals.

When we see the joy and fulfillment in somebody’s life, we never imagine those things to be true for our self. Unless we imagine and allow the mind and emotions to accept this truth, it’s not possible to make this thing to be a part of our life. The life happens within the mind.

The image in the mind develops, thoughts and emotions formed, and you act. At the same time you attract the similar situations and circumstances from the outside life. This way two forces works simultaneously to manifest physical reality on earth.

If we try to possess things, before we develop the capacity to receive, we tend to lose those things from our life in a short period of time. Thus after winning a lottery, it gets difficult for the people to hold wealth.

They lose it, in a very short period of time. They didn’t develop enough capacity inside to hold that wealth. Unless your mind can conceive anything from inside, you just cannot hold it, into your external reality.

Contentment in Life.

There is no joy in the outside world can ever satisfy us. We need to be deeply satisfied inside.The growth should happen simultaneously both within and outside world.

We all know a simple truth, that whatever happens outside, creates the feelings and emotions inside, but it gets difficult to understand that, when we change what’s going on inside, ultimately we see the same inner result outside.

If outside impacts the inner world of emotions, then the inner emotions should equally impact the outside world. The one who gets this truth of life tries to understand life inside out, rather outside in.

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