Make Everything Sacred, Make Everything Eternal


The word sacred is more often used in relation to god, while the sacred is the highest feelings or emotions, you show towards anything. Your love for the parents or towards your child is sacred. Even what you feel for god, that too is sacred.

Eternal is beyond time and space. With mind, everything comes into time and space, but beyond the space of mind, everything becomes eternal. To experience god or higher-self, you have to move beyond mind. With mind, the perception of life is limited.

Once you experience life, beyond mind, you get a glimpse of eternity in this very moment, and then by and by, you make every part of life, sacred and eternal.

The life on the existence is very much of the body, mind, and heart. The experience beyond mind gives you clarity with the life of the mind, body, and heart and how with it, the life takes place outside.

The life on the existence, and life with the mind, heart and body follows the natural order. Nothing on the existence happens without reason, but everything moves out of a natural order.

“It’s not necessary that you have to have an experience beyond mind, to understand the natural process of life. But when you live and create your daily life, out of understanding, slowly you align yourself with the natural process of life.”

Either you act out of understanding, or to understand take actions. Both the ways allow you to penetrate, into the deeper understanding of life. It’s not necessary that, at the end of the path, the life reveals to you, but as you live life with more awareness, and try to observe the things, happening around you, slowly your understanding gets deeper, with the experiences.

It’s not only the self-realization, that connects you with the eternity of life, but the knowing of the path too connects you with the eternity of life. It requires a great trust on yourself and with life. Once you are certain, about the life’s path, you simply become one with the eternity of life.

Your effort lies in knowing the path. All the efforts end when you connect with the natural process of life. Life goes on forever and ever and once you align yourself, with the continuous process, everything that you experience becomes the sacred part of life.

The mind that expands with the natural process of life, by accepting and embracing life, with all its shades and colors, doesn’t get stuck with the time and space, and keep moving forward with life. At times, it may happen that you don’t have the solution for the problem at the moment, but if you simply trust life, and keep marching forward, life carries the solution, on the way to you.

The life gives you what you ask from life, in terms of experience. But you cannot expect the life, to bring you something, the way you have imagined into your mind. Life functions in its own way, and it brings the best things to you, according to your inner state.”The mind is always in a hurry, with its own idea for life, but the life itself never hurry’s, as it follows the natural principles, and is capable of providing, anything that is feasible to the human mind, in terms of imagination.”

“The mind is always in a hurry, with its own idea for life, but the life itself never hurry’s, as it follows the natural principles, and is capable of providing, anything that is feasible to the human mind, in terms of imagination.”

“When you consider, every moment of life equally important, you experience every moment of life sacred, and with every act, you move beyond time and space. The mind divides life, while life is a continuous process.”

When you trust yourself and life, you bring the heart and mind to the moment, and then whatever you experience outside becomes sacred. The feeling of sacred makes you one with the action. When people pray, tears fall from their eyes. They become one with the prayer. When you indulge in anything with your heart and mind, you tend to lose yourself, and what remains is simply the act and the experience.

Unless “I” remains, as a part of an experience, the experience remains with the mind.

Once you lose the “I” in the moment, anything you do or experience becomes sacred. The “I” or ego of an individual, limits oneself to the mind and doesn’t allow you to engage yourself, totally in the moment.

The mind, heart, and body hold the ever-expanding nature, through which it grows and evolves with the different experiences of life. When your daily acts of life, serves you to grow and evolve with the body, mind, and heart, you get one with the natural process of life.

You too have something inside, that is of the constant nature, and eternal, and the one who doesn’t change with the process of life. When you grow and evolve with life, you develop the capacity inside, to get closer to that constant nature.

Life with the mind, heart and body comes out of energy, while the constant nature, is simply holds the vibrations form. The source of the ever-moving energy is constant nature, i.e.vibrations.

Everything that you experience, on the existence, is the energy in the subtle or physical form. The life on the existence or the energy comes out of the higher vibrations. The higher vibrations create the energy in motion.

Life is not biased, but on the contrary, it serves human. Only human’s have the power to attract, what they want out of life. But rather than understanding life, people go on running after the different desires, and move away from the core of life, i.e. oneself.

“To understand life, the distance you have to cover is not somewhere outside, but you simply have to bring your mind, upon yourself.”

The mind creates dreams and desire’s through imagination. If the mind stays with the imagination, for the longer time, the thought process starts around the imagination. When the thought process starts, the feelings and emotions get developed into the body, and this feelings and emotions, creates enough energy inside, for the action. The quality of your result depends on the quality of your imagination.

If you observe your daily or weekly life, most of the activities repeat itself. If you notice and observe them on a daily basis, slowly with the time, your awareness gets developed around those activities.

Once you understand the natural process of life, you set your daily life, as per the natural order, whereby the body, mind, and heart grow and evolve with the different experiences of life. With the evolved mind, whatever you do with your daily life, tends to improve and get better.

The purpose of life, is to make every movement of life sacred and eternal.

The sun, moon, stars, and the life on earth, experience the eternity, and you too can create sacred and eternal life, with your inner understanding.

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  1. Here is how we can be eternal. Just my suggestion. Whatever we do, do it watchfully. When we are going to pass away, we are watching our “selves” which will pass away. If we are watcher, then who are going to die?

    No one… : )

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