Look Within, to Understand the Laws of Life



Laws are the principles of life. With life, everything takes place, out of principles. Nothing happens under the sun, outside the laws of life. It may be possible, that you don’t have the necessary understanding of the laws. The time you understand the laws of life, the things gets simplified to you.

Life follows the laws, both internal and external. Everything that you experience outside exists out of the natural principles of life, and your internal world, too follows the same principles.

All the sages from the past and religious and spiritual heads ask you to look within. When life is happening outside, why you have been, again and again, guided inward. The fact is, anything that you experience outside, on an individual level, comes out of the perception, of your internal world.

Now, your internal world follows the laws, out of which you form perception towards life, and that perception allows you to create your outside reality. Unless, you look inward, and understand what’s going on, in the subtle reality, you will never really able to grasp the truth about life.

All the wisdom and bliss with life comes, by being one with the process of life. Success only means to understand the principles of life, and be one with it, and for some reason, if you fail, the only failure, is the understanding of yours, towards the natural laws of life.

In ignorance, life simply happens to you. After understanding life, you follow life. You study, the movements of life and follow it. You don’t take the ownership, rather you study the flow, and simply align yourself with the flow so that you can easily float with life.

To understand the existential laws of life or the cosmic order, you need to understand the internal law first. Both hold the same principles. Both the internal and external reality gets clear to you when you move inward.

You are not the mind, but you make choice and decisions with the mind. You can direct the mind, out of choice. If you ask your mind, to move inward, it has to move inward, and when your attention moves inward, you come across, absolutely a different reality, then you have ever experienced into your life.

Physical reality is in a grosser form, to which our eyes are used to. The subtle reality is subtle. The thoughts and images or the feelings or emotions are not like, you experience them, in your physical world, but it takes place in a subtle form.

Mind only understands in the form of images, while the reality can be experienced if you can manage to drop all the images from your mind. Life follows a process and process moves from inward to outward. If your attention remains only in the external world, your mind remains occupied, with the manifested part of life, and you never reach to the source of it.

The process of life is simple, but unless we understand the process out of the experience, life only remains complicated at the level of mind. The mind is a reflective mirror. Whatever you experience through senses in the external life, the mind creates a circle out of it, and you go on experiencing the same circle, in one or the other form, out of the reflective mirror of your mind.

If I ask you to imagine yourself, in this moment. Can you imagine your personality?

That image is seen, in the reflective mirror of your mind. The way you see yourself, in the mirror, in a similar way, along with your personality, everything of the past and future, is reflected in the mirror of your mind. All the intuition or imagination is part of the reflective mind. The internal world also can be seen, in this reflective mirror of the mind.

If you only look at life, in the outside world, you always remain lost in it. To understand the laws of life, you have to take the journey. The mind is capable enough to show you the entire life’s movie, into your reflective mirror of the mind, and you go on adding and subtracting to it, as you move on with life, without knowing the real truth behind it.

You go on making the choice and decisions, out of your needs, and accept what life brings to you. When you really understand the truth within yourself, you realize, that all your pain and suffering was, only because of your interference with life. Life simply flows in the moment.

When the time comes to act, it acts and when the time comes to rest, it rests, but when you don’t know, the actual process of life, you interfere with the process of life, at every step. You never allow the life to happen on its own, but you like to stretch life, every now and then.

Sometimes, looking at the outside life may seem like, you are moving forward with life, but unless you understand, what the process of life is, how can you claim your success or failure with life?

You interfere with life, at every point. When life wants you to stop, you want to run, and when life wants you to move forward, out of fear, you refuse to move forward.

Live your life, inside out for one day. Allow the life to happen from inside. Make your inner world, the benchmark for everything. Don’t use your will, to get the things done, but allow the people, situations, and events of your life, to take its own course.

When you push the situation, people or yourself, without connecting with the inner world, you separate yourself from the natural process of life. More you shift away from the process of life; sooner or later you have to correct yourself, to come back to the same place.

You cannot create life, separating yourself, from the fundamentals of life.  You might have seen people, earning a great fortune, or organization creating a huge name for itself, and the time comes, whereby everything turns upside down, and people or organization having a large fortune, turns into a bankrupt.

What happens all of a sudden?

All these situations never occur in a day, but when you are fundamentally weak or your roots are not strong, sooner or later, everything has to collapse.

The natural laws of life are the fundamentals, on which life exists. It’s not necessary that you understand everything in one day, or you realize the truth of life, in the moment, but what if, you don’t even initiate the process, to realize the truth?

You can never reach to the truth, if you don’t even look for it, and the bigger dilemma with the truth is, that you don’t have to go too far, but simply have to, turn your attention inward.

Life is present within you. There are no queries of life, for which you don’t find the solution inside. Life pulsates within you. The natural order of the universe functions within you, and the time you realize, the natural order within, it will be easier to experience the same order, in the outside world.

The problems that seem like a problem, doesn’t even stand as a problem when you realize the truth. The illusion cannot scare you for too long, on the journey of truth.

With the outward attention, it may seem like, the world is full of problems, but when you look inward, first time, you will realize that, all the worlds problem, only lies within you and the time, you begin to solve them inside, your outside reality, out of its consequence, get in order by itself.

The natural laws of life, is not an idea but the truth that holds life on existence. Once you realize the truth within, all your problems and queries of life, cease to exist.

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