Live your Truth

Live your Truth

Everyone lives with the perspective towards life. Either it’s your personal or professional life, or be it, any situation, event or experience of life, you already have a perspective on it.

Anything you do and live your life with has your perspective. Many times, you do things that others don’t understand and then it may happen that you spend the time to explain them, what you are up to. This happens with everyone. You want others to understand, what goes within you, but you fail. Not you, but everyone fails to put their perspective across.

Many times you want to prove to the world that you are right and many people struggle with their life to prove their point to the world. With life, you can never prove that you are right and you can never prove anything to the world because the world doesn’t exist, other than in your mind.

Everyone has his own perspective inside of him, and his perspective differs from the perspective of any other individual. Remember your perspective towards life is based on your understanding and to understand how understanding is developed towards life, you have to realize the source of life in you.

Even if you try to show your perspective on the world, the other person will only view your perspective, out of his own perspective and your perspective will not appear, like the way you see it in your mind.

It’s impossible to show or express what’s going on inside of you. If your life is based on proving your point to others, or simply based on, how others perceive you or how the world looks at you, then you only create illusive reality into your mind.

The life grows at the level of understanding in you. Your understanding doesn’t require any other person in your mind, for its growth. If your mind thinks of any other person you simply halt your growth in those moments.

The truth is, life grows and evolved inside of you and, it has nothing to do with any other person except you. The truth of life grows and evolves, in the form of understanding.

The better you understand life, it begins to reflect in your choice and decision. But if your base of life itself is, to prove something to the world, then remember that no world exists outside, and there are only individuals, who are more concerned about themselves than you.

Your truth of life is the way you understand life in the moment. That’s who you are. If you begin to live from this point, you come closer to your true authentic self. Your truth of life should not be based on anything that exists outside but what’s happening within you.

Whatever you do with your life should depend on your truth, and not anything else. Either you create your personal life or professional life, either you get into the relationship, or choose an experience; everything should come out of your inner truth, and should not depend on the outside circumstances.

No other person will ever understand you, except you. So, if you try to live your life, making others understand who you are, you will only create a mess out of your life. With life, you cannot prove your point to anyone else, or you can never even explain, what’s going on inside of you, because it’s a personal affair.

We all carry our own truth inside, and our truth moves deeper and expands within us. Our life should be based on expanding our inner truth and expressing it outside, not because others can understand, but because it’s the truth and this is how the process of life unfolds.

When your life is simply based on truth, without any strings attached, you will never bother about anything else, except expressing what exists inside.

There is no other feeling higher than to express what you carry inside. If you empty yourself from within, bliss begins to flow naturally from inside. Life flows from inside out. We all are born to add something to life and more we empty ourselves from inside, more we are filled from inside.

Living your truth connects you with your true authentic self. Then no uncertainty remains for you because you only live what goes inside of you, and what you give you receive. When you know, what you have offered to life, you will always know what to expect from life.

When you live from inside, your mind cannot create any illusive reality within you. It’s only when you are unaware of your inner world, life can play with you. When you become aware of everything that takes place in you, you begin to understand the natural process of life and at that time, you realize that everything with life only unfolds out of the natural order.

Everyone struggles to understand his or her own life. No one is really interested to know what is happening in others life. If you begin your work to know yourself, it’s a lifetime process, and you will never get over your work until the end. More you know yourself, more the external reality will get clear to you, because what you see outside comes from inside.

With life the truth is not what is right or wrong, but with life the truth is the process, where life unfolds in every individual, and takes him to the whole.

You can look within yourselves, and can figure out for yourself, either you understand your own perspective towards life or your mind is only caught up, in what’s happening in the external reality and in others life?

The truth is to understand that each individual is right with his perspective and carries his own perspective on life. Every life is unfolding in its own way, and moving towards the whole truth.

In the external reality, it may seem that we all are attached to each other, but when you move inside, it’s only you, who put others into your mind and you have the choice to drop others from your mind and work more in understanding what’s going on inside of you, rather wasting your time and thoughts thinking about others.

The stage comes in an individual’s life where he can rise above his own individual perspective and can experience life as a whole. When he sees the whole truth, he begins to understand all the different perspective that each individual carry with their life.

Our life’s work should be based on understanding our own perspective towards life and improving how we perceive life. The better we understand life, the better we can understand and respect others perspective towards life.

The understanding towards the external reality can only come by understanding ourselves. The other person is just like you, but to understand him, it’s very important for you to understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, the better you can understand others.

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