Live your Life with an Open Mind


What is an open mind?

The mind that is free from thoughts, imagination, past experiences and impressions, or with the anticipation of the future. We have this idea with life, that it’s our thinking and running after life, allows us to create our life, but that’s not at all true.

Life happens. All it needs from your side is your presence in the moment. You stay present in the moment, and life will happen through you.

All the efforts and actions and the direction will be received by you in the moment. The only condition for an open mind is to stay present with life.

Life is a free flow. It gives you what you really need in the moment. If you try to control your life, you only create a mess around it. If you allow the life to unfold on its own, you can read the signs in the moment, and direct your life accordingly.

What’s important with life, is not to understand life, or bring creativity or innovation to life, but what’s important with life is to understand the mind.

Your life is possible with the mind. The time you understand the nature of your mind, you simply open up with life. Remember the mind is already open. The mind at its base is an open mind. It’s only when you don’t know the intrinsic nature of the mind, you live with the surface reality.

You can only be absolutely open with life if you understand your mind. If you understand the very process of your inner life. The process of your inner life is no different than the process of the existential life.

The time you understand the process of your inner life, you simply get relax with life. All your fear, anxiety, doubts and concerns in relation to life shed away. Life seems puzzled outside because you don’t know the very life, that is happening inside.

You begin the search for life from outside. You try to bring all the changes outside. You want the external world to be beautiful, but you show no concern about your inner world. Unless you find out the beauty in your inner world, all the beauty of the outside world will fade away with time.

Spending time in exploring your very nature of the mind, is the time you spend to understand life. You cannot open your mind, the mind is already open. You understand the very process of mind.

Once you understand the mind, the life simply reflects on your mind. An open mind is a mirror where life reflects. You don’t have to go anywhere for the solution, but the solution reflects on your mind.

With an open mind, you always know what’s needed in the moment. An open mind serves the moment. The closed mind looks for the past and the future, while the open mind doesn’t look beyond the moment. If the moment is served, the past and the future is served by itself.

The open mind directly looks into the external reality. It doesn’t think or imagine, but it simply looks in the moment, and the immediate solution arises to the mind. No thinking or imagination is required to serve the moment. The present moment can be served with an open mind. The open mind is self-sufficient.

You can look for creativity or innovation with life. You want to try something new or fresh with life. Let me give you a different approach towards life.

Rather looking for something new, try to relax in the moment. Let lose yourself with life. Don’t hold any part of life, and allow the life to take its own course.

This doesn’t mean you don’t act. All it means that you don’t interfere with any aspect of life, but allow it to happen.

You have to understand the difference between allowing the life to happen and creating life with an effort.

You don’t have to be the doer, but you have to be an observer of life. An open-mind simply observes, without bothering about how the things will happen; it simply waits for the life to happen.

When you simply hold yourself in the moment, something has to come out of it. That something is the way of life. You have to have the patience to look at the ways of life, only then you can understand the very nature of life.

When you observe, what you do, you don’t allow your mind to get involve with its thinking or imagination, but you see the natural movement of life.

You only act, when it’s needed. You try to become passive with the mind. Passive with the mind doesn’t mean passive with the body. You do all the things that needed to keep the body moving but when it comes to the mind, you train your mind to see the moment.

An open mind simply enjoys the ways of life. The life that unfolds outside is in proportion to the unfoldment of life inside of you. You also have the life that unfolds inside. Once the mind realizes the inner life, it simply remains present with the movement of inner life and allows the outside life to unfold on its own.

The open mind is a witness to life. The open mind doesn’t have a knowledge of its own, but it used the knowledge of the existence to manifest life.

Yes, the universe has its intelligence. All the signs and omens and intuition are part of that intelligence. When unknowingly you connect with the intelligence of the universe, the needed signs and omens are revealed to you.

The point here is, when you direct your attention inward and move deeper in your mind, you can consciously connect with the super intelligence of life.

The pure state of mind doesn’t have any information or knowledge, but all it has is the eyes to see. An empty mind can directly look into life. When you directly look into life, you can connect with the intelligence of life.

An open mind is a free mind, without any prejudices or barriers. The open mind doesn’t live with its own ways, but it lives with the ways of the life.


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