Live with your Definite Destination but Indefinite Path



With life, one thing has to be clear to you and i.e. destination. You have to be sure of, where you are heading with life. If the path is unclear to you, that’s alright, but you have to be at-least sure of the destination.

It’s the destination that makes the path for you. Once the destination is clear, the path comes up on its own. Any path is good if you are sure of the destination.

Sometimes we do get rigid with the ways of life. We like to follow a certain path but not remain open to the ways of life. You can only enjoy the most out of life if you stay open to the ways of life. When you already hold the idea of how life is going to unfold in the future, you miss to make the most out of life, rather get caught up in every other situation of life.

Life is certainly bigger than your thoughts about life. You have to understand the bigger picture of life. Life works as a whole, and you are part of the whole. When you think of life, you think from the individual perspective, but when it comes to life, it happens as a whole considering all the aspect of life.

Life as a whole serves the moment, rather you live to serve your individual idea of life.

The path of life is certainly not going to unfold your way, rather you have to adjust yourself to the ways of life. If from the first place, you stay open to the ways of life, you not only enjoy every moment of life, but you also have a free flow with life.

The Way of Life, According to Laotzu

Life is unpredictable. You just cannot predict life at any stage. If you go by your thinking, then you are certainly going to get caught up with life. Life has its ways and unless you understand the ways of life, your thinking couldn’t be of much help.

When you are clear with your destination and stay open to life, life will take you to your destination from the paths that you have never imagined in your mind. But for that, you have to embrace life the way it is. You cannot allow your thinking to take over. You have to allow yourself to be governed by the ways of life.

With life along with the destination whats important is you cherish everything on the path. If you hold your own idea of life, you cannot cherish every experience of life, as your mind only wants the life to happen your ways, while the life as a whole has its own ways to unfold. To cherish every moment of life, you have to accept every situation and every event of your life. Only then, you make most out of both the path and the destination.

We all live with the self-obsession and we all want the life to follow our rules. We all want life to work according to our ways, but we forget that we exist on earth for a shorter period of time, rather life has to exists before and after.

When you accept the life at the moment, you drop all the beliefs, and memories and habits of the past, and experience life fresh at the moment. No burden remains of the past, rather you enjoy every bit of the moment.

It’s only on the unknown path, you can leave the past behind and experience something fresh with your life. The repetitive process of life leads you nowhere unless you are absolutely conscious of your life at the moment.

You feel stuck at the moment when you come out of your past. The present situation always comes with its solution, but when you see life from the perspective of the past, you see the problem in every situation.

Choosing Clarity

If you are sure of the destination and trust every path that you come across, you can have a free flow of life. The problem is not an actual problem, but not seeing the solution to every problem is a problem.

When you feel caught up in the moment, you start doubting everything on the path. When you start doubting life, you also start doubting yourself and this stops you from moving forward in life.

When you stay open to life, trust happens naturally to you. You doubt less and trust more to life.

Not just faith but conscious faith is required to reach the destination. Conscious faith is you trust, but with the trust, you don’t leave everything on the mercy of external forces, but you stay conscious in the moment.  When you are sure that you are going to reach the destination, the path matters less. Your intention is enough to create the way to the destination.

What is conscious faith?

Conscious faith is when you trust life, but with the trust, you don’t leave everything on the mercy of external forces, but you stay conscious in the moment. You trust life but you don’t lose control over life.

By staying conscious in the moment, you stay control of your life. You stay alert in the moment to take your life forward. You trust life but with the trust, you don’t hold yourself back, but at the same time with the trust, you do everything to take your life forward.

When you are sure of the destination, the path matters less. Your mind is occupied with the destination, that creates the path for the destination. Definite destination allows you to center your mind while embracing indefinite path allows you to open up to life and make most out of everything that you encounter on the path.

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